In recent years, CBD oil for dogs has entered the market as a potential addition to any pain reduction supplements approved by the veterinarian.

It has been used to help pets mitigate symptoms of seizures, arthritis, and even anxiety. Now it is even being used to help mitigate symptoms of cancer. While CBD oil for dogs is not a cure for cancer, it can benefit your canine and provide support.

Be sure to check with your veterinarian before adding CBD oil to your pet's routine. Use this article as a guide to help learn about the history of and current information about CBD oil for dogs with cancer. Treatments continue to advance, but there is not a current cure for cancer in dogs outright. 

CBD oil can help improve the comfort, outlook, and general health of canines going through treatment for cancer. Find out if this solution might be right for your pet by reading further. 

Why Veterinarians use CBD in Your Pet's Cancer Treatment

Treating cancer is no simple thing, not even in pets. Cancers from lymphoma to osteosarcoma (bone cancer) to mast cell tumors can be persistent and taxing on your pet.

When you first get the diagnosis, you may be referred to a veterinary oncologist specializing in cancer. Whoever is in charge of your pet's treatment plan will strategize based on a few factors, including the type of cancer and what stage it is.

The plan may involve anything from surgery to chemotherapy. It will also detail medications, side effects, and even recommendations for alternative natural supplements.

CBD, or cannabidiol, would fall into the last category of natural supplements. If your veterinary oncologist did not recommend this to you for your pet, you can always bring it up and ask about it to gauge their opinion about this substance for your pet's specific needs.

There are a few reasons that some veterinary professionals recommend CBD oil for dogs with cancer. It fits in well with many treatment plans by mitigating unpleasant side effects and may enhance the effectiveness of certain medications. Below are a few ways that veterinarians can use CBD oil in conjunction with treatments for dogs with cancer. 

Consult with your dog's veterinarian today to find out if CBD oil may be right for your dog.

Mitigate Pain

When your canine companion is dealing with cancer at any stage, pain is common. It comes with the illness itself and with many of the treatment methods and medications.

Inflammation is also an uncomfortable symptom of cancer and its treatments. For this reason, pain management is essential to ensure that your dog has a good quality of life.

The only issue is that effective pain management can often come at the expense of other essential health considerations. An example of this is the tendency of nonsteroidal anti-anflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) used to treat inflammation to cause problems for dogs livers, kidneys, and GI. CBD oil for dogs can be incredibly helpful with this as a natural alternative to the side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs.

CBD has been shown to help dogs with pain, inflammation reduction, and relief in a meaningful way. These cases meant a beneficial turn away from NSAIDS and damage to the liver and kidneys that come with many opioid medications and anti-inflammatory medications.

Improve Immune Health & Other Systems

In the field, there have been linking CBD's properties to the immune system. CBD lowers oxidative stress, which ensures the body can effectively defend against foreign pathogens without harming itself.

This substance has also proven helpful when it comes to the . It does this by reducing the intraocular pressure in healthy dogs, which in excess can become causative for glaucoma. Other studies have found that it may also work to reduce anxiety and aggression in dogs surrounding fears and phobias.

Anti-Tumor Effects

Any medication, supplement, or therapy claiming “anti-tumor effects” is instantly suspicious. Tumors are difficult to deal with, and medications that fight them cause immense turmoil to the body. Other times, surgery is required for full removal.

So can CBD help to reduce tumors in the body? The answer is yes. CBD oil for dogs has shown to have properties that aid in reducing tumors in the body in two ways.

First, Second, in addition to its capabilities, it pairs well with radiation therapy.

It improves radiation therapy in terms of shrinking the tumor without increasing the negative side effects of this brutal treatment. That means that with CBD, your dog could potentially reduce the time spent in radiation treatment by optimizing the effects of the treatment on the tumor.

Reduces Nausea and Stimulates Appetite

For many dogs with cancer, the compounded negative effects of harsh treatments like chemotherapy can feel even worse for their physical health and body than the illness itself. 

One way in which this happens is with appetite and nausea. Throughout treatment for your pet, nausea is one of the most common and challenging side effects to deal with. Dogs can also begin to , which is one of the most common kinds to be found in canines.

The first thing to consider is the discomfort and quality of life that your dog has to adjust to dealing with constant or recurring nausea. This discomfort is only part of the problem, though. The real danger with nausea is when it starts to affect the appetite.

Nausea and loss of appetite can leave lasting damage on your pet by leading them to and other conditions. These include cancer-induced cachexia and anorexia. Something as simple as nausea and loss of appetite can quickly become life-threatening for dogs with cancer when it escalates to anorexia.

CBD has proven to have strong positive impacts on canine This is part of why it has grown in popularity in the pet health community in recent years.

It has both the capability to stimulate the appetite and to reduce the feelings of nausea. This helps ensure that your dog continues to consume all the nutrients they need to keep them functioning and give them the energy they need to fight off this illness.

Sometimes cannabidiol can be just what your canine needed to help them get past this phase in their recovery.

Acts as a Sleep Aid

Poor sleep can be a major factor in a poor quality of life for your dog. It can cause a drop in energy and appetite, increased anxiety, and more. Dogs are supposed to sleep somewhere between .

This is broken up into little naps along the way. Cancer can make sleep difficult for your canine companion, and treatment can leave your pet feeling uncomfortable and unable to relax. That's why CBD's sleep properties are so popular among the owners of dogs with cancer or chronic sleep issues.

This substance helps with sleep in a few ways. On the surface, its other capabilities like reducing pain and inflammation lead to an easier time falling asleep and a more restful state in general. It also stabilizes several conditions like IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Diseases) and seizures that can disrupt sleep.

As with any supplement or medication, the time of day you administer CBD oil for dogs can make all the difference in how it affects your pet's sleep. For this reason, try working with your veterinarian to trial-and-error your way to the ideal night of sleep for your puppy.

Cannabidiol tends to be a more wakeful substance rather than a sedative (unless taken in high doses), meaning the largest impact it may have on your night of sleep is the more enriched and energized waking time.

Side Effects of CBD Oil for Dogs with Cancer

While cannabidiol provides many capabilities that are helpful to the treatment of dogs with cancer, it also has some side effects that are important to acknowledge. 

On a mild note, it can reduce saliva, leading to dry mouth in dogs. If your dog seems to drink excessively, they may be thirsty due to dry mouth from the oil. The substance can also lower your pet's blood pressure temporarily, leading to lightheadedness. 

The last major side effect has to do with the popular calming, anti-anxiety properties of CBD oil for dogs. These capabilities mean that sometimes this substance can cause dogs to become drowsy or sluggish in high doses.

How do Dogs Take CBD Oil?

The most convenient part about this oil is that it is so easy to administer to your dog. Even dogs with cancer that are having trouble eating or swallowing pills can easily get their dose by other means. Cannabidiol oil can be administered in a variety of methods, including:

  • Directly into the mouth via a dropper

  • Mixed in with wet or dry food

  • Rubbed or dropped onto a treat

  • In CBD treat form

Versatility and convenience make it easy to make this substance a part of your pet's routine to easily improve their daily life.

There are lots of other ways that cannabidiol has been integrated into products. However, the oil remains one of the most potent forms and can be taken straight from the dropper. Mixing it with food or a treat for your pet will disguise the taste.

As far as the dose goes, be sure to start low and slowly, gradually increasing to find the right amount for your pet. It can be difficult to know the most comfortable dosage for your dog since they can't communicate that information to you. A general guideline is to fall within the range of 1-5 mg of CBD per 10lbs of body weight.

Regardless, the best place to start is with the lowest possible amount. Observe your pet and write down any changes in their appetite, mood, demeanor, sleep patterns, and more. This will help you to keep track of the doses over time and gradually find the one that seems to keep them the most comfortable, happy, and content.

Is CBD Oil for Dogs the Right Option for Your Canine?

CBD oil for dogs is legal, available in stores, and served over the counter. Despite this, working with your pet's veterinarian or veterinary oncologist and getting their recommendation before pursuing this option for your canine is essential. This is because CBD has several drug interactions that include seizure medications and others that could potentially cause problems. 

In many ways, some of its drug interactions prove to be its most powerful benefits to dogs with cancer, as its anti-tumor capabilities interact with and enhance the abilities of tumor-shrinking medications and treatments.

Depending on where you are in the country, CBD oil for dogs with cancer may have a different reception in the veterinary community. States like California continue to affirm the medicinal benefits of cannabidiol with new legislation, but others seem uninterested in opening the doors to this natural alternative.

Be sure to find a vet who has not closed off to this idea altogether so that you can get a sense of whether CBD may be worth a try to give your dog some help, some relief, and a little boost to their health during their cancer treatment.

CBD Oil for Dogs with Cancer: Our Final Thoughts

This oil supplement can't get rid of cancer altogether. It also can't prevent your pet from getting cancer again even after beating it. Once your dog has fought off all the cancer cells in their system, they enter remission.

While CBD oil for dogs can't treat cancer, there is plenty of research to back its powerful properties to mitigate symptoms and improve the general health of canines with cancer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CBD oil fight cancer in dogs?

CBD Oil has been used to help pets mitigate symptoms of seizures, arthritis, and even anxiety. Now it is even being used to help mitigate symptoms of cancer. While CBD oil for dogs is not a cure for cancer, it can benefit your canine and provide support.

Can a dog die from CBD oil?

CBD hemp oil for dogs will not kill your pet, and side effects are minimal. When it comes to CBD for dogs and CBD for cats, pet owners should only buy hemp-derived CBD products. Hemp CBD contains no more than 0.3% THC, the psychoactive plant compound that society associates with getting high.

Do vets recommend CBD oil for dogs?

There are a few reasons that some veterinary professionals recommend CBD oil for dogs with cancer. It fits in well with many treatment plans by mitigating unpleasant side effects and enhancing the effectiveness of certain medications.

What can shrink tumors in dogs?

CBD oil for dogs has shown to have properties that aid in reducing tumors in the body in two ways. First, Second, in addition to its capabilities, it pairs well with radiation therapy.