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How long does it take CBD dog chews to work

How long does it take CBD dog chews to work?

Owning a pet is one of the most rewarding and life-affirming activities. However, it takes patience, commitment and proper information for pet parents to offer these loved ones the best life experiences. With the explosion in CBD popularity over the last few years, how to correctly administer these products to your dog and how long it takes for them to work might be among the many questions you may have.

Whether you are new to this dog parenting journey or this is your first time administering CBD products to your dog, this article will help you understand CBD dog chews, where you can get the best CBD dog chews, how to administer CBD dog chews and how long it takes for these chews to work. 

What are CBD dog Chews?

CBD dog chews are like ordinary chewy gummies, only that they are infused with CBD. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a natural product extracted from the hemp plant. Most pet owners may feel afraid to try CBD chews for their dogs because they fear these products may cause psychoactive feelings in their dogs.

The truth is cannabidiol is not a psychoactive agent and cannot cause your dog to feel high. Unlike most other products from the cannabis plant, CBD contains less than 0.3% of THC, assuring your dog of no addiction risk. 

How long does it take CBD dog chews to work?

With clear information on what CBD chews are, you may want to understand how long it may take for your anxious dog to cool down or for your dog in pain to find comfort after administering CBD dog chews.

Well, it takes around 30 to 1 hour for CBD to start working in your dog's body after offering it. Although CBD oils for dogs kick in faster than chews, since there are more ingredients in chews than oils that your dog needs to break before reaching for the CBD, the maximum time your dog may take is one hour.

If your dog takes longer than an hour to react to CBD, there may have been a dosage problem or an issue with the administration method. Ensure you give your dog the right amount of CBD dog chews and encourage them to finish their chews so they can acquire the full amount of CBD in each chew.

For dogs that resist CBD dog chews, consider mixing them with their meals for easier administration. Whatever it takes, do not let your dog suffer in silence from anxiety, stress, depression, pain, inflammation or joint pains when there is something you can do to solve their problem. 

Health Benefits of CBD dog chews

While CBD chews are not a cure for a specific illness, they offer numerous health benefits to your canine companion, keeping them fully motivated.

CBD works by interacting with the body’s endocannabidiol system, gaining access to your dog’s memory, cognitive capability, immunity, pain receptors, hunger, and emotional states. With access to these body systems, CBD may help your dog overcome pain, inflammation, discomfort, immunity problems, lack of sleep, weak joints and anxiety

Uses of CBD Dog Chews

Nothing beats the feeling of watching your dog wait as you open its favorite packet of CBD dog treats, chews and regular treats. In addition to motivating your dog to take that walk or rewarding them after taking their shower calmly, CBD dog chews have also proved to offer health benefits, making them a good fit for various classes of dogs. The most common uses of these natural ingredients include:

  • Help relieve arthritis pain in dogs suffering from chronic diseases or arthritis.
  • Reducing anxiety issues related to changes in environment, separation or past traumatic experiences. Anxiety in dogs can bring adverse effects.
  • Stimulating appetite in dogs with feeding problems by use of artificial flavors
  • Calming dogs with seizures or heart diseases in 45-90 minutes
  • Reducing joint stiffness in older or injured dogs 

How to Administer CBD Dog Chews

Uses of CBD Dog Chews

Every parent is responsible for ensuring they give their pets the required food or supplements to address acute conditions, cancer risks among others. Understanding how to administer CBD chews to your dog is crucial as it will help you avoid the risk of giving too much or too little CBD chews.

CBD is biphasic, meaning it does not work in your dog’s body if administered in either too low or too high quantities. Below are steps that may guide you on how to give CBD dog chews to your dog. 

1. Read the instructions on the packaging before use

Reading the instructions on the packaging is an underestimated action that may help save both you and your dog from the ineffective use of CBD dog chews. On top of assuring you that the CBD chews are specifically made for dogs, the instructions on the packaging will also guide you on the right quantity of CBD chews to give your dog daily.

The quantity will depend on your dog’s size and the nature of your CBD dog chew of choice. For Honest Paws products, dogs below 25lbs should take one full chew per day, those with 25-50lbs should take two full chews per day, while dogs over 50lbs should take three whole chews per day, where one chew contains 5mg CBD. 

2. You may mix CBD chews with your dog’s favorite meal

Although this is rare, some dogs may resist taking their CBD chews if they dislike the taste or the smell. In such a case, please do not give up on your dog. Try mixing the CBD chews with your dog's favorite meal to encourage them to feed on the chews. If your dog has no problem taking CBD dog chews, you may skip this part and directly offer them these chews for better CBD absorption by the body. 

3. Ensure they fall on an empty stomach for effective results

Although you may offer CBD chews at any time of the day, it is better to ensure your dog is hungry when you do. This ensures the body fully absorbs the contents of these chews, resulting in effective results. However, ensure you offer them their meals slightly after administering CBD chews to avoid starving your dog since these chews act as snacks, not full meals. 

4. Give your dog CBD chews every day

For full accumulation of CBD in your dog, make giving them CBD dog chews a daily routine. Ensure you also offer the recommended amount every day, as giving either too low or too much CBD chews may not bear any fruit. Giving your dog CBD chews daily will help accumulate enough CBD in their bodies, allowing them to enjoy the full benefits of this product.

Can I re-administer CBD chews to my dog?

Can I re-administer CBD chews to my dog

Yes, there's no harm! Suppose you have given your dog a certain number of chews, depending on their weight, and you are yet to witness any change even after an hour. Do you re-administer or do you wait for the next day? Here, the answer depends on whether you followed instructions to the core.

If yes, you must have given your dog the right amount of CBD dog chews and re-administering may cause an overdose. If you notice that you have underdosed your dog by, say, 5mg, you may re-administer the 5mg, but ensure to give your dog the full amount at once the following day for better results.

If you are certain that you have given your dog the right dosage and still do not seem to respond, there may have been a problem with the CBD chews product you are using.

Consider using a better, full-spectrum brand, for instance, Honest Paws CBD dog chews for maximum CBD concentration. Remember the goal is to have your dog enjoy the full health benefits of these CBD dog chews and if a product does not help you reach that, then it is not worth your dime. 

Where Can I Get the Best CBD Dog Chews

Due to the rising popularity of CBD for dogs, there is a high flow of information on the internet on the best CBD products to purchase, which may confuse which CBD product to buy for your dog. The best CBD dog chews are natural, clean, delicious, have no THC and have numerous health benefits.

You get all these properties and additional health benefits in your CBD chews of choice at Honest Paws. This company understands all your dog’s needs and has designed CBD chews for different purposes for your dog. These include mobility, calmness and overall wellness.

For mobility, the company introduces Mobility Soft Chews, which help strengthen your dog’s joints and connective tissues. These chews also have an additional touch of poultry flavor, making them irresistible to your dog. Honest Paws has also introduced the Calm Soft Chews to cater to your anxious or stressed dog.

This product has properties such as L-Theanine and L-Tryptophan that interact with your dog's system to reduce anxiety and stress levels. It also has an added poultry flavor, ensuring that your dog enjoys these chews in the same way they benefit from them. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long will my dog take to react to CBD dog chews after administration?

Expect your dog to take around 30 to 1 hour before the CBD present in their CBD dog chews starts working in their body. This means it may take your anxious dog an hour after you administer CBD for them to calm down. If nothing changes within an hour, consider re-checking your dosage the next time you administer CBD chews to your dog. 

Can my dog take CBD dog chews every day without getting addicted?

Yes. Your dog can take CBD dog chews daily for the rest of their lives without developing a single sign of addiction. Unlike other products derived from the cannabis plant, CBD has less than 0.3% THC concentration, meaning it can neither cause psychoactive feelings nor result in addiction.

Veterinarians recommend using CBD products daily over a long period to ensure the accumulation of CBD in your dog’s body for numerous CBD-related benefits.

What are the health benefits of giving my dog CBD dog chews?

CBD dog chews contain CBD, a product known for its numerous benefits for your dog. CBD has the ability to cool down your dog from anxiety, relieve your dog from pain, reduce inflammation, improve joint health by reducing joint stiffness and boost your dog's immunity.

You may start giving your dog CBD chews from a young age, as this will allow them to accumulate more of this product in their bodies. All you need to do is offer the right dosage daily for effective results. Dogs that have been using CBD products for a long prove to have healthier lives than those without these supplements.

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