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Your pet, like any living being, has specific cannabinoid receptors in their brain and central nervous systems that make up what we call the “endocannabinoid system” where the Cannabinoids(CBD products) latch on and support your pets endocannabinoid system by supplying the essential phyto-nutrients they need. The ways of usage is either orally or topically.

You can apply our products topically or orally depending on what products you and your dog prefer. Our packaging will also include instructions for application.

You can treat your pet with these products as often as you’d like! We do suggest following our guideline with the recommended dosage by weight. Occasionally, improvements will take more than one treatment. To control pain, give approximately every 8 hours. For other uses, or to break unwanted behavior patterns, give once or twice a day. Our products are safe to use, all natural, pesticide free, and organic!

Under 10 lbs: 1 x 7.5 mg treats daily

10-25 lbs:  2 x 7.5 mg treats daily

25-50 lbs:  4x 7.5 mg treats daily

50 lbs:  6 x 7.5 mg treats daily

Product Questions

All animals have endocannabinoid receptors so our CBD products are completely safe for can be used for any animal, we would just suggest going by the recommended dosage by weight. Our products do not contain any trace of THC so there will not be any psychoactive effects, making them 100% safe for any animal.

Yes, All of our products are legal and can be shipped across all 50 states. CBD is a safe, lawful and effective option with huge health benefits that won't get your pet "high" or on a "buzz".

CBD is the non psychoactive party of Cannabis. These products do not contain THC- cannabis’ primary psychoactive component. Our products are 100% natural and non-toxic. It is not possible for your pet to “overdose” using our CBD products.

It can take 20 minutes to an hour depending on the size of your pet. It is always a good idea when giving CBD to your dog to start off with a small serving and work your way up to a higher serving slowly. Individual results may vary.

There is no real difference between the products other than convenience for the owner. Tinctures may be added to your dog’s food or administered directly into their mouth, treats are taken orally, and the applicator pen should be rubbed onto the inside of your dog’s ear or any other exposed venous area of your dog's body if they’re sensitive about you touching their ears.

There are no side effects to our products unless your dog has any type allergies from what is listed on the ingredients list. The only side effect would be drowsiness. These products are all natural and made with 100% pure hemp oil.

Absolutely! These products are safe while taking other medications. They will not interfere with any other medications they are taking.

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