Hemp vs. CBD oil for dogs - What's the Difference

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil for Pets: What's the Difference?

With the legalization of cannabis in most of the states in the US and the adoption of CBD extracts, one common topic is CBD hemp oil for people vs. dogs. Can you give your pet the CBD oil you use, or should you shop for your dog's CBD oil? It can become quite challenging when you want to shop for CBD or hemp oil for your dog.

This is because the two terms are quite misused, mislabeled, and misunderstood. But don't worry, you know why? Because we got you! In this article, we will help you differentiate Hemp vs. CBD oil and which is the most suitable for your dog. In addition, we will help you understand if there's any difference between CBD hemp oil for people and dogs. So, let's get into it.

What is Pet Hemp Oil?

Understanding these products is crucial to know their differences. Hemp is a type of cannabis plant from which its seeds are derived. Unlike marijuana, Hemp does not contain high levels of THC, meaning that if you give your dog, it won't get high.

Although hemp oil does not contain CBD or THC, it has high levels of fatty acids, omega-3, and gamma-linolenic acid, which have essential health benefits for your pet. So, it is safe to use Hemp oil as a supplement, not for recreation.

How Is Hemp Seed Oil made?

The oil is extracted through the cold press method, refined, and added to hemp seed oil products. These seeds are obtained from the Cannabis Sativa plant. What differentiates hemp seed oil from CBD oil is that it has no THC and has little CBD. Why? Because the oil is extracted from the seeds and no other part of the Cannabis Sativa plant.

Definition of Pet CBD Oil

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a compound in the cannabis plant’s leaves, stems and flowers. CBD is extracted from the plant in different methods, and the most common ones are ethanol and carbon IV oxide extraction.

The CBD compound affects the endocannabinoid system, a processing system in dogs, humans, and other animals. On top of that, cannabidiol also impacts your dog's digestive system, appetite, skin and sleep.

What Is the Difference Between the Contents Used in Hemp Vs. CBD Oil?

Another way to know the difference between CBD and Hemp oil is by reading through the ingredient list. Here is the ingredient list for Hempseed oil:

  • Omega-6 and 3.
  • Linolenic acid.
  • Stearadonic acid.
  • Contains high levels of vitamin D and B.
  • Magnesium

On the other hand, CBD oil contains the following:

  • PCT hemp extracts.
  • Hemp oil.

CBD Vs Hemp Oil

CBD Vs Hemp Oil

To know which oil is more beneficial to your dog, understanding each oil's benefits is essential so that you know what to pick for your dog.

Hemp for Dogs

The truth is hemp oil benefits your dog's overall well-being. But how do you administer it? It is easier to add to your dog's food or treat, bearing in mind dogs have a heightened sense of smell.

This is because Hemp does not have a strong smell, so your pup will not detect it. Additionally, you can opt to buy the Hemp infused chews and dog treats which are also beneficial to your canine's health.

There are also hemp products that you can apply to your dog's skin. These serums and lotions can give your pup immediate relief if it's anxious. So, what are the benefits of hemp seed oil in dogs? Read on:

1. Supports Your Dog Overall Wellness

As mentioned earlier, Hemp seed contains fatty acids and omega-3 and 6, which have many benefits. These vitamins and ingredients promote a shiny, healthy coat making your dog look young despite its age. In addition, dogs can't produce fatty acids, and therefore sneaking some into their food can help regulate their blood pressure and inflammatory response among other benefits.

So, if your dog has hair fall problems, adding some hemp oil to its diet can help reduce it.

2. Reduces Your Pup’s Stress and Anxiety

Have you noticed that your dog is barking, pacy or drooling, different from its usual composed self? These signs might be due to your dog being stressed or anxious. That's right! Your dog can become stressed too.

Why the stress or anxiousness? Routine change, being around strangers and separation problems can stress your dog. To help your dog with stress, you can add some hemp oil to their diet. A recent study on humans showed that hemp oil reduced anxiety levels. Researchers believe that hemp oil has the same effect on dogs.

3. Helps Deal with Seizures

Your dog might be dealing with tremors and seizures, and their medication may have some side effects. Hemp seed can be helpful in reducing seizures and helping your dog calm while going through such. Make your fury friend happy again! 

4. Supports Your Canine’s Digestion

Once in a while, your dog has indigestion issues which cause vomiting, diarrhea and some pain in the gut. This is where hemp seed oil comes in. Hemp seed improves your dog's digestive system by helping in food digestion while promoting gut health.

Have you noticed that your dog’s food plate is still full hours after putting food there? This might be due to low appetite. Full-spectrum hemp products can promote a good appetite in your pup. So, when it's meal time, you can add a few drops of hemp oil to boost your pet's appetite. Where can I find best quality flavours? Don't worry, Honest Paws got you!

CBD for Dogs Use

CBD oil for dogs come in treats, gel capsules and tinctures, making it easy to administer to your dog. So, why choose CBD oil for your dog? Here are some of the uses of CBD oil for dogs.

1. Helps Deal with Joint Pain and Arthritis

Dogs too can develop joint inflammation and this can be a painful ordeal. In the US, research shows that 20% of dogs deal with arthritis. CBD dog treats can help your dog cope with pain. CBD oil will help your dog move better, reduce discomfort and address any inflammation disorders.

2. Can Help Your Pup Deal with Noise Problems

Dogs have excellent hearing and this can bring some issues when the noise becomes unbearable. Fortunately, there are CBD oil treats that you can use to calm your pet. CBD oil treats are more effective when combined with melatonin to soothe your canine friend in the event that the noise levels are too high.

3. Supports Your Dog’s Physical Health

Dogs are playful creatures, and this makes every dog parent happy. You might notice your dog struggling to go down the stairs after a long day full of activity. This might be due to a little muscle cramp. Don't worry, CBD oil can resolve this. The oil will help your pet move freely by eliminating any discomfort affecting their mobility.

Is It Safe To Say That Dog CBD and Hemp Oil are The Same?

Before choosing which oil is suitable for your dog, it is crucial to know that there are medicines that can affect CBD oil use. Some medications include steroids, allergies, heart, liver, anxiety, or kidney medications. Check with your vet so that they can advise you whether administering Hemp or CBD oil will affect your dog's health and well-being.

Nevertheless, there are many benefits to using hemp and CBD oil for your dog. CBD oil will be beneficial when dealing with high stress and anxiety levels in your pup, as it will experience a slight lightheadedness. On the other hand, Hemp oil is jam-packed with lots of essential elements that boost your dog's immune system and wellness.

So, it trickles down to what goals you want to achieve when administering each product. Are you trying to boost your pet's immunity or manage pain caused by cancer or arthritis? Moreover, your vet doc can help you choose the most suitable oil for your dog's condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are CBD Dog Treats the Same as Hemp Dog Treats?

The simple answer is that these dog treats are the same. CBD and Hemp dog treats are derived from the same compound CBD, and some of their effects on your dog are quite the same. For example, both can help manage stress.

Do Vets Recommend Hemp for Dogs?

Currently, vets can recommend Hemp and CBD for pets, but they still cannot prescribe them. Despite CBD being legal in California, the plant is still illegal in the whole country, so vets cannot write a prescription.

How Long Does It Take for CBD To Function on Dogs?

If your dog is anxious and you're looking for CBD to calm your pet down, you will notice the effects within half an hour. On the other hand, if your dog has a chronic problem and opts for CBD oil, it will take about 2-4 weeks for noticeable results.

Final Thoughts

With the above information, you can choose the oil that will suit your dog's ailments and needs. At the end of the day, both hemp oil and CBD oil have an array of benefits like anti-inflammatory properties and therapeutic benefits, among others, that can improve your dog's health.

What matters the most is opting for a quality product that will not sabotage your dog's health. Honest Paws is a leading brand for best quality CBD oil products on the market.