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Does CBD Help Dogs With Diabetes

Does CBD Oil Help Dogs With Diabetes?

Diabetes may sound like a human disease but the truth is pets also suffer from this disease. Like other chronic conditions, dogs suffering from diabetic conditions require extra care to ensure special diet administration, insulin injections, different medications applications and investing in exercises.

Although treating diabetes is not yet possible, this condition can be managed. One special way of managing diabetes and preventing your healthy dog from developing this condition is by introducing CBD to their diet. CBD, as an anti-inflammatory helps reduce inflammation, maintain healthy blood sugar levels and reduce diabetic nerve pain.

If your dog has been suffering from diabetes or you wish to learn how you may protect your furry friend from this chronic disease, you are at the right place. This article explains dog diabetes, CBD oil for dog diabetes and explains whether CBD, including chews and CBD treats for dogs helps with diabetes.

Diabetes in Dogs

It is difficult to understand what diabetes in dogs is without realizing the importance of insulin in your dog’s body. Insulin is an important hormone that aids in metabolism to ensure that humans and animals successfully convert food into energy. In a healthy dog, insulin helps the body absorb glucose from the blood and use it to produce energy.

This hormone is also responsible for the absorption of amino and fatty acids after ingestion. When your dog’s body slows down or completely stops producing insulin, then this results in a diabetes, since all these insulin-driven activities will have to halt.

Types of Diabetes

There are two types of diabetes that may affect your dog, insulin deficiency and insulin resistance or type 1 and 2 diabetes respectively. Insulin deficiency diabetes is a common type of diabetes in pets and humans.

It is caused by the body’s inability to release enough insulin from the pancrease and is managed by administering daily insulin shots. Type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, develops when the body fails to respond to the its insulin, making it hard for body cells to absorb glucose from the blood.

Type 2 diabetes is more common in older dogs than youger ones. To understand whether your dog is suffering from diabetes or not, consider checking out for signs below.

Signs that Your Canine Fried Has Diabetes

It is crucial to catch the early signs of every sickness as this gives you a chance to start treatment for your dog before the symptoms become severe. Look out for these signs for an early diagnosis.

1. Increased Thirst

One common sign of a problem with insulin production or absorption is increased thirst and appetite. If you notice that your dog abnormally takes water or is constantly following you for food, then there may be a chance your dog has developed diabetes.

2. Frequent Urination

Diabetes leads to increased glucose circulation in your dogs body and frequently urinating becomes one way of getting rid of this excess glucose. Increased glucose in the body is also the reason why your dog may develop an increased desire to intake fluids.

3. Weight Loss

While your dog may loss weight from different reasons, diabetes is one major reason. This happens due to the body’s inability to convert glucose into energy, resulting in low weight even if your dog’s diet and exercise patterns remain unchanged.

How Can I Manage Diabetes in My Fury Friend?

Early detection of diabetes in your canine friends makes it easy to manage it with diet, supplementation and exercise. However, in more severe cases, you may need to consult your veterinarian for medication recommendations. You may manage your dog’s diabetes by improving their metabolic health by:

  • Feeding your dogs the same time everyday
  • Maintain proper exercise to ensure your dog maintains healthy weight
  • Change your dog’s diet to accommodate more more meat and reduce carbohydrates. Increased starch intake may result in gastrointestinal system and lead to increased glucose levels in the body.
  • Offering them CBD supplements. While this is still new to some pet parents, CBD offers a number of benefits to your dog and can be considered a useful product in diabetes management.

Can CBD Oil Address Diabetes in Dogs?

Can CBD Oil Address Diabetes in Dogs

Yes. CBD oil helps dogs with diabetes. I know you may be wondering how a supplement can help your dog out of the misery of a chronic condition like diabetes. The truth is, CBD is not just a supplement but a strong one that has the power to modulate the endocannabidiol system’s activity.

The endocannabidiol system is a neurochemical network that maintains internal balance in mammals’ bodies through homeostasis. Given that a disruption of the endocannabidiol system may cause medical conditions including diabetes, CBD oils help improve this system’s functioning to prevent such illnesses or help your dog manage their symptoms.

Insulin is produced in the pancrease and cannabinoid receptors occur on the surface of certain cells in the pancrease, which release insulin upon stimulation. After administering CBD oils to your dog, the cannabinoids present in this supplement interact with those found in the pancrease, resulting in better insulin production.

CBD also have the ability to protect the pancrease from inflammation and pain, feelings that may also affect insulin production in your dog. CBD may also help your diabetic dog by reducing high blood sugars and lowering cholesteral levels. With all these, CBD is surely an effective diabetes management option.

Is CBD Safe for Dogs with Diabetes?

Before considering the benefits of any supplement or medication, we mostly find out first whether the product will cause any negative effects in our dogs to avoid creating a problem on top of another.

When it comes to CBD, most people confuse it with marijuana which may cause psychoactive feelings and addiction in dogs due to its high THC concentration. The truth is, CBD cannot harm your dog or cause any addiction. Unlike marijuana, CBD is extracted from the hemp plant that has less than 0.3% THC concentration.

Like it is for healthy dogs, CBD is also safe for dogs with diabetes. On top of improving your dog’s immunity, CBD helps your dog overcome pain and inflammation caused by diabetes.

It is correct to say that CBD is not only safe for your diabetic dog, but also crucial for his recovery. Although diabetes is not currently curable, you may help manage this disease using CBD and make your dog’s experience barerable.

Best Way to Administer CBD Oil for Canine Diabetes

CBD oil has instructions written on their packages to help you understand how much CBD oil to administer to your dog every day. This remains the same for your diabetic dog. Ensure you give the recommended amount of CBD to your dog every day for maximum CBD build up in your body.

For effective absorption into your dog’s blood system, you may decide to give CBD oil directly into your dog’s mouth using the oil’s dropper. However, if your dog does not like the smell or taste of plain CBD oil, you may try other administration ways such as mixing CBD oil with food or your dog’s treats.

Whichever method you settle for, ensure you avoid skipping giving your dog CBD to avoid inconsistency, making your dog achieve less benefits from these oils.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do diabetic dogs benefit from CBD?

On top of improving their immunity, CBD also helps dogs with diabetes overcome the symptoms associated with this illness. For instance, diabetes may result in pain and inflammation of different body parts and CBD may offer your dog pain and inflammation relief, resulting in a calm dog.

CBD is also known to reduce seizures and anxiety in your dog, making life better for them regardless of being diabetic. Additionally, CBD oil encourages the body to properly utilize glucose.

2. Which are the major signs that my dog is suffering from diabetes?

To know if your dog is suffering from diabetes, look out for signs such as reduced weight, increased thirst, depression and frequent urination. Understanding whether your dog suffers from diabetes early enough will help you take the required initiatives such as visiting your veterinarian for guidance or administering supplements such as CBD oils.

3. Can CBD make my dog high?

No. CBD cannot cause psychoactive feelings in your dog. This is because CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, which has less than 0.3% THC concentration. For this, CBD products remain safe from addiction and cannot cause psychoactive feelings in your dog. To ensure you purchase the best CBD oils for your dog, look out for those that have been approved by third parties.

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