Can CBD treats make dog sleepy

Can CBD Treats Make Dog Sleepy


As a pet parent, watching your dog run towards you for dog treats is one of the most satisfying feelings. However, thinking that these treats may result in adverse effects, such as causing excess sleep in your dog, may neutralize this fantastic feeling and even discourage you from purchasing CBD treats for dogs.

If this worry is one of the reasons you have been postponing getting CBD products, like CBD oil for your dog, we got you! No one would want to administer anything to their pets in good faith only for it to cause problems for the pet due to drug interactions.

Good news? CBD dog treats are safe and cannot make your dog sleepy unless you administer them to calm your anxious dog. This article explains CBD treats, answers the question of whether treats can make a dog sleepy and offers information on how to administer treats correctly. 

CBD Treats for Dogs

Treats for dogs may appear like ordinary treats, but in reality, these treats contain more nutrients and have better health benefits than ordinary treats. This is because these treats contain cannabinoids, a natural hemp plant extract that enables the treats to interact with your dog’s endocannabinoid system, improving their functionality.

For instance, if your dog is experiencing pain from a chronic condition, arthritis or any other disease, the CBD present in these treats changes how the mind interprets pain resulting in pain relief. 

Other Health Benefits of CBD Dog Treats

Other benefits of proper dosages of treats include reducing inflammation in case of skin infections or other injuries, reducing anxiety and stress in your dog, improving your dog’s sleep patterns, strengthening your dog’s joints and improving your older or injured dog’s mobility.

Imagine experiencing all these benefits while all you have to do is purchase and experience the unbeatable feeling of administering treats to your dog any time during the day. If you want to experience this, consider vising the Honest Paws website for more information on how you may purchase your treats of choice. 

Can CBD dog treats make dogs sleepy?

How to Avoid Overdosing CBD Treats in Dogs

No. CBD treats does not make your dog sleepy at all costs. The only time CBD can make your dog sleepy is if this is the primary intention of administering CBD. For dogs that suffer from anxiety and stress, the Calm CBD treats help them relax and improve their sleep patterns. These dogs are more likely to experience sleep deprivation, resulting in sleep accumulation.

The relaxation caused by the Calm treats may likely lead them to fall asleep and feel better afterwards. In such a case, you have nothing to worry about, as this is among the primary intention of administering treats to your dog.

However, if you witness your dog becoming overly sleepy after taking treats, then there is a high likelihood that you have administered too many treats to your dog.

In such a case, consider following your treats’ instructions closely to help you understand the right quantities to give your dog, depending on its weight and size. It is also wise to purchase only treats with clear instructions to avoid overdosing your dog with CBD, which may result in drowsiness in your dog. 

How to Avoid Overdosing CBD Dog Treats

Below are tips to guide you to avoid overdosing your furry friend with treats.

Ensure you administer the right treat quantities to your dog

For every supplement, the quantity administered plays a major role in how effective the product becomes in your pet's body. Treats also follow this rule where over-administration may result in sleepy and tired feelings, while under-administration may lead to poor or no results.

It is, therefore, crucial to administer the right quantities as instructed on the products' packages. For Honest Paw treats for dogs, a single bite contains around 5mg and is convenient for a dog with less than 25 lbs.

For dogs between 25 and 50lbs, you should administer two treats a day; for those over this weight, you should administer three whole bites in a day. Following such clear instructions will reduce the likelihood of your dog experiencing treats overdose or excess sleepiness. 

Set aside a specific time to administer treats to your dog

Administering treats is as exciting to you as it is for your dog. This means there is a high possibility of administering these treats more than once daily. To avoid this, set aside a specific time to give your dog treats daily.

Following a specific timeline will make it easy for you to administer treats to your canine friend without fear of giving them excess treats in a day. 

Go slowly when increasing your Dog’s CBD dosage

Sometimes you may require to increase your dog’s dosage for accurate dosing to catch up with their growing weight or age. While at it, ensure you go slowly to help your dog’s body adjust to the new dosage. Introducing large quantities of CBD dog treats at once may result in poor feelings, such as increased sleep and drowsiness in your dog.

Consider giving your dog around a week or two to observe how the increased dosage reacts with them before settling on a certain amount. It is also advisable to consult your veterinarian before increasing your dog’s supplements for professional advice on how to go about it. 

Consider mixing your treats with your dog’s meal

Another way of ensuring your dog receives the right dosage is mixing CBD dog treats with your dog’s meal. This will help ensure your dog eats the whole treat for maximum benefits and will also enable you to remember the last time you administered the treats to avoid mistakenly readministering them.

Although rare, some dogs may dislike the smell or taste of CBD dog treats, making it hard to administer full CBD treats for dogs. In such cases, mixing these treats with your dog's meal is a convenient way of feeding CBD to your canine friend. 

What is the recommended amount of CBD Dog Treats to administer to my dog?

recommended amount of CBD Treats to administer to my dog

Given that CBD Dog treats are not pharmaceutical products, their recommended amounts are mostly set by their specific manufacturers instead of laboratory tests. Therefore, it is impossible to set a specific amount of CBD as the universally recommended amount.

However, when it comes to your dog’s safety, CBD is free of toxicity and cannot affect your dog’s health in any way. CBD also has less than 0.3% THC concentration, meaning it cannot cause psychoactive feelings in your dog or result in addiction.

With this, you can rest assured that even if your dog may feel sleepy after undertaking higher CBD amounts, your dog will not experience harsh health problems. CBD is also designed to leave your dog's body as waste if consumed at high levels assuring your dog of no significant harm.

However, understanding the right dosage is crucial to avoid wasting your dog's product. Below are specific amounts most dog parents administer to their dogs based on the problem they intend to solve. 

Based on Pain

Unlike children, who may express when and where they are in pain, pets cannot tell us directly when they experience pain. It is always up to us to ensure we understand the changes in behavior caused by pain and interpret them.

In the same way, after administering treatment, it may be tough to know whether the treatment is working or not. This requires pet parents to be extra keen on improvements or deteriorations in behavioral changes, such as how they walk, stand, sit or interact with other dogs.

When administering CBD treats to relieve pain in your dog, start small as you observe your dog's reaction. You may increase the dosage drastically until you observe signs of pain relief. However, as you increase this dosage, ensure you do not go beyond the recommended amount of CBD to avoid drowsiness and excess sleepiness. 

Based on Anxiety

Unlike when relieving pain, where larger CBD quantities are preferred, when administering treats for anxiety in your dog, consider settling for a low yet consistent dose. The timing of when to issue CBD treats for anxiety is also crucial in this case.

For instance, if your dog feels triggered by a walk, you may need to give treats to them 30 minutes before leaving the house. However, if you give a certain amount of CBD and realize it does not make any difference after a week, consider raising the dosage and remember to raise it steadily. 

Based on Seizures

When administering CBD treats to treat seizures and other chronic illnesses, you may consider raising the dosage as there is a connection between high CBD accumulation in the blood and a reduction in seizure attacks. Administering CBD treats to your dog over a longer period is also a good approach toward healing them from chronic conditions such as seizures. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are CBD treats for dogs?

These are crunchy edibles made from the naturally occurring hemp plant. Unlike most other products extracted from the cannabis plant, CBD has less THC concentration and cannot, therefore, cause psychoactive feelings or addiction.

CBD treats have different potential benefits, including pain relief, reduced inflammation, improved sleep patterns, reduced anxiety and stress and strengthen muscles and joints in aging dogs. 

Can my dog feel overly sleepy from consuming CBD treats?

Normally, your dog should not feel sleepy from consuming treats. This may only happen if you administer high amounts of CBD to your dog. Although CBD is not toxic and cannot cause much harm if consumed excessively, it may result in drowsiness , dry mouth or sleepy feelings in your dog if administered in very high amounts.

For anxiety in dogs, treats intend to improve their sleep patterns and there is, therefore, no harm in causing sleepiness. 

Which is the recommended CBD treats dosage for dogs?

Unlike pharmaceuticals, where the recommended amounts are settled upon through laboratory tests, treats for dogs’ dosage is decided upon by manufacturers. For this, there is no universally recommended treats dosage for dogs; the dosage depends on factors like your dog’s age, size or purpose of administering CBD.

Older and bigger dogs require higher dosages than smaller and younger ones. In the same way, the quantity applicable in anxiety relief is less than one applicable in pain or seizure relief.

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