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Myths About CBD Dog Chews Debunked

10 Myths About CBD Dog Chews Debunked

As a dog parent, you must have come across misrepresented information about CBD dog chews and some medical conditions they can treat. Don’t worry, Honest Paws got you! In this article, we demystify ten myths propagated about CBD dog chews and the truth behind their several health claims. 

Do you know what CBD oil is?

CBD oil is an active chemical compound called cannabidiol found in Cannabis sativa plants. CBD is extracted as oil mixed with specific proportions with other carrier oils such as hemp or coconut oil to produce CBD oil. 

What is CBD oil dog chew?

CBD oil dog chew is an oil product made of CBD oil as the only cannabidiol combined with a balanced mix of botanicals. These botanicals are scientifically proven to have healing elements for adverse effects such as such as reduced inflammation and anxiety. 

10 Myths about CBD Dog Chews

A myth is an extensively held but false idea or information. Below are widely held myths about CBD oil dog chews and their meaning. 

Myths about CBD Dog Chews

1. Human CBD oils can be given to dogs

While administering CBD oils to your dog, you should consider your dog's weight. Humans are heavier than dogs. Therefore, since CBD oil dosage is recommended based on the dog's weight, giving human CBD oil to dogs may lead to overdosing. Overdosing may have adverse effects on your dog, for instance, diarrhea. 

2. All CBD oil products are the same

The idea that all CBD oil products are the same is misinformation. There are several CBD oils for different pets and which serve other purposes. Note that some CBD oils on the market are of low quality. You should only pick CBD oils after ensuring that it is appropriate, safe and of the highest quality.

Furthermore, note that some CBD oils are tested in labs by third parties and given a Certificate of Analysis (COA), while others are not. Some are extracted by CO2, while others are extracted using solvent extraction. Good CBD oil for dog should have 0.3% THC. 

3. CBD oils are a treatment for all kinds of diseases

This is a myth that has been spread and has got no truth in it. CBD oils cannot be used to treat all your dog's diseases. Some of the conditions that CBD oils can treat include anxiety, stress, diarrhea, epilepsy, and bowel inflammation diseases, among others. CBD oil cannot solve dogs’ ailments, such as broken bones and other injuries. 

4. CBD oils have nasty side effects on pets

Emphasizing the adverse side effects is a lie as the positive effects outweigh disadvantages. CBD oils have myriads of benefits your dog cannot do without.

Some pet parents have observed short-term side effects from CBD oil's wrong administration or poor quality. It would be best if you were cautious about the amount, type and quality of CBD offered to your dog. By so doing this, the safety of your dog will be guaranteed. 

5. Use of CBD oil chews may make your dog get high

This misunderstanding has discouraged so many pet parents from using CBD oils in animal health products. CBD oils contain a THC content of less than 0.3%. A 0.3% THC in CBD oil chews is safe for your dog and does not make it get high. THC is a marijuana content responsible for intoxication and producing a heightened effect. 

6. CBD oils make dogs weak and tired

Another false assumption is that CBD dog chews can make your dog tired. The truth is that CBD will make your dog feel more relaxed and relieve its fatigue. CBD oil enhances dogs' activity levels. It is believed that CBD oils improve motor activities after administration.

This means you can keep your furry friend up for a long time without feeling tired once the effect disappears. Vets recommend CBD oils to help your dog ease up after a tiring day. CBD oil chews they don't cause any fatigue.

 CBD oil enhances dogs' activity

7. CBD works instantly

The idea that CBD dog chews, including CBD dog treats work instantly is another myth associated with CBD-based products. It is true that some animals feel the effect somehow quickly but as fast as you are made to believe.

Cannabidiol–based products may take some days to a week or two to settle into your dog's metabolism. The efficiency may not be the same, but after a while, they become effective and you can see the changes in your dogs. 

8. Overdose from CBD oil is dangerous

Claiming that CBD oil overdose is risky to your dog is another myth that should be demystified. Your dog will show short-term signs but will not be intoxicated by too many CBD oil chews. CBD oils instead improve health and provide much medicinal value to your dog. The right amount of CBD oil will be used while the excess excreted. 

9. CBD oil dog chewing is illegal

CBD oil dog chewing is not illegal. Many people confuse marijuana with CBD oil. CBD oil is extracted from marijuana with a THC content of less than 0.3%. This makes CBD oil safe for pets such as your dog. CBD oil is legal and available in stores. 

10. CBD dog chews are addictive

Addictive substances affect the neurons in dogs' brains, designed to make them want to repeat pleasurable experiences. When something depends on a substance, severe bodily reactions are observed when it stops taking it.

According to World Health Organization, CBD oils do not create any brain addiction pathway that causes addiction. There is no research proving abuse or reliance on CBD by dogs. 

Frequently asked questions

The following are some of the frequently asked questions about CBD Oil Dog Bites 

1. Can CBD dog chews improve my dog's health conditions?

Yes, CBD dog chewing has a lot of health benefits for your dog. It helps relieve chronic pain and stress, promotes calmness and relaxation in dogs and enhances natural sleep and a healthy immune system. 

2. What is the appropriate dosage of CBD oils I should administer to my dog?

The CBD dog's dosage chews depends on your dog's body weight. You should check on the label of CBD to determine the amount to be given to your dog. 

3. How long should CBD dog chew's effect be noticed?

The amounts of time it takes for the effects of CBD dog chews to be noticed on many issues. For instance, the health problem and the CBD product you are using. Some pet parents report that they see changes in a few hours, while others say they are in a few days. 

4. How do CBD dog chews work in the body?

The CBD oils combine with the endocannabinoid system, which regulates digestion, memory, mood, anxiety, pain perception, and stress.

Administering CBD oils to your dog has a lot of advantages. You are encouraged to seek experts to see noticeable results. Honest Paws is the leading brand in offering the highest quality CBD Dog Chews and other pet products. You can also leverage our free expert advice. Contact us!

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