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Solutions for your PUG

One of the worst feelings you may experience is knowing that your dog is suffering. But, sometimes it's very hard to recognize, know and realize that something is wrong with your pet. Dogs are notorious for hiding pain and by pet owner realizes that their pet is hurting typically means they are hurting really badly. But you could be your pet’s hero by identifying the signs and knowing what will help your pet.

Pugs tend to suffer from skin and joint mobility problems. But we have the  solution for a healthier and happier PUG. 

Here we will shed light on precisely what dogs should be given for pain and why pet parents should keep their fur babies far away from medication for human consumption, despite what Google may tell you.


5 Signs that your Dog is suffering

Dogs are known for hiding pain, it's instinctual for them. This is why pet owners should recognize any distress in order for pet parents to help heal their pets right away. But we don’t have mind reading capabilities so here are some tell-tale signs that your furry friend is likely to be in pain.


A decrease in energy level is a first notable sign that your pet is in pain. Pet owners should recognize what is and isn’t normal  in their dog. All dogs a different, but if your pet is usually bouncing off the walls and is now glued to the couch, it is likely a sign that they are in pain or combatting a health issue.


Another sign of pain or distress is biting, including biting themselves or others. A clear indication of pain is when the dog doesn't want anyone near them or touching an area that might be sensitive.


The most visually noticeable sign of pain and distress is swelling. Swelling and inflammation are tell-tale signs that something isn't right, whether it's disease or injury. Pet owners should make sure that they are always keeping a close eye on any changes in their pup's behavior and body.


Your Dog's tail

Another telling sign that your furry friend might be in some kind of pain is their tail. If your dog's tail is usually upright and is now either between their legs or sagging a bit, it's typically a sign that they aren't feeling like their best selves, often due to pain or distress.


Dogs that are experiencing pain will often have dilated pupils or blood shot eyes. Your pup may also have loopy-looking sick eyes (the same way that human's eyes get when we are feeling under the weather).

So know that you know the signs, you must be wondering what are the solutions?

The Do NOTs

The following over the counter (OTC) human medications are DEFINITE NO-NO's for dogs. Trust us, these medications will do much more harm than good and instead of easing pain will ultimately cause a lot more distress.

NEVER EVER Give your pet:

  • Ibuprofen – found in Advil, Motrin, and Nuprin
  • Acetaminophen – found in Tylenol and many decongestants
  • Naproxen – found in Aleve



If your dog accidentally ingests NSAIDs (of any dose), the side effects can be severe and tragic. Even the mild side effects aren't much worse than the initial distress that you may have been trying to aid in the first place.

Side Effects of Fido ingesting NSAIDs include:

  • Severe, painful intestinal issues
  • Vomiting (with or without blood)
  • Diarrhea (with or without blood)
  • Lethargy
  • Weakness
  • Depression
  • Kidney problems
  • Kidney failure
  • Bleeding of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Liver dysfunction
  • Liver failure
  • Death

As you can see, NSAIDs should never be given to dogs as pain management.


A solution made easy 

Which is why we highly recommend CBD for pets. If you haven't heard of CBD for dogs then welcome aboard! CBD is an incredible herb derived from the cannabis plant. CBD for dogs is specifically derived from the hemp plant (a species of the cannabis plant) making it  100% natural, effective, and safe. That means zero adverse, potentially irreversible reactions. CBD comes in several different forms from oils that can be administered orally or added to your dog's food, to treats and chews that can be enjoyed directly. Because of the fact that CBD is all natural, it has virtually no side effects. This means pet parents have the ability to ease their dog's pain without adding harsh chemicals into the dog's delicate system.


(Also, while we are going to discuss CBD for dogs, you may want to also look into CBD for dog owners... believe me, the benefits are truly out of this world)

Even better yet, with a  natural supplement of CBD, your pet receives tons of health benefits that many owners haven’t even realized.

These benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Immune system support
  • Pain management
  • Aid for those suffering from seizures and epilepsy
  • Easing symptoms of arthritis
  • Preventing inflammatory bowel disease
  • Fighting cancer
  • Easing symptoms from medications and cancer treatment
  • Reducing autoimmune disease
  • Decreasing chronic inflammation
  • Supporting heart health
  • Easing skin and allergy issues

We are happy to report that CBD pet products, such as CBD oil and CBD dog treats, are now making great strides in helping ease and manage pain in our four-legged companions. In fact, CBD oil and products are making such substantial progress in the world of holistic veterinary health and wellness that the seemingly magical herb has been quickly replacing what was one the "only" medication available for certain ailments.

We love CBD for dogs because of the fact that it is all natural and has virtually zero side effects. Pet owners have seen a tremendous improvement in their dog's chronic pain such as arthritis pain as well as acute pain.

When it comes to your fur baby, you want what's best for them. The fact that it's entirely possible to cure your dog's anxiety in an all-natural, safe way is something that we can all celebrate. Give CBD a shot. You won't regret it!




We recommend trying turmeric and peanut butter flavored CBD dog treats. These CBD dog treats are the perfect solution for you Pug's joint and chronic pain as well as acute, post-surgical pain.

Laura from California writes, “This product has helped my dogs anxiety and calmed him down quite a bit.” We feel that CBD's ability to ease any accumulated anxiety on top of diminishing pain is icing on the CBD cake.



Pet owners may decide to start off with CBD oil for their furry friends. The oil is all natural, fast-acting, and highly absorbable. The majority of pet owners report that their pup had no qualms about the taste of the oil. However, if your pet seems resistant, owners can add the oil to their food or on their favorite treat.



Finally, older dogs with arthritic joint pain will see a world of difference by integrating Honest Paws CBD chews into their lives. The chews are chicken flavored which are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

As with most things in life, consistency is key. While many owners report a positive change after a short time using the products, long-term use equates to long-term results. Consider saving money and subscribing to Honest Paws. That way, you'll always have exactly what you need and there won't be a lapse in your pup's CBD benefits.



Help your canine friend in enjoying a healthier life with Honest Paws CBD infused Coconut Oil, 100% effective solution to your pets ailments. Countless studies have shown that coconut oil is an effective treatment for dogs suffering from inflammation, allergies, aging brain function, poor immune systems, unhealthy skin/coat, and parasites.








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