Organic Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

Calm Bites

Lab ResultsApprox. 30 bites per bag.
Organic Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

Calm Bites

Lab Results
Approx. 30 bites per bag.
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Nightmares, panting and panting, or barking all the time are all warning signs that our dog is troubled by a past experience.

And whether it’s traveling, moving to a new home, new neighbors, loud noises, or being left alone for too long, there are all sorts of things that can set our pets off.

The good news is that Honest Paws Calm with organic, full-spectrum hemp with naturally occuring CBD can help your furry friend relax in as little as one hour. And these melt-in-your-mouth bites contain only the best, non-GMO, all-natural ingredients, while having a delicious peanut butter flavor. 

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Analysts predict that by 2024, CBD will be a $20 billion industry in the United States. CBD can be found in a large variety of products ranging from food and beverage to beauty and skincare. However, calming treats for dogs (like calming peanut butter or calming bites) also make up a decent portion of the industry!

More pet parents than ever are climbing aboard the CBD train, so don’t worry if you are late to the party. Fido will forgive you! Now is as good a time as any to explore and investigate all the benefits of CBD for dogs. This goes especially for pet parents who want to take an alternative route to promote the overall wellbeing of their fur-kids.

From supporting joint health to acting as a calming aid, the potential of CBD is endless. But first things first, let’s let the science do the talking and have a closer look at what exactly CBD is. 

Cannabis 101

There is a lot of misinformation out there that causes confusion to anyone trying to navigate the waters of cannabis. Luckily, we can break it down for you into digestible pieces (no pun intended). 

Hemp vs Marijuana: What’s the Difference

Let’s start at the top of the pyramid and work our way down. Hemp and marijuana are both part of the Cannabaceae family. They are two different strains of the cannabis plant. You can think of them as close relatives which are certainly similar, but definitely not interchangeable. 

What differentiates these two strains of the cannabis plant is the THC levels they contain. THC, aka tetrahydrocannabinol, is a cannabinoid. This particular cannabinoid is the psychoactive element that, if the levels are high enough, makes people high. In a nutshell: to qualify as “hemp” the THC levels in the plant have to be below 0.3%. Anything over that qualifies the plant as marijuana. Marijuana can have THC levels of up to 20%, and that is what can make you high as a kite.

What is CBD?

Regardless of whether you are talking about hemp or marijuana, all strains of the cannabis plant produce cannabinoids. Cannabis plants produce many different types of cannabinoids, but two of the most prevalent kinds are the infamous THC and CBD. 

We’ve covered THC, so let’s get to the good stuff: CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid called cannabidiol. If the terminology gets too much, all you really need to keep in mind is that when we talk about CBD, we’re talking about cannabidiol. In both humans and our canine companions, CBD affects our central nervous systems, as well as our immune systems, in the best possible way. It does wonders to support joint health. It can also promote relaxation and help ease tension.

Can Dogs Get High From CBD?

No. They can’t. No matter what kind of calming treats for dogs you have (CBD oil, CBD Bites, etc), any hemp oil products will not make your dog high. Emphasis on “hemp” because it contains no more than 0.3% of THC.

Remember, THC is the psychoactive component (or cannabinoid) that makes people high. With a THC level of under 0.3%, there is no chance of you (or your pooch) getting high from CBD oil or products.

The Amazing Benefits of Honest Paws Calm Bites

Pet parents and holistic veterinarians are singing the praises of CBD products. And for good reason. If you have a nervous dog, or even just a hyper dog who is constantly bouncing off the walls, perhaps giving your dog a calming treat - such as Honest Paws Calm Bites - would work wonders to help Fido find his chill.

Keep Fido Calm and Collected

One of the most well-known characteristics of CBD oil is its calming effect. Giving Fido some calming treats for dogs (Calm Bites, Calm Peanut Butter, etc) can go a long way to lower his stress levels.

If you have a doggo, whose stress levels are too high, giving them a calming supplement such as the Honest Paws Calm Bites or Calm CBD Peanut Butter is a good idea. Remember: calm dogs are happy dogs!

A scared or nervous dog is not a happy dog. Making sure your dog is not in distress is an important part of being a responsible pet parent. Not all dogs have a nervous disposition. Some dogs only need an occasional calming chew to help them get through a stressful situation like a trip to the vet. 

Perhaps your dog is afraid of fireworks and is stressed out every time the 4th of July or New Year’s Eve comes around. Are the neighbors having a party next door? Maybe they’re renovating and the noise of the construction is too much for your dog to handle. Giving your dog calm treats for shorter periods of time is incredibly effective in helping them get through a stressful period unscathed.

Other dogs need a little more help to keep them cool and collected for longer periods of time.

Many dogs don’t like being left alone for long periods of time and turn to unwanted behaviors such as excessive barking as an outlet for their frustration. This is where one of our many hemp dog treats can go a long way in helping Fido keep calm when he’s alone at home. 

Calm Bites Ingredients

Pet parents need to do their homework before feeding their pets anything. It’s important to know what goes into every piece of kibble and every dog calming treat you give your pet - no matter what kind of snack it is.

The Honest Paws Calm Bites have been tried, tested, and dogs love them. And because dogs love them, dog owners love them. Every bite is not only a dog supplement, it is a scrumptious dog treat packed with only the best and purest ingredients. 

Only the Best for Fido: Organic is the Way to Go

We know dogs and their owners love the Honest Paws line of natural calming treats, but let’s look at what’s inside the Calm Bites, one organic ingredient at a time. Sidebar: organic is the way to go.

With any organic natural ingredient, you know your dog is getting a non-GMO product that hasn’t been exposed to any toxins in its production process.

Without further ado, let’s take a close look at the simple ingredients that make up This calming dog product.

Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Organic. Full-spectrum. When you see those items listed in the ingredients of a product, you know you’re on the right track. Unfortunately, there are many companies out there that market themselves as producers of CBD or hemp oil, but they compromise on quality in order to cut costs. With Honest Paws organic hemp oil you know that you are only getting the purest product.

Organic Barley

Barley is a common ingredient in dry dog food and treats. What we love about this organic ingredient is that it is a good source of water-soluble fiber and beta-glucans. Beta-glucans help to lower cholesterol and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Organic Oats

Oats also contain fiber (which is great for your dog’s digestive system) and beta-glucans. On top of that, oats are packed with vitamins and minerals that give Fido’s health a good boost.

Organic Peanut Butter

We could sing the praises of the nutritional benefits of peanut butter for dogs, but let’s be honest. This is what Fido came for. Dogs. Love. Peanut butter. That is a truth universally acknowledged. This particular ingredient makes these hemp bites more than palatable. It makes them glorious.

Note: An added bonus of this healthy and gloriously scrumptious calming product is that it is 100% local. With every ingredient made in the USA. 

Something for Everyone: CBD Products for Pets

Honest Paws offers an array of calming treats for dogs, from soft chews to bites to peanut butter. Additionally, if your dog has mobility issues or simply needs a good immune system boost, Honest Paws also has the perfect product for them.

Delicious Chews and Bites

Some pups prefer dog calming chews, some prefer calming bites. Honest Paws has both. Whether you go for the hemp chews or the bites, you can’t go wrong. You’ll find only the best and purest ingredients in all of the CBD products on offer. 

CBD Oil and Tinctures

You’ll often have the choice of either going for a pure CBD oil, or a tincture which has CBD oil and added ingredients aimed to support your dog’s health in a specific way. In the Honest Paws range, you’ll find the following:

  • Wellness CBD Oil

    : Pure CBD oil

  • Relief CBD Oil

    : With added organic ginger root extract

  • Calm CBD oil:

     With added organic chamomile extract

  • Mobility

    : With added organic turmeric

As you can see, each tincture is tailored to help give all doggos what they need to live their best lives!

Quality Over Quantity: What to Look for in CBD Products

With so many CBD products on the market, it can be a daunting task for pet parents to narrow down the search and pick the right product for their fur-children. Shelves are flooded with choices and not all of them fit the bill when it comes to choosing something safe and effective. Luckily there are a few pointers to help people pick the perfect product for their pooch!

Organic Ingredients

We cannot emphasize this enough: going organic is a great choice. That way you know you’re giving your dog non-GMO ingredients that have not been exposed to toxins like chemical pesticides or fungicides. 


This one is rather important. If a product you plan on giving to Fido has not been tested in a lab, how can you be certain it’s safe? You may want to rethink picking something up from the shelves that doesn’t say it has been lab-tested on the packaging.

How Many Honest Paws Calm Bites for Dogs?

To get the best out of the CBD oil, bites and chews, make sure you give Fido the correct amount. Here is a quick run-down of what the recommended CBD Calm Chews and Bites dosage is for dogs: 

  • Less than 25 lbs

    : 1 whole bite a day

  • 25 - 50 lbs

    : 2 whole bites a day

  • Over 50 lbs

    : 3 whole bites a day

CBD Side Effects

It is highly unlikely that your dog will experience any negative side effects when consuming CBD products. We’re not advocating for “too much of a good thing” but if given at the right dosage, you will have nothing to worry about. If your dog, however, gets into the soft chew stash, there should be no cause for concern. If anything they may be lethargic or tired as a result.

As with any supplement, it is always a good idea to introduce it slowly into your dog’s healthcare regime. Start slow and work your way up to the full dose so that you can see how Fido is reacting to it.

Calming Treats for Dogs: The Final Word

We only want what is best for our fur-children. We want them to feel safe and happy, but sometimes stress levels rise and our beloved pooches turn into a tangled ball of nerves. Luckily, helping a nervous dog feel calm is completely possible with one of Honest Paws high-quality, calming CBD products.

Honest Paws Calm Bites are a great product that promote relaxation in any nervous dog. You can help your dog maintain a normal disposition in scenarios that it usually finds stressful. And if your dog isn't a fan of bites? No worries! Any one of our calming treats (Calm Soft Chew, Calm Peanut Butter, etc) for dogs will also help your pet cope with external stressors!

Honest Paws products are a great addition to any dog’s healthcare regime, and you will be hard-pressed to find a more pure product of such high quality anywhere out there. What you have here is an amazing resource at your disposal that has the potential to significantly improve your dog’s quality of life.