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Learn More About CBD Dog Treats

The modern CBD pet market offers many supplements – from oils and tinctures through capsules and edibles to balms and creams. In this article, we will focus on one particular product – CBD dog treats. 

Statistics show that CBD dog treats are quite popular. In fact, sixty percent of dog owners choose CBD dog treats when introducing the cannabis plant to their dogs' daily routine. 

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about CBD pet treats – potential health benefits, side effects or risks, buying considerations, and usage guidelines. 

Why Dog Owners Choose CBD Dog Treats

Can dogs have CBD dog treats

The main reason why more than half of dog owners choose CBD dog treats is practicality. Most dogs do not like being handled and having a dropper placed in their mouths. Most dogs also dislike the bitter and earth-like CBD oil taste. On the other hand, all dogs love treats – they are delicious, easy to administer, and can be used on the go. 

What is more, the use of CBD dog treats does not exclude the use of CBD oil. Namely, you can combine the use of these products for maximum results. For example, you can add CBD oil to your dog's food bowl when you are at home and use tasty CBD dog treats with beef or bacon flavor when you are on the go. 

Are CBD Treats Safe to Give Your Dog?

As a responsible dog parent, it is normal that safety is your number one concern. Well, rest assured that dog CBD treats are perfectly safe. 

CBD dog treats are appetizing bites with the bonus of active full-spectrum, organic hemp oil. Not only are they tasty, but CBD treats are also supplements that help maintain physical and mental wellbeing. In other words, CBD dog treats are not just safe but also beneficial for your dog's wellness. 

As with any other supplement, there is a small chance of side effects. The side effects of CBD (low blood pressure, dry mouth, diarrhea, lethargy, drowsiness) are rare, transient, and can be managed through dose modifications. 

Best CBD Treats for Dogs

Here at Honest Paws, we seriously take the science behind our CBD products and dedicate ourselves to using premium-quality and organic ingredients. All our organic full-spectrum hemp oils are free of GMOs, soy, corn, and other contaminants. They’re also third-party tested for purity and potency. 

We also understand that each health condition requires a different approach and can benefit from different natural ingredients and compounds. Therefore, we offer a condition-specific line of CBD treats for dogs. 

For easy dosing and administration, each Honest Paws treat contains 5mg of CBD oil and is easily breakable and deliciously flavored.  

CBD Oil for Anxiety The Honest Paws Calm line offers three types of CBD edibles – Bites, Soft Chews, and CBD-infused Peanut Butter. The Calm Bites are made of full-spectrum CBD and organic barley, oats, and peanut butter. 

In addition to CBD, the Calm Soft Chews contain added L-theanine (green tea amino acid) and tryptophan for a more efficient calming effect. The peanut butter is a xylitol-free formula with full-spectrum CBD.  

CBD Oil for Mobility The Honest Paws Mobility line offers poultry-flavored soft chews with organic full-spectrum CBD oil. The treats are enriched with joint-friendly ingredients like chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine HCL, hyaluronic acid, and Boswellia serrata powder to ensure maximum joint health and mobility. 

CBD Oil for Relief The Honest Paws Relief line offers CBD Bites with full-spectrum CBD, organic barley, oats, peanut butter, and organic, US-sourced turmeric. The turmeric addition accents the relieving properties. Turmeric is an excellent spice with medicinal properties praised for its ability to help with occasional discomfort from everyday activities. 

CBD Oil for General Well The Honest Paws General Well line offers organic full-spectrum hemp oil. Our Well CBD Bites are made with barley, oats, peanut butter, and coconut shavings. All ingredients are 100% natural and organic. The bites are creamy coconut-flavored and soft enough for older dogs. 

What are the Benefits of CBD Treats for Dogs?

How many CBD Treats Can I Give My Dog

There are numerous benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) for dogs. Let's see how CBD treats help dogs with specific health issues.

CBD Dog Treats for Mobility – Dogs of all ages, particularly older dogs, can experience stiff hips and joints, arthritis, and mobility issues. CBD supports joint health by reducing painful joint inflammation.  

Plus, CBD Mobility Treats often include additional joint-friendly ingredients like hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, glucosamine, and Boswellia serrata powder. These supplements provide joint and cartilage health, further boosting mobility wellness in your dog. 

CBD Dog Treats for Pain Relief – A recent study labeled cannabinoids as novel anti-inflammatory drugs. Additionally, CBD offers a holistic option that is safe and can even support opioids and NSAIDs. In many cases, the addition of quality CBD has given dog owners the opportunity of lowering conventional drug dosages. 

CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety – Dogs are prone to various forms of stress and anxiety, and since stress harms the dog's overall physical and mental wellbeing, stress management is critical.  

CBD dog treats can promote relaxation for dogs exhibiting nervousness, hyperactivity, or discontentment. The hemp products can help calm chronically ill dogs who struggle to sleep or help dogs that are anxious when alone (separation anxiety). 

CBD Dog Treats for Wellness – CBD boosts the dog's immune system and reduces oxidative stress. Plus, the Well treats are an excellent choice for dogs with allergies. 

Differences Between CBD Dog Treats & CBD Oil for Dogs

With so many pet CBD products to choose from, it comes down to what you think will be easier to administer. 

CBD dog treats not only contain CBD oil that can help various ailments, but they also include quality ingredients that add even more health benefits. CBD treats also have tasty flavors dogs love. 

CBD dog treats are convenient to serve without any fuss. Whether you’re in the park or the car, giving your dog a cannabis edible requires little effort, certainly less effort than what’s required to place an oil dropper in their mouth. 

Plus, the convenient chewable form of CBD dog treats makes the administration straightforward, and it does not feel like giving your dog medicine.  

The potency of CBD oil is also a variable that you may consider, as CBD tinctures for dogs are often available in various strengths. For dogs who require more potent doses due to their condition or size, a strong CBD oil will be more cost-effective and lasts longer than a bag of 5 mg treats.

Another factor in favor of CBD oil is how quickly the oil has an effect. High-quality CBD oils administered sublingually (under the tongue) can produce beneficial effects in as little as 20 minutes. It may take about 45 minutes before CBD treats have an effect.

However, many dog owners still choose to buy irresistible, tasty treats for their dogs. A big appeal of CBD bites and chews is the added organic ingredients that may enrich their flavor and health benefits.

How Many CBD Treats Should My Dog Get?

CBD Treats for Dogs Buying Guide

Just because it is impossible to overdose on CBD dog treats does not mean you should let your dog devour the entire package of CBD dog treats. Providing your dog with the appropriate amount of CBD is essential. 

A general guideline is to give your dog 1-5mg of CBD per 10 lbs of body weight. Whether you go for doses on the lower or higher end of the spectrum depends on several factors, including your dog's age and overall health. The exact CBD dosage also varies based on any prescription medications your dog may be taking. 

Dosage instructions for Honest Paw's full-spectrum CBD bites and chews are as follows:

  • Dogs less than 25 lbs: 1 x 5 mg treat per day

  • 25-50 lbs: 2 x 5 mg treats per day

  • Over 50 lbs: 3 x 5 mg chews per day

Always check the manufacturer's dosage guidelines. The potency for CBD edibles can vary across brands. Therefore you must calculate how much your dog needs according to how many CBD milligrams the packaging indicates. 

If you are unsure about the exact CBD dosage or your dog is on regular prescription drugs, you must talk to your vet. Veterinarians are not at liberty to recommend CBD products, but they will guide you through the implementation process or refer you to a holistic practitioner if you bring up the topic. 

With that being covered, we should note that you should not expect immediate results after giving your dog a CBD edible. It takes a little while for the CBD to reach the cannabinoid receptors and express its beneficial effects. This time is affected primarily by the delivery method but also by the pet's individual response. 

CBD dog treats usually take between 45-90 minutes to work. Considering this timeframe between giving the treat and seeing the results, it is essential to preempt your dog's needs. 

For example, if exercise causes stiffness in your dog's joints, give your pup CBD soft chews an hour before the walk. Or, if planning a potentially stressful situation (like a trip to the vet's office), let your dog have its CBD treat at least an hour before the car ride. 

How to Shop for the Best CBD Dog Treats

Shopping for CBD dog treats can be hard, especially if you do not know what to look for. Here are a few things you need to consider when buying CBD products for your companion animal.  

  • Full-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD oil is favorable over broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate products. This is because the full spectrum hemp extract has a more potent biological reaction in the ECS due to its rich full-plant cannabinoids and the inclusion of other compounds like terpenes and flavonoids. 

  • CBD Hemp Oil. The product must contain the words CBD on its label. Hemp oil is a seed extract and contains omega fatty oils but no CBD. It is still healthy, especially for your dog's coat but not as healthy as the CBD oil extracted from the leaves and flowers. 

  • THC-Free Hemp Oil. The only safe option for pets is CBD made through hemp extraction. CBD oil extracted from the marijuana plant is high in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and low in cannabinoids (CBDs). Since THC is toxic to dogs, the CBD formula for your dog must be derived from hemp and contain less than 0.3% THC.

  • Organic and Made in the USA. Hemp draws toxins from the soil, so a toxin and pesticide-free environment are vital for a clean and pure CBD product. Make sure the CBD you are purchasing is made from organically grown hemp plants in the USA. 

  • CO2 Extraction Method. The extraction method also makes a massive difference in the final product quality, so check that the manufacturer has used CO2 extraction, which is the best choice for high-quality hemp oil with maximum purity.  

  • No Allergens and GMO Ingredients. Look for labels that state that the CBD product is non-GMO and free of potential allergens (soy, dairy, corn, and gluten-free). The ideal CBD product should contain only healthy and organic ingredients. 

  • A Certificate of Analysis. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is the certificate provided by a third-party lab that conducts product testing and ensures unbiased and truthful results. When a company provides you with the COA, you can verify the potency of various cannabinoids, the THC percentage, and the exclusion of harmful chemicals.  

  • Reputable Brand. A trustworthy brand will stand out above the others with its high number of reviews and good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Do your research and purchase CBD products from an honest, transparent, highly rated company with a money-back guarantee and free shipping policies. 

Honest Paws CBD products check all boxes for quality. They are organic, non-GMO, soy and gluten-free, and lab-tested by a third party to ensure the best quality. Honest Paws makes it easy to view any COA for your product of choice. 

Honest Paws CBD bites and soft chews have natural ingredients that support the treats’ goals, including calm, mobility, wellness, and relief. No matter your dog's preference, Honest Paws has something perfect for them, including CBD-infused peanut butter and a CBD-infused Relief Balm made with coconut oil.

In a nutshell, the Honest Paws CBD products are made of quality ingredients for maximum effectiveness. 

Our Final Thoughts on CBD Dog Treats

happy and healthy dog

From crunchy bites through soft chews to sticky peanut butter, dogs are voracious creatures and love treats. Whether you're looking to support longevity in your healthy pup or calm your nervous dog, CBD can be a great addition to your pet's wellness routine. 

Honest Paws offers a variety of treats made with organic, full-spectrum hemp oil with naturally occurring CBD. If your dog prefers a classic crunch, check out our Bites. If your dog is smaller or perhaps on the older side, they may want to go straight to the flavor with our Soft Chews.

CBD Dog Treats Frequently Asked Questions

Do CBD treats for dogs work?

Yes, CBD dog treats are edibles made of CBD oil and other health-boosting ingredients. The CBD oil works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system and supporting its goal – to maintain a state of balance, health, and homeostasis. 

Do CBD dog treats work for anxiety?

Yes, our Honest Paws Calm Soft Chews and Bites work great for dogs with anxiety-triggered issues as they promote calmness and relaxation. For acute conditions like occasional discomfort, sleeplessness, or situational anxiety, CBD can provide a natural option to help dogs get through the day and night.  

What are the best CBD dog treats?

Which CBD dog treats are best depends on your dog's specific condition. For example, if your dog has arthritis, we recommend using the Mobility Sot Chews, and if they have chronic pain, the Relief Bites. The Calm Bites and Soft Chews are the best treats if your dog is anxious or hyperactive, and the Well Bites support everyday health. 

What are the benefits of CBD dog treats?

While prescription and over-the-counter medications can be very effective at treating and managing various health conditions in dogs, their side effects may be undesirable. As natural supplements, CBD dog treats are rarely accompanied by side effects. Even if side effects develop, they are mild, transient, and easily solvable. Plus, when giving your dog CBD edibles, it does not feel like giving medicine. 

Do CBD treats help dogs calm down?

Yes, CBD chews and bites can help dogs calm down. CBD dog treats can promote relaxation for dogs exhibiting nervousness, hyperactivity, or discontentment. The hemp products can help calm chronically ill dogs who struggle to sleep or help dogs that are anxious when alone (separation anxiety).  

How quickly do CBD treats work in dogs?

CBD dog treats usually take between 45-90 minutes to work. Considering this timeframe between giving the treat and seeing the results, we recommend planning ahead. CBD edibles take more time to start working compared to CBD oil dropped under your dog's tongue. 

Are CBD treats bad for dogs?

No, CBD dog treats are not bad. However, as with any other supplement, they can cause some minor side effects like dry mouth, lowered blood pressure, drowsiness, and diarrhea. Luckily, these side effects are rare and can easily be eliminated through CBD dosage modification. 

What do CBD treats do to dogs?

CBD has been shown to positively affect the dog's pain sensation, and inflammation processes. CBD edibles can also promote relaxation and help support the immune system.

Do CBD Treats for dogs get them high?

No, CBD dog treats cannot make your pet high. CBD edibles for pets are made using CBD oil extracted from the hemp plant. The hemp does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – the chemical compound with psychoactive features that is also toxic to pets. 

Can you give CBD treats to dogs every day?

Yes, you can give your dog CBD-infused treats every day. In fact, consistent use is recommended as it is associated with more potent health-boosting effects. You can use CBD treats every day or combine them with CBD oil. 

What are the best CBD calming treats for dogs?

The Honest Paws Calm CBD Bites and Soft Chews are made of natural ingredients and contain added L-theanine and tryptophan to ensure proper calming effects and anxiety relief. Both versions are delicious, easy to dose, and simple to administer. 

Do vets recommend CBD oil for dogs?

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, “under current federal and state law, veterinarians may not administer, dispense, prescribe or recommend cannabis, or its products for animals.” However, that does not mean you are not allowed to bring up the topic.

Can you give your dog too many CBD treats?

You should always follow the CBD dosing guidelines provided by the manufacturer. If you give your dog too many CBD treats, your dog will take a particularly long nap and sleep off the CBD effects. 

Can dogs overdose on CBD treats?

Dogs cannot overdose on CBD as this supplement has wide safety margins. However, we do not recommend exceeding the indicated CBD dose and the number of treats per day. This is because giving your dog too many CBD edibles may trigger side effects. 


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