Bites & Chews

Honest Paws' diverse assortment of meticulously crafted CBD bites and chews are an easy and convenient daily supplement for your pet. Our bites and chews are expertly infused with full-spectrum hemp oil boasting the inherent benefits of CBD. Honest Paw's bites and chews collection offers an array of options tailored to your dog or cat's individual preferences and needs.

Support your dog's health with the delectable flavors of coconut, peanut butter, or poultry in our CBD Calm Bites, CBD Relief Bites, and Well CBD Bites. These easy and convenient bites are formulated with organic full-spectrum hemp oil, containing CBD in its naturally occurring form. Experience the perfect harmony of palatable flavors and well-being benefits that your dog deserves.

If your dog prefers a softer texture or has specific requirements due to their smaller size or advanced age, our Soft Chews are the ideal choice. Treat your dog to the easy-to-eat poultry flavored and soft textured Mobility Soft Chews and Calm Soft Chews. Infused with the power of full-spectrum hemp oil, these chews deliver the same beneficial properties of CBD in a format that your dog will find irresistible.

In addition to our delightful bites and soft chews, we also offer CBD Oil for Dogs, providing an alternative method to harness the potential benefits of CBD. This versatile option allows for customized dosing and can be easily incorporated into your dog's daily routine. You can find our CBD Oil products here.

At Honest Paws, we are committed to sourcing the finest quality ingredients and adhering to strict standards to ensure the well-being of your beloved dog. Our CBD-infused bites and chews, including CBD Calm Bites, CBD Relief Bites, Mobility Soft Chews, Calm Soft Chews, and Well CBD Bites, have been thoughtfully developed to support both your dog's and your cat's overall well-being.

When introducing a new supplement to your pet’s daily routine, we recommend consulting with your veterinarian. This will ensure that our bites or chews are a suitable fit for your dog's individual health needs.