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Don’t travel with your pet without reading this first!

Like a lot of people in the United States, I like to celebrate the end of Summer during the Labor Day Weekend, and last year wasn’t the exception.

I decided that the best idea was to do a road trip from Atlanta to Orlando to visit some friends. I prepared a lot of snacks, made sure I had good music to listen on the road and filled up the gas tank. I then grabbed my bags and my dogs, and headed out.

The first couple of hours were a bliss. Wind in my face, perfect music and no traffic. I thought to myself: “This was an amazing plan.”


It wasn’t.

After a while Sergio, my Golden Retriever, started whining, drooling and pacing. I wasn’t sure what was wrong so I made an unscheduled stop to check on him. After a couple of minutes outside of the car, he was looking good.

Thinking he just had to do his business, I didn’t worried too much about it and continued the trip, but 30 minutes later we were doing another stop because he was making strange noises again.

Before I could open the door he projectile vomited on the back seat and even on my other canine friend, Kala. 


I was in shock, couldn't move and I just sat on the side of the road while bawling my eyes out. The weekend I had meticulously planned was now ruined and my fur baby, my best friend, my Sergio wasn't feeling good. 

I decided that before making any moves I was going to do research on what was going on.  

Then, it hit me…

Sergio had never being in the car for more than 25 minutes and was experiencing a mild case of car sickness and anxiety.

I did a lot of preparation for the trip but neglected to prepare my dogs for the stress that comes with it. I felt horrible.

“What I’m supposed to do now?” I asked Sergio, like he could answer me.

Continuing the trip wasn’t an option because we were too far from the final destination, Sergio wasn’t comfortable, Kala looked mad and my poor car was Pukeville. 

We immediately went home, making a LOT of stops just to make sure my big pup was okay. 

Once we got home, I started looking for options to help him feel better because I love road trips and leaving him behind during my adventures wasn’t an alternative for me.

After TONS of research I learned that I made a lot of mistakes. I’ll share my findings here so you can have an amazing experience traveling with your pet.

Road Trip! 

If you too are a fan of road trips, here are some tips so you’ll have a better experience:

Panting, excessive drooling, vomiting, defecating inside the vehicle and whining are the most common symptoms of car sickness and anxiety in dogs. So, I recommend to do a couple of shorter trips and see how your dog behaves before making a plan.

If he is okay after 45 minutes, you are good to go. If he starts to feel uncomfortable, I learned, after weeks of research,  that a couple of CBD Oil Dog Treats  can make a HUGE difference.


After discovering CBD Oil  my dog enjoys car rides like never before. With these he can relax and even have a good time during the trip.

To make the trip even more enjoyable for your dog, plan ahead as many stops as you can. That way he can go to the bathroom, play and stretch his legs for a little while.

Chances are that you’ll be in the car for a long time, so if you want your dog to behave you must be sure that he gets plenty of exercise before heading out. Also, be sure to have ways to keep him entertained.

Bring him something he can chew on and some of his favorite toys, that way he won’t get bored and you’ll prevent him from eating the car’s seats.


DO NOT LET YOU PET IN THE CAR ALONE! It’s really hot outside and your pup could suffer a Heat Stroke and even die after just 15 minutes in a hot car.

Traveling by plane:

My bad experience was during a road trip, but owners reported having a tough time with their pets while traveling by plane too. So, I looked for ways to help pets during flights.

Here you go...

Clearly planes weren’t designed with pets in mind which is why you should be very careful and learn what airlines are pet friendly before your adventure begins.

Keep in mind that they might ask for a health certificate and that they might have strict rules regarding pet traveling. Make sure to understand this process before buying your dog’s ticket.

Once you find an airline that will take good care of your dog, you need to make a plan for the day of the flight.

First, you need to find a crate big enough for your canine friend, he needs space to sleep and to play with some of his favorite toys. Crating your dog before arriving to your flight will help him adjust prior entering the airport and eventually, the plane.

Ummm...How do you crate your dog?

Be positive. Present the crate to the dog, open the door and wait until he gets in on his own. Then, close the door and say goodbye with positive energy.

Come back in 20 minutes.

This will help your fur baby to see the crate as a good space and understand that you are coming back eventually to take him out.


Just kidding, but make sure that your dog doesn’t eat for at least 7 hours before the flight. Doing so and making sure that he has an empty stomach and bladder before departure, will avoid accidents and discomfort during the flight.

However, do not let your dog dehydrated, make sure he has access to some water in the crate.

Also, be sure that your dog exercises more than usual so he prefers to rest during the flight.

Once you land take the dog for a walk and give him plenty of water.

If your dog is a bit anxious or hyper by nature, give him some CBD treats or Oil. This way he’ll be calm and you will be able to relax.

Here are some options that will definitely help your dog during traveling. 


The treats are perfect for dogs in high anxiety situations and have proven successful for dogs with separation anxiety. Click here to buy CBD DOG TREATS.


The oil is all natural, fast-acting, and highly absorbable. You can give it to your pet directly but if he seems resistant, you can add the oil to his food. Click here to buy CBD OIL FOR DOGS.


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With this Coconut Oil, your canine friend is going to enjoy the health benefits from our 100% Pure CBD Oil with Rich Organic Coconut Oil. Click here to buy CBD Infused Coconut Oil.

Safe travels! 🐾

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