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SoundProof Kennels

Like we said in one of our previous blogs, New Year’s Eve is a really fun and special night for hoomans all around the world. BUT, it’s a really scary time for our beloved dogs.

They spend all night been terrified by the loud noises made by fireworks, that sometimes start in the morning of the 31st.

Every year, dogs all around the United States die from heart attacks, seizures, and accidents caused by the chaos of that night, so it is logical that we are constantly looking for ways to keep our beautiful furbabies safe.

This year one big company might have found a pricey solution...

Car maker, Ford has designed a noise canceling kennel using the technology found in their cars and headphones to keep sound away.

This specific design is still a prototype, but it could go into production by 2020 if they get the design approval.

The technology works by using microphones that detect loud noises and playing opposing frequencies from speakers built into the structure, thus canceling out the sounds you don't want to hear.

It also puts a stop to vibrations made from the loud bangs, and in this sense, it'll provide peace and quiet for the pups rest inside of the kennel.

We know…

This sounds expensive and you don’t want to wait until 2020 or 2121.

Don’t worry.

You can always count on Honest Paws.

If your canine friend gets really panicky during the end of the year, give him/her a CBD Treat or a bit of our all-natural Purity Oil.

This way he’ll be able to enjoy New Year's Eve with you, and rest like any night.


Source:Chicago Tribune

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