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Make Bathtime a happy time

Pets are beautiful and loving creatures but they get stinky from time to time.

The worst part about that isn't that you have to say no to visits from your family and friends or that you have to take the time to actually do it. 

Running behind you anxious pet and getting him to stay still so you can make him fresh and clean again...that's the absolute worst part. 

So, if you have a crazy furbaby that hates taking a bath, we have a few simple tricks to help you make bathing your pet an enjoyable activity:

Brush his hair: Before you take the shampoo out, brush your dog's hair, to get rid of tangles and any excess hair.

Prepare: Ugh, it can be really annoying to start bathing your dog and realize that you don't have enough shampoo and the towel is really far away. In that case, you'll have to leave your poor wet dog alone while you get everything ready. 

Don't use cold water: If your pup is icky about showering, bathing him with cold water is only going to make it worse. Find a temperature that seems to make your dog more comfortable and make sure to say away from the a/c after the bath too.

Avoid the blow dryer: Is no secret that loud noises can make pups uncomfortable so try to find a less stressing way for him to get dry. There are actually a couple of pet stores that sell super absorbent towels made specifically for dogs. If you use them right, a couple of towels is all you need.  

Don't let him slip: If you have a tub, your dog might get frightened at the fact that not only you are giving him a bath (Eew!) but also, he can't even stand without slipping. Put in a non-slip surface on your tub and your pup is going to feel a little less insecure about this task. 

Entertain him!: Using a tool such as the Wag N' Wash, your dog will be able to relax and even enjoy bathtime. Just put it on the wall or the tub, coat it with peanut butter or his favorite sticky treat and let him get his snack on. By the time he is done, he will be already clean. 

This is the perfect way for him to stop seeing the shower as the enemy. 

Last, but definitely not least, be patient. Taking a shower might be amazing for us humans, but most dogs hate it. Give your furbaby time and lots of love before and after getting him clean. 

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