“We don’t give CBD to him every day, but when we do, we definitely see the change.”

Taylor Badger, from El Paso, Texas, and her husband rescued a puppy named Scout in December 2019. Scout is an Australian Shepherd, Husky, Labrador, and Doberman mix, meaning that he comes from a long line of high energy breeds that can easily get over-excited and stressed at times!

Unfortunately, Scout was abandoned by his first family, who had gotten him as a gift but just couldn’t take care of him the way he needed them to. As a result, Scout already had a lot of ‘baggage’ despite being so young that was causing him to feel nervous more often than not.

Although Scout is a good boy, his nerves often got the better of him.

His pet parents quickly realized that he didn’t much care for riding in the car or being around groups of people. These external stressors made him skittish, and he wasn’t able to just hang out with his humans like a calm and collected pup would.

“He had been left outside in a crate for a few days by his previous family, so he was definitely nervous when we got him. He was absolutely stressed whenever he’d have to go into the crate. He’d bark for hours.”

What about Scout's behavior made you realize that something was wrong?

“When we originally got him, being in the crate made him nervous. He was absolutely stressed whenever he’d have to go into the crate. He’d bark for hours.

"Being around other people and other dogs made him nervous too. A big thing for us, though, was being in the car. He would constantly whine because he was scared about not knowing where he was going and where we were bringing him.”

Due to being rehomed at such a young age, Scout most likely feared facing abandonment from his new family, which made him nervous about being transported in the car.

One thing that was clear about Scout was that there were specific triggers and external stressors that caused a change in his demeanor and caused his stress levels to escalate, such as being crated or being around new people.

Clearly something needed to change. Stressed out pups aren’t happy pups, so Scout’s parents started looking into how they could help Scout maintain a normal disposition when he was confronted with situations that were stressful for him.

What made you decide to look into CBD?

“We were driving to Colorado from Texas, and we had a 10-hour drive ahead of us with a four-month-old puppy. We didn’t want to give him something too strong. CBD was a good option. We read a few reviews online, and that lead us to Honest Paws.”

What led you to try Honest Paws Pet CBD in particular?

“A lot of our training with Scout had been watching YouTube videos and seeing what worked best. Someone that my husband follows on YouTube had used CBD, so we did a little more research and heard really great reviews about Honest Paws in general.

“Knowing we can give it to him to help calm him down without putting him into a deep sleep was a big thing for us. When we have people over, when we’re driving in the car, or when we’re gone for a long period of time, the calming CBD products from Honest Paws have definitely helped calm him down and de-stress him.”

Taylor said that the CBD products that Honest Paws has provided for her family have also been super helpful with outings like going to the vet, going to the groomer, and being in large crowds. She also added that they’ve really helped with Scout’s stress levels and his behavior overall.

“It was really just him enjoying the experience. Understanding that ‘Okay, I’m going to be here, and that’s okay.’”

What was Scout’s transformation like as a result of CBD? 

“We actually tried it before we got in the car just to make sure he didn’t get sick or anything. We had some friends over, and he would always get super excited, and to some extent, he was also nervous. When people came in the door, he would just get skittish, and he’d want to run around or jump on people to a point where it was overbearing. As a big puppy, that was obviously something we wanted to regulate.

“We started with one CBD bite, and it worked really well. It really calmed him. He was able to be surrounded by us (we had kids over, which was great), and he was just able to enjoy the situation, which was important to us. He would just kind of hang out and wasn’t super worried about what was going on around him.

“Then we started using it in the car too, which is when I think we really saw results. In the car, before, he would just sit and whine out the window and want to get out or wrestle to be in the front seat. He was just scared. But in our 10-hour drive to Colorado with him, he did really great! It was really just him enjoying the experience."

Before Scout's parents found Honest Paws, there were definitely times when the pup needed a little help to settle down and feel safe. Environmental stressors made him nervous, and activities like car rides and social events with friends and family left him feeling skittish.

Fortunately, because of Honest Paws' Calming CBD products, Scout is now able to be around people or take a trip in the car without turning into a scared, nervous dog. Instead, he can relax and enjoy each and every experience with his humans! Only good times lie ahead for this lucky doggo!

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