Happy Veteran's Day from Honest Paws! Today, we honor all military veterans for their service.

We also say thank you to the families of these brave servicemen and servicewomen, who often play an integral role in providing our veterans with unwavering support.

For some, a great deal of that support stems from a four-legged companion.

Service and therapy dogs for veterans aren't a new concept. Organizations like K9s for Warriors and Pups4Patriots are committed to providing veterans with specially trained canine companions who can provide comfort and calm in the midst of battles with Post Traumatic Stress, traumatic injuries, and other post-combat challenges.

But did you know that due to the cost and time it takes to train a service dog, only 1% of veterans suffering from PTSD and other post-combat traumas can obtain one? Service dogs have proven to have extreme benefits on the quality of life veterans live after returning home.

This is why Purina Dog Chow launched its annual “Service Dog Salute” campaign.

In its third year, this campaign allows Dog Chow to support the care and training of more service dogs for veterans so that every military hero in need can find a canine hero of their own. Through this year’s campaign, and in partnership with Got Your Six Support Dogs, a handful of veterans will be gifted service dogs in training and document the journey – showcasing the beautiful and life-changing bond between veterans and their service dogs.

Click here for a first look at the emotion this year’s veterans express when they receive their new canine companion. This behind-the-scene footage also features a sneak peek at the service dog training process provided by Got Your Six Support Dogs. Below, read more about some of the veterans from Got Your Six Support Dogs who've benefitted from the faithful companionship of a four-legged friend.

SGT Phillip R. Brown and Ranger

How has having a service dog impacted your life?

"Ranger has brought me out of my shell. He has made me a better husband and father. I am more open and loving to my family. The walls I built to keep them at a safe distance are finally coming down. He has helped me be able to go out in public, do speeches for GYSSD, and do things on my own. He has helped me find my new passion in life and be able to give back to my brothers and sisters. I am now a service dog trainer and I have also started my education to become a professional dog trainer."

SSG Leon Alexander and Bob

How has having a service dog impacted your life?

"My PTSD became an aspersion that was cast over my relationship with my family, which made it hard for me to talk about my military career with my children. Just after three days of receiving my service dog, I met my children for dinner. During the dinner conversation, we started talking about Bob, my service dog. And before I knew it, I was talking about my military career and my PTSD. I was in the military for over 15 years and I was never able to talk to my children about it. I had Bob for a little over 36 hours, and within a two-hour dinner conversation, I was able to open up and have an amiable conversation with my children."

Paul Sherman Whitmer, Former Captain US Army, and Paul

How has having a service dog impacted your life?

"Interactions between my wife and I have improved dramatically. The same could be said for my interactions with other family and friends. I’m able to be a husband again and share in the daily tasks associated with being married and owning a home. Leaving home is no longer avoided. As a matter of fact, I enjoy taking Paul with me wherever I go. His presence by my side is just a given. I do not go anywhere without him. Going somewhere without him is almost unimaginable. We have not been apart since pairing – never."

There's no doubt about it! Service dogs change the lives of the veterans they're paired with.

Learn more about Purina Dog Chow's “Service Dog Salute” campaign as well as their partnership with Got Your Six Support Dogs. Together, we can make sure that no military hero in need is without the love and support of a canine companion.

And Happy Veteran's Day from Honest Paws!