“The first day we gave it to her I thought maybe I was imagining things because, to me, she was awake more.”

Bridgette is a therapy dog who hangs out with her dad, nurse practitioner Steven Marks, in his office.

The pair are together 24 hours a day, and like her dad, Bridgette is used to putting in 10-hour workdays. She has a very important job to do too. She greets patients as they come in the door and does her rounds in the exam areas.

Sadly, over the years, it’s become harder for Bridgette to move around. The once bouncy and energetic pup was spending more and more time sleeping and was no longer able to see patients the way she used to.

What in Bridgette’s behavior made you realize something was wrong?

Bridgette is a working dog. She takes her job as a therapy dog very seriously and is always there to provide comfort and support to patients who need it. However, the poor doggo was getting more tired by the day and couldn’t muster the energy to see her patients. On top of that, she was simply too stiff and uncomfortable to move around a lot.

“She’s been in the office for about nine years," says Steven, "so I know her behavior and mannerisms pretty well. Over the past years, she’s been increasingly tired. It got to the point that during the workday, she would sleep eight or nine hours out of ten. She wouldn’t even come out and see patients.”

Old age was not being kind to Bridgette. She was experiencing so much discomfort, which was pretty clear considering how limited her mobility had become.

“As she’s aged, she’s had problems with her knee and hip, and was having trouble getting in and out of the truck. We moved her to a ramp to decrease the impact, but she was even having trouble with the incline.”

What made you decide to try Honest Paws products?

The care plan Bridgette was on wasn’t doing much to alleviate her discomfort. So Steven started to look into alternatives. A quick Google search was all it took for Steven to find Honest Paws.

“Honestly, it was thanks to Google. I looked up ‘best CBD for dogs’ and you were on two or three lists, and you were high up on all of them. I read through your website, and I felt that it was certainly worth a try.”

Some dogs severely object to taking whatever their parents need to give them to make them feel better, but when it came to taking her CBD, Bridgette had absolutely no objections. It was quite the opposite, in fact!

How could you tell that the Honest Paws CBD oil was working?

The timeline of seeing the results of CBD products can vary from one dog to the next.

For some dogs, it takes longer to see that it’s working, but in Bridgette’s case, the change came about very quickly. It only took three days for other people to notice a change in Bridgette’s behavior.

“By about the third day, people were coming up to me and were asking, ‘What happened?’ and what we were doing differently because she was up walking around seeing people like she'd always been.”

Another telltale sign that Bridgette was feeling better was her ability to use Steven's car ramp to get in and out of the truck. Moving around was a lot easier too. “She’s always a little stiff getting up, but since we’ve started using it, her movements are a little more fluid.”

Easing Bridgette’s joint stiffness did more for her than simply ease her discomfort. The doggo was once again going about the important business of seeing patients and demanding her well-earned treats.

“She spends a lot of time now walking around the department, going from patient to patient, mooching treats when she can. I haven’t seen her do that in a long time, so it’s nice.”

Therapy dogs are superheroes. But even superheroes need a little help along the way. Luckily Bridgette has Honest Paws CBD oil to back her up and help her do her job once more.

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