"It was like he was a puppy again. I could see the youthfulness coming out.”

One day, Amy saw that there was something wrong with her rescue dog, Aladdin. She rushed him to the vet, and not long after, they received the diagnosis no pet parent ever wants to hear. Luckily in Aladdin’s case surgery was possible. However, after two surgeries, the poor doggo was experiencing severe discomfort. His mom knew she had to find something to help ease his aches.

What in Aladdin’s behavior made you realize something was wrong?

“He was very dull. I think the first thing I noticed was that his coat was dull. I just saw him and thought ‘well maybe it’s just old age’. They go on a daily walk and I noticed he would start stopping. He kind of sounded like a freight train to me, and I thought ‘something’s not right'"

"That’s when we noticed what was going on and we rushed him to the vet. We took him in as quickly as possible. He had surgery, and had to go back in for more surgery. He was just very solemn."

"He’s a tail wager, the tail’s always going, but he would just wag a little bit. I could tell he was uncomfortable. Things just weren’t moving the way that they should be. “

It’s a sad day for everyone when a doggo loses the wag in his tail. After the surgeries he was experiencing so much discomfort and Amy felt like that issue wasn’t being addressed properly. The vet did recommend a care plan, but that turned out to have an uncomfortable affect on Aladdin. The search for something else to help Aladdin feel better began.

What made you decide to try Honest Paws products?

“I had a colleague that worked in the disease process area for humans, and they said ‘this is the product I give my own pets’. So that’s actually how we found your product. She explained ‘they have great treats but I do their CBD oil'. She sent me the link to Honest Paws and we looked up the products."

"I wanted to get something with a really high dose so I looked at your dose calculator that was on there. We ended up going with the 1000mg because I figured with him having as many surgeries we were going to need a higher dose for him.”

Amy was so relieved when she found Honest Paws. It was so important for her to find a product that had no bells and whistles.

“I’m so glad that there’s a product out there that I can trust. I did a lot of research. I was looking at other products and there were all these additivities and I’m like “why would you put that in there?’ It’s a clean product.”

Did you have any reservations about trying Honest Paws CBD products?

“No. I’ve had experience with CBD. The biggest thing I wanted was for it to be sourced appropriately. All of your stuff was online and I could read about it and it was organic. I had a very trustworthy friend who recommended it so at that point I thought ‘if she’s using it it’s definitely a really good product’. She’s a researcher like me so I trusted her opinion on it.”

Amy is a firm believer in the wonder that is CBD. Not only for people, but for pets as well.

“I think that the recommendations for CBD are getting more out there. We need more research, but I’ve used it myself and I’m a believer in the product.”

How could you tell that the Honest Paws CBD products were working?

“It was within a few hours, he just perked up. Definitely within 24-48 hours it was like he was a puppy again. I could see the youthfulness coming out.”

Amy knew that Aladdin was feeling much better when he did something he hadn’t done in a while.

“Him and his sister used to play a lot when they were where out in the yard, and I’ve seen that lately, where they’re doing their little back and forth, barking at each other and playing. I hadn’t seen that in a really long time. So I’m really happy with the product and how it really seems to be helping him quite a bit.”

All is well that ends well. It’s horrible that Aladdin had to go through so much. However, it’s so great to see him come out of it on the other side, stronger and happier than ever. This good boy has finally got the wag back in his tail.

All pet parents want their furbabies to live their best and happiest lives. It’s wonderful to see how Hippie’s quality of life has changed since she started taking Honest Paws CBD!

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