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Pre+ Probiotics

Experience the advantages of Honest Paws Pre+ Probiotics Powder, meticulously formulated to improve your dog's digestive health and immune system.


Specially Formulated for Digestive Health

Variety of Probiotic Strains for Diverse Needs

Natural Support for Digestive Wellness

Organic, Multi-Strain Probiotics with Prebiotic Inulin and Solarplast

Honest Paws Pre+ Probiotics Powder is specially designed to cater to dogs needing digestive support. This premium powder combines the natural efficacy of multi-strain probiotics, prebiotic inulin, and Solarplast, all acknowledged for their role in promoting canine gut health and enhancing overall digestive function.

The result?

A happier, more energetic dog with better digestive health.

Honest Paws vs. Other Brands

At Honest Paws, we take no shortcuts in delivering exceptional quality that exceeds expectations. Our Pre+ Probiotics Powder is meticulously crafted to ensure your pet receives the full benefits of our probiotic blend, including the added goodness of inulin and Solarplast, with a flavor they'll enjoy and outcomes you can rely on.

Other Pet Brands


Offers a complete probiotic and prebiotic blend.

May have limited probiotic strains.

Includes Solarplast and Inulin for digestive health.

Often lacks these additional health ingredients.

Formulas suitable for dogs and cats of all sizes.

Limited options, not tailored for all pet sizes.

Rigorously third-party lab tested for quality.

Inconsistent testing, uncertain purity and safety.

How The Honest Paws Pre+Probiotics Will Make A Difference For Your Dog's Health

A delicious daily ritual for...

Stephanie R.

Verified Buyer


Our large Goldendoodle has always tooted OFTEN and STANKY! After putting this on his food daily, his gas has greatly decreased! He gobbles it right up, when sprinkled on his food. Our noses are grateful for this product!

Sylvia M.

Verified Buyer


She used to have a gurgling sound in her stomach at least three times a week and it’s no longer happening and she seems to like it in her food. Thank you!

Kristen B.

Verified Buyer


My 14 month old Rottie/Shepherd mix started having diarrhea and killer gas all the time. The vet put her on a week of probiotics and it cleared up. A week later, it was back. I started giving my girl a packet a day and after about 10 days, the diarrhea cleared up and the gas is significantly less frequent and not nearly as deadly. There hasn’t been an issue since except when I didn’t reorder in time so she went 2 days without the probiotic. Diarrhea and nasty gas again. Now it’s on a subscription order so I don’t have to worry about forgetting again!

Steve B.

Verified Buyer


This stuff has made a HUGE difference in my dogs digestive health! My pup has an extremely sensitive stomach even certain treats can "set her off" making a bad day for the both of you. Since introducing the Pre/Probiotic to her diet she hasn't "issues" any longer. Highly recommend to anyone who's pup has the same issues. You'll be glad you did!