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Labeling Updates


First off thank you for choosing Honest Paws! We apologize for any confusion on our CBD products. Let me help you understand!  Because we are at the mercy of ever-changing regulations surrounding CBD products, it was required for Honest Paws to adjust our labeling.

Hemp instead of CBD

We know you might be wondering why does our products say Hemp instead of CBD? This is because in order to stay compliant within the Pet Supplement Industry we had to modify how we advertise and also change our presentation. Did you know that hemp is the overall plant, and CBD is one of over hundreds of cannabinoids within the plant? We use Full Spectrum Hemp Extract which means we use all of the compounds of the plant. Given your pet the most medicinal benefits!


Certain selling platforms will not let us state CBD, but we can say Hemp. All of our products will soon say Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, within that is CBD. That said, please note that our products have NOT changed at all - it is the same amazing formula that your pet knows and loves!
Honest Paws is committed to remaining compliant with FDA regulations so that we can continue to provide amazing products for your pets. We thank you for understanding and apologize for any confusion.