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So What Is CBD Oil?

Both CBD and THC come from the Cannabis Sativa plant (aka marijuana).  Don’t get the two confused, however.

Per the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act, the seeds and stalks of the cannabis sativa plant are exempt from federal regulations.  This is because they do not contain, or contain extremely small amounts, of “resin” (THC).

So, similar to olive or coconut oil, CBD is one of many plant-extracts.

However, as is the case with wine, tomato sauce, and most any plant-based product, the methods used to grow and process these plants can result in products of dramatically different qualities


“Is It Really Possible to Wind Back the Clock on Your Pet’s Health?”

Seeing our pets age is a heart breaking process.

In the beginning, it starts off slow. Fido stops jumping on the couch, or maybe Missy stops climbing trees. But over time, what started off as “the aging process” turns into a daily struggle to move.

As Pets Live Longer, Suffering Increases

Yelps of pain just to get up off the floor. Weekly seizures. An inability to walk, run, or enjoy life.

Fortunately, healthier diets and better veterinary care mean pets are living longer. Unfortunately, many pets live out their elderly years in a depressed, pain-filled state.  

But for a hand full of pet owners willing to go out on a limb, these medical nightmares are not only disappearing…

Their Pets Are Behaving Like They’re 2, 3, or Even 5 Years Younger!


CBD Oil. And before you ask...No, CBD oil will not get your pet “high.”

However, it might result in fluffy acting like you just wound the clock back a few years - and here’s why.

The active ingredient in CBD oil is called cannabidiol. It’s one of the two primary compounds found in the cannabis sativa plant (with the other being THC, the part that gets users “stoned”).

The CBD half, however, has no munchie inducing side effects.  


What it does have, however, are a host of medically beneficial properties. In fact, over the past few decades, research studies have shown cannabidiol to help with a variety of ailments that include, but are not limited to:

- Anxiety & Behavioral Problems

- Sleeping Problems

- Arthritic/Joint Inflammation

- Mobility Issues

- Pain & Inflammation

- Epilepsy & Seizures

- Chemotherapy/Radiation Side Effects

- Skin Problems

- Allergies

- Poor Appetite

- Heart Problems

- And More!

And with thousands of user reports showing dramatic health improvements - sometimes as early as the first dose - it’s no wonder CBD oil has pet owners raving.

Your faithful companion has put their trust in you - don’t we owe it to them to return the favor by helping them live more meaningful golden years?

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