Same Product Line, New Look.

Honest Paws CBD products have sleek, new packaging!

Don't worry. We have made ZERO changes to your product.
It's still the exact same products you know at the exact same price.

We wanted to give you a heads up because your next shipment will contain the new packaging.

We're so excited to share our new look and feel with you, a valued member of the Honest Paws pack. Expect more exciting updates in the next few weeks!

Until then, feel free to checkout out the new look of our product line below.

CBD Bites

Honest Paws CBD Bites offer an ailment-specific solution to stress, physical discomfort, and seasonal allergies. These delectable bites contain CBD, provided by organic full-spectrum hemp as well as other high-quality, all natural ingredients.

CBD Soft Chews

Honest Paws CBD Soft Chews can help boost relaxation and mobility in pets. These yummy chews contain CBD, provided by organic full-spectrum hemp, as well as other relaxation and mobility boosting ingredients.

CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats

Honest Paws Wellness CBD oil boosts overall wellness in your pet. It is your one-stop shop for promoting relaxation, relieving occasional discomfort, and tackling seasonal allergies.

Calm Peanut Butter

Our Calm CBD Peanut Butter has a new look and a simplified recipe. It’s still the same calming peanut butter you know and love except now, we’ve removed the rapeseed oil. The reason for this is because the rapeseed oil served as a carrier oil for the CBD. However, there is more than enough MCT oil to do the job which allowed us to simplify the recipe.

Wellness Coconut Oil

Wellness Coconut Oil is a great way to tackle seasonal allergies and skin irritation, as well as boost overall wellness in your dog. This smooth formula contains organic hemp oil with naturally occurring CBD and organic coconut oil.

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