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Joint Support Soft Chew Bundle





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What you get:

Small (for Dogs under 25 lbs)
  • Purity Level 1
  • 1 package of Joint Support Soft Chews
Medium (for Dogs between 25-50 lbs)
  • Purity Level 2
  • 2 packages of Joint Support Soft Chews
Large (for Dogs over 50 lbs)
  • Purity Level 3
  • 3 packages of Joint Support Soft Chews

As our puppies turn into senior dogs, they start having different needs. Some of the most common illnesses that dogs develop with age are related to their joints and their teeth, this is why soft chews that support their joints need to be part of their diet.

The best part about this bundle is that in addition to getting the specially formulated soft chews, you get our all natural, high-absorbable CBD Purity Oil. A fast-acting option for when your pup needs immediate relief.

Honest Paws is happy to offer our premium CBD in the form of tasty poultry-flavored, soft chews! In addition to 250 mg of our CBD blend, we’ve added lab-quality Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Boswellia. 

Hemp Seed Oil, Honest Paws CBD Blend,Glucosamine, Boswellia ,100% pure CBD Oil, MCT Oil

Soft Chews

5-25lbs: 1/2 chew daily 

26-50lbs: 1 chew daily 

51-75lbs: 2 chews daily 

Over 75lbs: 3 chews daily 

CBD Oil 

1 Full dropper daily (1 ml)

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