Many humans have turned to CBD as an alternative natural remedy for a number of issues, including skin conditions, joint pain, heart health, as well as anxiety, and depression. But, did you know that recent research suggests that CBD could also have a range of benefits, including stress anxiety relief for dogs?

One of the main benefits of CBD calming dog treats is that they can be incredibly calming. If you've got a dog that suffers from anxiety or nervousness, read on. Here we take a look at CBD dog treats, covering everything from their ingredients and how they work, to their health benefits and dosages to help your dog with stress relief.

Calming Treats: What’s the Difference? 

CBD Calming Dog Treats

There is a wide range of dog treats on the market, making it hard to know which ones are right for your pup. While many treats are unhealthy or provide no nutritional benefits for your dog, some CBD oil dog treats are specifically targeted at reducing stress anxiety in dogs.

CBD dog treats are an easy-to-use, non-medicinal remedy you can offer your dog to help with stress anxiety relief. They're sometimes referred to as calming bites or calming soft chews and are a lot like nutritional supplements for people.

The best CBD dog treats use a combination of vitamins and herbs as their active ingredients. They often include CBD oil, which provides many of the benefits associated with these types of dog supplements. Here we take a look at this key ingredient in more detail.

What is CBD and Why is it in Calming Treats?

CBD is found in the buds and flowers of cannabis plants (most commonly hemp and marijuana). However, CBD does not cause the ‘high' commonly associated with marijuana use because there's no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in it.

Compared to marijuana, hemp has a low amount of THC (around 0.2%). The risk of trace amounts of THC in CBD oil from marijuana means that it's still illegal in most states, but hemp-derived products are legal in every U.S state. 

Dogs have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) just like humans (and all other animals with a spinal column). The ECS plays a large role in maintaining the balance of the immune system and the central nervous system. This system enables the active ingredients in CBD dog treats to help relieve many symptoms, including nervousness and anxiety. 

The Benefits of Calming Dog Treats

The Benefits of Calming Dog Treats

CBD dog treats can provide a range of benefits for dogs with conditions like separation anxiety, general anxiety, and nervousness. Here we take a look at the causes of nervousness in dogs, the signs that your dog may be struggling with anxiety, and how CBD treats could help them. 

  • Calming effect on nerves.

  • For dogs exhibiting nervousness, hyperactivity, discontentment, or responding to environmentally-induced stress.

  • For stress from traveling, hospitalization, moving, or other situations that may cause anxiousness.

  • Helps animals maintain a normal and relaxed disposition.

  • Helps keep your pet calm and relaxed.

  • Helps maintain calmness.

  • Helps maintain contentment during separation, travel, motion sickness, and/or tension caused by changes in your pet’s daily routine.

  • Helps manage normal stress.

  • Helps reduce the effects of normal environmental stress.

  • May reduce hyperactivity and promote relaxation.

  • Promotes calming effect.

  • Promotes relaxation.

  • Supports normal emotional balance.

  • Helps animals cope with external stresses.

Causes of Nervousness in Dogs

Canine anxiety and nervousness can arise for many reasons. It may be something that develops gradually over time, or something that comes on suddenly and may even seem out of character for your pup. Here are some of the biggest causes of canine nervousness. 

Separation Anxiety 

Unfortunately, we can't spend every minute of every day with our canine companions. Sometimes, when dogs are constantly with you as puppies and receive lots of attention, they can develop severe separation anxiety as they grow older and find you're not always there. The lack of attention can be distressing for your pet, and when left alone their anxiety may get worse. 

Environmental Changes

Dogs can't process environmental changes in the same way that humans do. They may become frightened or scared by changes in the environment such as humidity, air pressure, and storms. You may find that this is a trigger for your pet's anxiety, and should try to help them calm down during storms and weather changes.

Social Anxiety 

Some dogs are frightened by other dogs, particularly if they are unfamiliar with them. They can also become anxious around new people.

Loud Noises & Unfamiliar Sounds

Loud noises in and around the home may be the cause of your dog's nervousness. Washing machines, lawnmowers, and vacuum cleaners can all be overwhelming for pets and make them feel scared or anxious. Infrequent loud noises like fireworks can be extremely distressing as well. 


Travel can be highly unsettling and anxiety-inducing for pets. The sounds, motions, and vibrations of a car can lead to anxiety and travel sickness.

This may include panting, barking, vomiting, and drooling. A dog may remember the unpleasant associations of travel and become anxious the next time they see cars or their pet crate. 

Signs of Nervousness in Dogs

Signs of Nervousness in Dogs

If you're unsure whether your dog is suffering from anxiety, take a look at the most common symptoms below:

  • Chewing excessively or aggressively.

  • Whining and yelping whenever they're alone, even for a short period of time.

  • Shaking and trembling.

  • Pacing back and forth around the same area.

  • Excessive barking and howling.

  • Panting and irregular breathing patterns.

  • Destroying property and urinating on it.

  • Constant licking of the mouth and nose area.

These symptoms may be helped by regular use of CBD dog treats. Please note that this information is not intended to diagnose any dog condition or health issue, and is purely informational.

If you're unsure whether your pet's behavior is down to anxiety or something else, always consult a veterinarian who will be able to make an accurate diagnosis. 

Calming Treat Ingredients & What to Look for

CBD dog treats use a combination of herbs, vitamins, and natural ingredients to provide anxiety-reducing benefits to your pet. Some of the most common ingredients you'll find in calming dog treats include: 

  • Chamomile: Chamomile is a common herb from the Asteraceae plant family. It's been used by humans for centuries to make teas and other remedies with calming and relaxing effects. Chamomile is thought to have the same effects on dogs, and a high content can promote stress relief and help them feel calm. 

  • L-Theanine: L-theanine is an amino acid. It's commonly found in black tea, green tea, and mushrooms. It's thought to help reduce anxiety by affecting the levels of certain chemicals in the brain.

  • CBD Oil: CBD is a popular ingredient in calming dog treats thanks to its diverse range of benefits. It promotes overall wellness and can help ease nervousness in canines. It's also thought to be beneficial for joint health and inflammatory illnesses.

  • Hemp Oil, Not Hemp SEED Oil: It's essential to make sure that the CBD product you buy is a hemp extract. But more importantly that it contains CBD. Don't be fooled by hemp oils that are only extracted from the seed of the hemp plant. Hemp seed oil does not contain CBD and will not have the same health benefits.

These ingredients are the most common ‘active ingredients’ in calming dog treats, meaning that they provide the benefits offered by the treat. To make them more enjoyable and digestible for dogs, these ingredients are commonly blended with a number of other natural ingredients, including: 

You can find different flavors and textures of calm chews and bites, so there's sure to be something out there that will suit your dog's needs and preferences.

How to Choose Calming Treats 

To keep your pet happy and healthy, you should avoid highly processed foods and treats. CBD dog treats to reduce anxiety contain a number of active ingredients, so it's important to get the highest quality. Here are some quick tips on what to look out for:

  • Non-GMO products are best for your dog. This simply means that none of the ingredients have been exposed to any nasty toxins during the production process.

  • Look out for organic ingredients. Organic dog food can really make a difference to your pet's health and wellbeing.

  • Choose a CBD treats manufacturer that has their products lab tested. You want to make sure that anything your dog eats has been tested for safety and quality, and that includes CBD dog treats.

  • Natural mixers like peanut butter are the safest and most healthy for your dog. You don't want treats with lots of additives or unnatural flavorings in them.

How Many Calm Treats Should My Dog Take?


It's important to get your pet's dosage of CBD dog treats right to make sure you get the required benefits but don't put them at risk of any side effects from consuming too much. The amount of calming treats your dog should have at any one time will depend on a range of factors, including: 

  • Their weight

  • Dosage frequency

  • Whether they require a strong or weak dosage

The manufacturers of any particular treat will provide accurate guidance on dosages for your beloved pet. The main calculation should always factor in body weight.

Treats that list CBD among their ingredients should also factor in the amount of CBD each treat contains. As a general rule, a dog will need around 1-5 mg of CBD per 10lbs of body weight. Dogs will usually need between 1 and 3 CBD treats per day depending on their body weight and size and how much CBD per treat there is. 

How Long do Calming Treats Take to Work?

CBD dog treats for anxiety can kick in quite quickly. Bites and chews are absorbed through the stomach, and it takes around 40-90 minutes for your dog to begin to feel the effects.

If your dog has a particular trigger for anxiety, such as going in the car or heading to the dog park, try to give your dog their treat around an hour before. This will mean that the effects should have started by the time the event takes place. 

Do note that if you're using CBD treats for other conditions, such as chronic pain in dogs, you may need to wait a few weeks to see any noticeable improvements. 

Our Final Thoughts

Happy dog using CBD treats

We all want our fur babies to feel happy and safe, but sometimes they get stressed and anxious no matter what we do. Fortunately, treats and chews to help your dog stay calm can make a big difference to your dog's overall happiness, health, and wellbeing. 

CBD for dogs is thought to have a number of health benefits, and anxiety-reducing CBD treats can be administered daily to help reduce nervousness and behaviors prompted by anxiety. Always check the packaging for dosage information, and adapt the dose to suit your dog's body weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still got questions? We've got you covered. Here we answer some of the most common queries about calming CBD chews and bites for dogs. 

Do CBD treats calm dogs?

CBD is thought to be beneficial for dogs. It can help them feel calm and relaxed, making it a useful tool for combating separation anxiety, travel anxiety, and general nervousness.

While there's still lots of research to be done on the efficacy of CBD for canines, recent research suggests there may be a range of health benefits associated with the controlled use of these products. 

Are calming treats good for dogs?

Like everything we feed our dogs, you can get healthy and unhealthy options. The highest quality, non-GMO CBD dog treats with organic ingredients and no nasties are widely thought to be beneficial for fur babies. Always looks for natural ingredients like oats and peanut butter. 

How long do calming treats take to work?

CBD dog treats tend to kick in from 40-90 minutes after consumption. This means that you can give your dog their CBD treats at a specific time before any anxiety-inducing event. For chronic conditions, CBD treats need to be taken regularly over a few weeks to show noticeable improvements.

Why do CBD treats contain peanut butter? 

Peanut butter is both healthy and tasty for your pup! It contains plenty of amino acids, healthy fats, and vitamins. When mixed with organic hemp seed powder and CBD, it provides the perfect healthy bite with lots of health benefits.

How often should you give CBD treats? 

This really depends on the dosage of CBD per treat and the condition you're trying to treat. Most edible CBD dog treats last for up to 8 hours, so once a day is usually enough for most dog owners.