The earliest records of cannabis use date from 6000 B.C. China and its use became more widespread and popular around 2700 B.C. Early human civilizations started to notice cannabis’s positive health effects, which led to massive use. 

Over time, cannabis was replaced with more modern treatment and almost forgotten. Less than a quarter of a century ago, scientists discovered that this long-forgotten plant contains active ingredients called cannabinoids (CBD).

Considering the CBD beneficial health effects for pets, today, the use of CBD products is once again on the rise. Over the last decade, the use of CBD products, notably CBD oil, increased significantly and not just among humans but also for pets.

Since the cat is a good candidate for CBD oil supplementation, this article will review everything cat owners need to know about choosing the best CBD oil for your cat – from compounds and features to labels and company policies.

What is CBD Oil for Cats?

Best CBD Oil For Cats

CBD oil is a natural plant product extracted from hemp leaves and flowers. It is particularly rich in active ingredients (cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids) that have a beneficial health impact. CBD oil is often described as an alternative or holistic herbal treatment.

A cat CBD oil is simply put, a CBD oil product formulated exclusively for cats. Its CBD’s concentration is modified to satisfy the average cat’s needs, and it is usually enriched with cat-friendly tastes.  

The use of hemp CBD oil, in the veterinary medicine field has become increasingly popular. As new evidence of the hemp CBD oil’s health benefits emerges, its use is expected to grow even more. 

How Does CBD Oil Help

How Does CBD Oil Help

High quality CBD products help pets by interacting with their endocannabinoid system (ECS). The endocannabinoid system is responsible for maintaining balance and homeostasis through regulating many bodily functions, including sleep, appetite, pain-sensation, metabolism, anxiety, stamina, immune response, mood, and memory.


CBD oil may help cats with occasional or seasonal allergies. Allergies, including atopic dermatitis, flea, food, and environmental allergies, are becoming increasingly prevalent in pets, especially in the cat population.

In terms of managing allergies, CBD oil for cats is beneficial because its ingredients help maintain the skin's regular moisture, soothe skin-related issues and support overall skin health.

The CBD is not the only compound found in CBD oils that help with skin issues. CBD oils for cats are also rich in essential vitamins (A, D, E), fatty acids, and antioxidants.


Almost every cat will develop a certain level of arthritis at some point in its life. Arthritis is associated with constant low-level pain and discomfort that affect the cat’s mobility. CBD oil for cats may help relieve occasional joint stiffness and promotes healthy joints and mobility. 


Seizures affect between 1 to 3% of the general cat population. CBD oil for cats may help with seizures by maintaining healthy nervous system function and supporting normal nerve conduction. Anecdotal reports suggest that CBD oil anticonvulsant properties, thus decreasing the frequency and intensity of seizure episodes. 


The modern cat frequently suffers from cancer. Cancer significantly reduces the quality of life. Although there are conventional cancer treatments, most of them are linked with significant side effects. 

Studies regarding CBD oil’s beneficial impact on the cancer-suffering cat are promising. CBD oil for cats supports healthy cellular activity and may help eliminate cancerous cells and inhibit their growth.  

Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a common age-related problem in cats. A cat with CKD will show nausea, appetite loss, frequent urination, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and increased risk of bacterial infections. More and more reports claim that CBD oil for cats may help with all of the aforementioned signs and symptoms.


CBD oil for cats has a calming effect on nerves which makes it the perfect supplement choice for cats with anxiety or a cat that is exhibiting nervousness, hyperactivity, discontentment, or simply responding to environmentally-induced stress. 

General Immune System

CBD oil assists the cat's general immune system. CBD oil may help protect body cells and tissues by working on several levels. Namely, CBD oil maintains a normal inflammatory response in the body.

Plus, it promotes the body's innate resistance to pathogens. Finally, CBD oil for cats fights free radicals, thus providing antioxidant support. 

Best CBD Oil for Cats: What to Look for in a CBD Oil

What to Look for in a CBD Oil

When choosing the best CBD oil for your cat, you need to put quality over everything else. Considering the vast array of CBD oil the current market offers, making the highest quality choice can be challenging.

To help you successfully navigate through the plethora of options, we have compiled a list of features you need to look for in the best CBD oil for cats. 

Full Spectrum 

The first thing you need to need to look for in CBD oil for cats is the label that states full spectrum hemp cannabinoid oil. In general, there are three different CBD oils – full-spectrum hemp CBD oil, broad-spectrum hemp CBD oil, and CBD isolate

The best CBD oil for cats is full-spectrum CBD, which means it contains CBD and other compounds like terpenes and flavonoids. These chemicals are beneficial on their own and have an entourage effect when combined with CBDs, meaning they boost the CBDs’ effects.

Broad-spectrum CBD oils are similar to full-spectrum CBD options in terms of containing additional plant compounds. However, they are less efficient than full-spectrum CBD. 

Finally, CBD isolates are the purest but least beneficial CBD oil for cats as it contains only CBD and no additional plant materials like terpenes and flavonoids.   

Hemp Oil

The best CBD oil for cats should be derived from the hemp plants and not from the cannabis plants as hemp contains more CBDs and its THC (compound that gives the “high” feeling) levels are low enough for the oil to be labeled as THC free.

CBD oil pet products that are not labeled as THC-free are not safe for cats. Therefore, all CBD pet products must be derived from hemp.

Make sure not to confuse the terms hemp oil/hemp CBD oil and hemp seed oil. CBD oil, although derived from hemp plant, is an entirely different product from hemp seed oil.

Namely, hemp CBD oil or just hemp oil is extracted from various hemp plant parts, while hemp seed oil is extracted exclusively from the seeds and does not contain CBDs.

Made in the USA and Organic

High-quality CBD oil products must be made from organically grown hemp. This feature should not be overlooked as hemp plants can draw up toxins from the soil. Therefore, it is important that the hemp farm follows the best organic practices and does not use pesticides. 

The CBD oil extraction method also influences the quality. Generally, there are two extraction methods – CO2 extraction and ethanol extraction. High-quality CBD oil products should be made using CO2 extraction methods as this technique ensures the highest quality.  

Non-GMO, and free of any soy, dairy, or corn

It is of paramount importance that the cat CBD oil you choose is made of non-GMO ingredients. The GMO production is associated with several potentially severe health issues. Therefore a pet CBD oil must be free of such genetically modified plants. 

Additionally, the CBD hemp oil tinctures must not contain anything that can make your cat allergic. Common allergens include dairy, soy, and corn.  

Company should be able to provide a Certificate of Analysis 

The Certificate of Analysis is an official document generated by a third party lab which has tested the product in question for any contaminants such as heavy metals and microbes. 

The analysis will also provide a full breakdown of just how many cannabinoids are in your product as well as the richness of their concentration. A third party lab tested CBD product is the best CBD for your cat. 

Reputable Brand 

Always choose products from reputable brands. To recognize a reputable brand, you need to do a little research into the brand’s review and policies.

Generally speaking, a reputable firm will have clearly stated everything regarding its product on its official website. The above-mentioned third party Certificate of Analysis should also be displayed.

Reputable companies are confident in their products and likely to have a money-back guarantee policy. They also offer polite customer support services and free shipping services.  

Other features 

Taste – full-spectrum hemp products have a more pungent smell and taste than isolates. Considering cats are picky eaters, most CBD oil products formulated for cats are enriched with cat-friendly tastes that would make the final product more palatable. Cats best like flavors like chicken, malt, and beef.

Other ingredients – sometimes CBD tinctures for cats contain certain added ingredients like MCT coconut oil. It is advisable to check them before purchasing the oil tincture. They are added because of their beneficiary properties, but extra sensitive cats may react adversely to coconut oil or other ingredients.

Ease of administration – when it comes to changing routines and adding new things to the menu, cats are not very cooperative. Luckily, CBD pet oils come in various bottles and with different droppers. You just need to choose the CBD tincture product that is easy for you to use. 

Our Final Thoughts

cat using CBD oil

As a responsible pet owner and devoted cat parent, you want nothing less but the best for your cat baby. You care for your cat on a daily basis – from supplying adequate nutrition through providing veterinary care to ensuring a healthy living environment.

In cases where your cat’s quality of life can be significantly improved and positively impacted by a herbal supplement such as CBD oil, you need to make sure you use a high quality product. 

By high quality, we mean the best overall product available on the market – a CBD oil that is sourced from organic hemp and extracted using CO2 methods, and that is also a THC free, full-spectrum CBD oil. 

Additionally, the best oil for your cat must have a Certificate of Analysis provided through third-party lab tests to prove the quality of its CBD oil. Last but not least, the company making the pet CBD product should offer free shipping and have a money back guarantee policy.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best CBD oil for cats?

Many factors influence the quality of CBD oil products. In short terms, the best CBD oil for cats should be full-spectrum and non-GMO oil extracted from organically grown hemp, using CO2 methods.

It should also be sourced and produced in the USA. The company’s money back guarantee policy and third party lab analysis are good indicators of quality.         

Do vets recommend CBD oil for cats?

Officially, due to law restrictions, veterinarians are allowed to neither recommend nor prescribe CBD oil products to pet owners. However, many vets agree with the potential benefits and support the use of high class CBD oil for your cat as a supplement in the management of certain health issues. 

Does CBD oil increase a cat's appetite? 

CBD oil helps maintain a normal inflammatory response in the body. It may also help discomfort associated with routine daily exercise and activity which improves the body’s overall well-being and promotes appetite.

Additionally, since the endocannabinoid system regulates appetite and CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, it is logical to link CBD oil with increased appetite rates in the cat. 

How much CBD oil should I give my cat?

The exact dose depends on three factors – the concentration of CBD inside the CBD oil, your cat's weight, and the underlying issue for using the CBD oil in the first place. If uncertain of the correct dose for your cat, do not hesitate to talk to a licensed veterinarian. 

Can I give my cat my CBD oil?

When it comes to using CBD oil in cats, it is not recommended to give CBD oils formulated for humans. Most human CBD oil products have higher CBD concentrations, thus increasing the risk of side effects. Make sure your cat is safe and stick to the best CBD products formulated exclusively for cats.