Our pets can’t tell us when they’re in discomfort. So it can take a while to spot the signs.

Maybe their legs shake when climbing stairs, due to occasional stiffness. Or something is off about their stance. Or maybe they aren’t greeting you at the door like they used to.

Whatever the signs, when a pet is in distress, it’s heartbreaking to watch.

The good news is there’s no need for any pet to suffer, because there’s now a way to give them much greater comfort in life.

CBD oil offers a natural and effective way of relieving discomfort.

In recent years CBD oil has taken the pet world by storm. And for good reason too.

Countless pet owners have been stunned to see their pet go from limping around from daily activities to chasing a squirrel with the playfulness of a pup.

Pets who could barely lift their legs due to occasional aches are delighting their owners when they jump on the bed for the first time in months.

No doubt about it, there’s lots of reasons to get excited about CBD oil.

But there’s a lot of confusion around it too.

Many pet owners have questions like:

  • What is CBD oil and how is it made?
  • Is it as effective as people say, or just marketing hype?
  • Is it safe for my pet? Or will it get them high?
  • How do I know if a CBD oil is high quality or cheaply made junk?

The reason I know this is because I had the same exact questions when trying to decide if CBD oil was the best choice for my pet.

So on this page I share what I discovered so you can make a better informed decision about the benefits of CBD oil for giving your furry friend a better quality of life.

Honest Paws, the #1 Rated CBD For Pets Brand In America.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Non-Gmo. Lab-Tested. Organically Grown in Colorado. No Risk, All Rewards.

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Seeing My Pet Suffer Was Heartbreaking

My name is Chelsea Rivera.

I’m one of the founders of Honest Paws. But more importantly, I am the proud dog mom of a spunky, 14-year old maltipoo named Baby Rose.

Baby Rose has always been a bouncy, energetic pup. She’d always rush to the door to greet me whenever I’d get home.

This all changed when she came down with a condition.

The condition was so bad that it affected Baby Rose’s physical well-being AND her emotional well-being. After one of her episodes, it was not uncommon for Baby Rose’s stress level to skyrocket.

It got to the point that I was so worried about her that I’d often cancel plans and stay home just in case. Like any pup parent, I’d have done anything to relieve Baby Rose’s suffering and give her a better quality of life.

With that said, I’ve always had a preference for all-natural, holistic care which is what led me to CBD oil.

How CBD Oil Works

Like many pet owners, you may have questions about CBD oil. Questions like…

What is CBD oil?

How does it even work?

Will it get my pet high?

It’s a complicated topic, but I’m going to break it down for you…

CBD is short for cannabidiol.

CBD is one of over 80 “cannabinoids” found in the cannabis plant.

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that affect our body’s nervous system in different ways.

Another cannabinoid is THC.

THC is found in cannabis leaves. And it’s THC that causes people to hallucinate and feel ‘high’.

CBD, on the other hand, comes from hemp leaves. And hemp leaves are very low in THC - no more than .3%.

Hemp is so low in THC, in fact, that CBD oil has zero chance of getting your pet high.

But if CBD doesn’t get pets high, how does it relieve their discomfort?

Good question.

And the answer is that scientists still don’t exactly know why.

Currently, CBD is thought to work in two ways:

  1. Support inflammatory pathways
  2. Calm and soothe the body

But while studies are still ongoing to work out how CBD works... there’s lots of evidence to prove it relieves discomfort exceptionally well.

Leading the field in CBD research is Cornell University.

Cornell University recently completed one of the largest studies so far on the benefits of CBD oil for pets.[2]

In a double blind, placebo controlled study (the gold standard of clinical testing) dogs with multiple joint issues were given CBD oil for 8 months.

The researchers were astonished to see 8 out of 10 had less discomfort, more energy, and seemed happier and healthier dogs.

Cornell’s scientists concluded that CBD oil can indeed help relieve discomfort and soreness "with dramatic beneficial effects in our more geriatric patients".

So while studies are ongoing to understand HOW CBD oil works...

The most important thing to know is IT DOES!

How to Know if CBD Oil is Safe for Your Pet

Now you know that CBD oil is safe and effective for aches, soreness, and other discomfort, I expect your next question is “which CBD oil is best for my pet?”

This can be the most confusing question of all.

The reason it’s confusing is because CBD oil is a natural product, and not regulated by the FDA. This means anyone can create a website and start selling CBD oil to make a fast buck, and without doing any quality or safety checks.

As you’d expect, the result is a glut of cheaply made, low quality CBD oils. Many of them are so bad they barely work.

In fact, Cornell University found that some CBD products contained far lower doses than listed on the label.

In some cases, they contained no CBD at all.[3] Some manufactures also flavor their CBD oils with sweeteners like Xylitol which is fatal to dogs.

So with so many poorly made and even dangerous CBD oils around, you may wonder, who can I trust?

Luckily, there are five ways to know if a CBD oil is high quality or just junk with a pretty label.

How to Tell if a CBD Oil is Safe and High Quality

  1. A certificate of analysis (COA) - This verifies it’s passed independent lab tests to verify the safety of its ingredients and potency.

  2. Contains less than 0.3% THC - This is the maximum amount of THC that’s safe for pets. You can see this % on the COA.

  3. Contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids - Studies show that full-spectrum CBD oil - an oil that contains all the beneficial cannabinoids the hemp plant has to offer - is considered to be the most effective type of CBD oil.

  4. Organic - This ensures it’s free from contaminants, allergens, and ingredients that can be toxic for pets.

  5. Made in the USA - When something is made in the USA, it ensures it hasn’t been made elsewhere on the cheap with poor quality standards.

The good news is there’s no need to spend hours hunting through the small print on websites to find a brand that checks the box on all five.

Because after spending countless hours researching to find the safest, most effective and highest quality CBD oil for Baby Rose, I did something drastic…

I partnered with the supplier of the finest quality, organic hemp I could find to launch a CBD oil of my own.


Honest Paws Organic CBD Oil

 COA Verified For Purity
 Full-Spectrum CBD
 Made In The USA
 Safe Enough For Humans and Pets
 Vegan Friendly
 Free of Xylitol, GMO, Soy, Dairy and Gluten
 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
 Save 15% On Monthly Auto-Ship
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Honest Paws CBD oil is the result of many months of research, development, refinement, and quality testing. The reason it took us so long to develop is because my team and I were determined to create the most effective and pure CBD oil available...

A CBD oil I’d willingly give to Baby Rose to keep her in tip-top shape at 14 years.

A CBD oil that can help thousands of pet owners give their furry friends relief from aches and discomfort effectively in an all-natural way.

One of the key things that makes Honest Paws’s CBD oil the best of the best is our purity.

Honest Paws CBD oil is organic, completely free of additives or toxins, and made from the highest quality full-spectrum hemp oil with naturally occuring CBD available.

In fact, our CBD oil is made from organic hemp sourced from the finest hemp farm in Colorado.

After it’s harvested, the hemp goes through a special extraction process to pull out all of the essential cannabinoids, terpene oils, and waxes from the hemp plant in a safe, clean way.

The result is pure, clean, premium quality CBD oil that involves little to no post-processing. Even better, it contains NONE of the harsh chemicals or additives that many other CBD oil brands may use.

To further verify it’s quality and purity, Honest Paws’ CBD oil is tested in third party labs. This proves it’s all-natural and free from soy, GMOs, and anything else that doesn’t belong in your dog’s CBD oil.

So you see, every step has been taken and no expense has been spared to ensure Honest Paws’ CBD oil is the safest, cleanest, and most effective money can buy.

How to Know Which Honest Paws CBD Oil to Give Your Pet

Another common question many pet owners have is what concentration of CBD oil to give their pet?

Luckily, we did the legwork to make it easy for you.

All you need to do is check your pet’s size and we do the rest:

Less Than 25 lbs
(125mg CBD)
25-50 lbs
(250mg CBD)
Over 50 lbs
(500mg CBD)

After receiving your bottle, simply add a few drops to your pet’s daily routine and within 30-60 minutes you can expect to see Honest Paws CBD oil work its magic.

In no more than one hour, you should notice a boost in your pet’s energy.

They may start moving around more, become more active, and even wag their tail more!

Yet the biggest improvements come from consistent, daily use.

Aches and joint stiffness generally develop from normal, daily activities. So it can take a few weeks for our CBD oil to soak into their system and help relieve their discomfort.

For this reason, we’ve made Honest Paws available on an auto-ship subscription. You can also save 15% on your order with auto-ship, helping you save money while gaining peace of mind knowing you’ll always have a bottle of Honest Paws CBD oil when you need it.

Our Customer Service Team is Here to Support You Every Step of the Way

When transitioning to CBD oil, we understand you may have lots of questions and doubts.

Which is why our experienced, pet loving customer service team is here to guide you every step of the way.

They'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. And if you’re not seeing results, they can advise you on different ways to use your CBD oil or help you switch to another CBD product instead. [2]

In fact, we’re often told it’s the care and attention of our customer service team that attracts so many pet owners to Honest Paws. And why our customers happily recommend us to their friends and family as well.

150,000+ Positive Customer Reviews

He even surprised us by jumping on the bed.

“We have a 75 pound boxer who turned 9 last year. we noticed he was hesitating to jump on the bed and starting to show signs of slowing down when he would get up from his pillow. We started him with CBD drops a little over a month ago and can see changes in his reactions. He even surprised us by jumping on the bed just the other day.”

Shawn N. | Verified Buyer

Relief in her joints and seem to be making her feel younger all together.

“Molla is my 11 year old Pitbull. I’ve had her 11 years she is my everything. The CBS from honest paws has provided relief in her joints and seem to be making her feel younger all together. Thank you Honest Paws!!”

Candida V. | Verified Buyer

He’s BACK mentally and emotionally.

“My little guy now walks (hops ;-) around the back yard without falling every step. His eyes are bright but what makes me the happiest and brings tears to my eyes - He’s BACK mentally and emotionally. He is once again a present and contributing member of our/his family. We ADORE this little guy and we could not be happier to see the change in him.”

Leila M. | Verified Buyer

These are reviews from just a few of the thousands of people who’ve tried Honest Paws’ CBD oil and been delighted with the results.

Be Proactive in Supporting Your Pet’s Health and Happiness

Honest Paws’ CBD Oil gives you reassurance knowing you can give your pet relief from discomfort, aches, and occasional stiffness whenever they need it.

Even better, our CBD Oil can help to support their joint mobility, activity levels, and comfort long into the future.

And let’s face it, there’s no better feeling than seeing our pet’s tail wagging with a happy look in their eyes.

So a bottle of Honest Paws’ CBD oil is a small investment in supporting your pet’s health and happiness, which pays for itself many times over.

“A Happier Pet or Your Money Back” 30 Day Guarantee

We’re so confident you’ll witness a remarkable improvement in your pet’s energy & activity levels that you can try Honest Paws’ CBD oil risk FREE.

What this means is that you can order Honest Paws’ CBD oil today…

Try it for up to 30 days…

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And if you notice no reduction in your pet’s discomfort, we’ll refund every cent. No hoops to jump through or questions asked.

All that matters is that you’re willing to give Honest Paws’ CBD oil a try, and see for yourself why we consider it the safest, highest-quality, and most effective reliever of aches & soreness available.

Organic Relief is Only a Mouse Click Away

At Honest Paws we understand that all you want is for your pet to be happy and comfortable. Every pet owner does.

Yet we also know that, while CBD oil is taking the world of natural discomfort relief by storm, the internet is flooded with cheaply made, low quality CBD products.

So you can be rest assured we’ve pulled out all the stops to ensure Honest Paws’ CBD oil is the highest quality, safest, and most effective available. And as our thousands of positive reviews show, our customers agree.

And with our auto-ship subscription option, attentive customer service team, and 30 day money back guarantee, Honest Paws is a company you can trust with the health of your dog.

So if you’d LOVE to see your pet regain the sparkle in their eyes…

Or if you want to see them charging to the door to greet you...

Or maybe even jumping on your bed for the first time in months…

Place your order for Honest Paws’ organic CBD oil right now and discover why CBD is revolutionizing the availability of fast, effective relief for pets:

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What matters most to us is that you’re willing to give Honest Paws’ CBD oil a try so you can experience for yourself what a vast improvement it can make to your pet’s energy, activity, and all round happiness.

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[2] https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/cornell-university-college-of-veterinary-medicine-presents-first-pharmacokinetics-study-on-cannabinoids-for-dogs-300592667.html

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