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What Does Your Dog's Sleeping Position Say About Him?

Sleeping patterns and behaviors can also reveal important information.

-Circling: This behavior comes from dogs' ancestor, the wolf, who would trample down grass or leaves to get comfortable. Some of them also dig a hole that would help them keep warm in Winter and cool in the Summer. 

- Soft Barks and Wagging:  During REM sleep most dogs tend to move because they are dreaming. Don't worry. They are still getting a deep sleep. If your dog is twitching too much, bring him a blanket, maybe he is cold. 

- How much sleep do they need?: On average, dogs need 14 hours of sleep each day and big dogs nap a lot more than smaller ones. If your dog is sleeping too little or too much, maybe is time for a vet visit. 

So, let us know. What is your dogs favorite sleeping position?

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