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Traveling with your pets during the Holidays

Ohh The Holidays....

Pine trees, lights, Christmas carols, presents, some family awkward moments, and TRAVELING. 


We know that you love spending these special days with your family, but taking a plane or driving long hours during this time of the year can be exhausting.

What was that?

That you are traveling with your pets?

Well, that comes with a lot more stress.

Difficult? Yes.

Impossible? Never.

So, if you are visiting family or friends this year and you are taking pets with you, we can help make this experience a great one.

Traveling by car?

Doing a long road trip with your pups might seem like a great adventure after seeing too many movies where they only show the small portions of the trip where the dog was relaxed and enjoying the wind.

In reality, most dogs get agitated and nervous while traveling, and that might result in them throwing up in your precious car. 

To avoid this, before you embark on a long trip, take your dogs on a 30-minute drive to see if they get anxious. 

If this is the case, try making them more comfortable by bringing their favorite blanket and giving them CBD Oil. This way they can relax and rest while on the road. 

Even if your dogs seem okay with been on the car for a long time, make sure to restrain them with a pet-friendly seatbelt and make plenty of stops so they can stretch their legs and go to the bathroom. 

Ohhh...and pleaseeeee.

Seeing your canine friends playing with the wind can be fun, but it isn't safe.

Keep your pets inside the car, prevent accidents with debris and trash that could be kicked up from the road. 

Traveling with a cat:

You can make cats comfortable by keeping them in a carrier and giving them plenty of toys to play. They tend to be more relaxed during traveling so you should be fine. 

 Taking a plane?

Before you head to the airport, make sure to call the airline and get informed about their pet policies. 

Each airline has a different fee regarding pet travel and most of them require a cabin approved carrier, some documentation, and proper identification. 

Again, if your pets are a bit hyper or suffer from anxiety, we recommend that you give them CBD Oil or Treats so they can relax and enjoy the ride. 

At the end of the day, the most important step to take is to get informed and then get prepared. 

This way you'll have great memories of traveling with your fur babies during the Holidays.




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