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Tips to find a lost dog

Sadly, New Year’s Eve is the night when more dogs get lost during the year. This is because a lot of pets get spooked with all the fireworks going on outside.

So, if you took all the precautions in the world and your pup still found a way to go outside without you, this isn’t the time to feel guilty or sad…

This is the time to take action.

So, how can you find your furry friend sooner rather than later?:

Move!: Do not sit around waiting.  Walk around your neighborhood late at night or really early in the morning. Recruit family and friends that can do the same. Bring your dogs favorite treat with you. If he is too scared, he might show up thanks to the smell.

Call: Contact vet clinics and shelter within a 60-mile radius of your house. Most people that found lost pup take them to shelter or veterinary clinics.

Flyers: This is an oldy but goody. Choose a picture of your dog that clearly makes a flyer with your contact information, any reward you are offering and make sure to mention any unique features that can help identify your friend quicker.

Social Media: Recently a LOT of pets are been found thanks to Facebook. If your dog decided to run too much or someone decided to take him home while the owners showed up, this is the best way to get your pup. Just like in the flyer, make sure to write down any important information.

Look online: After you post all the information. Look online, there are a lot of Facebook and Instagram pages that help people reunite with their pets. Since they have a higher reach than you, this can make a huge difference.

Don’t give up: After 2 or 3 days you might feel the need to give up because all of it is too overwhelming but DON’T. Some dogs and cats are safely returned home after weeks or months away from home.

Take care of yourself: Make sure to rest and eat well. If you aren't healthy you won’t be able to look for your best friend.

DON’T BLAME YOURSELF: It’s really easy to feel guilty after a furry friend gets lost but don’t. Fireworks are really scary for our pets and if there is a way out of the house, even if you haven’t seen it, they will find it. Focus on how to find him/her rather on how they got lost.

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