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The truth behind new years eve

Imagine this.

You are comfortable on your bed, dozing out, feeling happy and without a care in the world. 

When suddenly...

Loud noises are coming from outside, you don't know what is happening, people are screaming in a language that you can't understand and you feel scared.

Your heart is pounding really fast, it's difficult to breathe, you feel like you are about to pass out.

After looking around the house, you see that you are the only one home and there is no way out, you don't have the keys.

The time keeps passing and the noises keep getting louder and louder, people are screaming, even more, now the noises seem to be coming from everywhere. 

The house feels smaller and smaller, the walls closer and closer, and suddenly you decide that you cannot handle this anymore, you need to get out NOW. 

And after looking around for options, you see a small window, you are almost sure that you won't fit there, but you need to try. You need to see what is happening outside and see if you can run from the danger. 

You get up, try to fit on the space between the window and the wall...oh no...

Like you though, you don't fit. Now you are trapped on the window, it's difficult to stay awake. You feel alone, scared and your eyes start to close...and you aren't sure if you are going to wake up again. Your heart is broken, nobody is home and maybe you won't see them again. 


This is what dogs go through EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. 

While we are out partying and having the time of our lives, they are home alone wondering what it's going and if they are coming out of this alive. 

The worst part?

Some of them won't.

In many cases, the stress is too much for their bodies and after suffering tachycardia, disorientation and even seizures some of them die from the stress caused by pyrotechnics. 

We are aware that people deserve to have an amazing time during this special night and that we can't control what others do, BUT we can make sure that our pets feel safe and loved during all this chaos. 

How can you make your pet feel better?

1- If you are planning to go out try leaving your pup with a friend or family member that is staying inside. That way if the dog gets too stressed, they can keep an eye on him or her. 

2- If you don't have someone to help you. Try leaving your pet on a closed safe space, preferably in the middle of the house to reduce the noise, leave a radio or computer on with relaxing music, give him a piece of your clothing so they can smell your scent, and last but not least, give them CBD Oil or CBD Treats. This way he/she can relax and even fall asleep while you are out.

If you plan it correctly this can be a nice time for your canine friend. 

3- If you are staying in, make sure to pet your dog and cuddle with him/her while the fireworks are going out. This will help reduce the chances of him or her having health issues related to stress.

Remember, dogs can't speak and you can't explain to them that they are perfectly fine so please take special care of him during the last night of the year. 

In the end, you want them with you for more years to come. 

If your dog is usually anxious make sure to shop for CBD with plenty of time for the package to arrive in time for New Year's Eve. 



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