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Is your dog really THAT smart?

Recently, I was browsing the Internet and found an article that caught my attention. It was titled: Your Dog is Probably Dumber That You Think

Look, I am a huge pet lover but i'm also a really curious person so I had to read it. Here is what I learned...

A recent study suggest that even tough dogs have unique cognitive abilities, they are not smarter than other animals. 

Basically, for this research, dogs fit into three categories:

Carnivores - Meat Eaters

Social Hunters - They work together to get food

Domesticated - Tamed and kept as a pet

In each category Stephen Lea and Britta Osthaus, the lead authors, compared dogs to species on those three classifications, like: wolves, wild dogs, hyenas, cats, dolphins and horses.

They researched a lot of cognitive categories: problem solving, social intelligence and the ability to draw information from sensory stimulation and other situations. 

Doing this, they found that other animals could do those things as well or better than dogs.

This doesn't mean that they aren't special, at the end of the day they are the only species at the middle of these categories.

Because of their overlapping clarifications, dogs are uniquely suited for certain tasks like serve as assistants to police officers and help blind people mover around.

But in each of these three categories you will find other animals or other species that will do as well as dogs, or maybe even better.

The bottom line:

Many animals could be considered special when examined through the lens of their specific qualities.

So, why we believe that dogs are the smartest animals?

The study suggests that this is simply because we have more information about them than any other animal. 

We simply love our dogs and we want them to be clever and appreciated.

The reality?

Treating your dog like the most intelligent animal out there can be a disservice to them.  

The authors believe that we need to be fair towards canines and that we need to understand their limits, so we don't expect too much from them. 


This is just one study. 

This in no way means that your dog isn't special. 

If it's yours and he or she gives you love, that is special enough. :)

Like I said.... I'm a really curious person. 


I want to ask. 

What makes your dog special? Do you agree with the studies? Write your thoughts on the "Comments" section. 





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