Is CBD Dog Oil a Useful Remedy for Dogs Licking Paws

CBD Dog Oil: Is It a Useful Remedy for Dogs Licking Paws

Every out-of-line behavior in pets is likely to produce an unsettling feeling in you as the pet owner. Unlike cats, who regularly lick their paws, regular paw licking in dogs signifies something wrong with them. Although dogs sometimes lick their paws as a grooming routine, excessive and high-intensity paw licking may indicate an underlying health or behavioral issue.

Pain, discomfort and inflammation could also be reasons why your dog may be licking their paws. To help relieve all these feelings, CBD dog oil is here to help. It is a helpful remedy for dogs licking paws because it can cool down pain, reduce inflammation, and relieve any dog's anxiety. This article explains why dogs lick their paws, defines CBD dog oils and explains how these oils are useful remedies for Dog Licking Paws.

Reasons Why Most Dogs Lick Their Toes

Occasionally, your dog may lick their toes to clean or remove irritating materials, especially after a walk on dirty or sandy ground. However, frequent and intensive paw-licking behaviors may signify something wrong with your dog. They may also lick their paws due to:

1. Injury

Injury is another probable reason your dog may have suddenly started licking their toes aggressively. If your dog steps on a piece of glass or has its toenail broken, there is a high chance that it will spend most of its time licking its paw. Insect stings burns from walking on hot pavements, and animal bites may also result in painful and irritating paws in your dog, increasing their urge to lick their toes continuously.

2. Joint Discomfort

Like in humans, joint cartilages in dogs wear out due to age, injury, or an underlying condition. With joint discomfort, your dog is likely to feel irritated and like people prefer massaging an aching joint, dogs may also lick their paws to seek muscle relaxation.

3. Stress

Repeated behaviors like paw licking, barking at shadows, and tail chasing might indicate that your dog has a stressful experience. Similar to how humans bite their fingernails due to anxiety, dogs may also use paw licking as a stress reaction mechanism. You may notice if your dog mostly licks their paws to identify any stressors.

4. Skin Infection or Disease

Paw licking could also signify a skin infection or disease in your dog. Such irritation may occur from environmental or food sensitivities, bacteria, or yeast. With a skin infection, your dog will likely feel itchy and inflammation might develop. Most dogs with skin infection conditions resort to paw licking to help relieve themselves from the pain.

How to Address Dogs Licking Paws

As a pet parent, you wish the best for your pet, including the best natural remedies for situations like paw licking (also see this interesting study on dog behavior and CBD oil). These natural remedies help your dog stop this behavior and avoid any side effects related to synthetic methods. Below are a few natural approaches toward your dog's licking problem;

1. Redirect your canine companion from paw licking

As earlier mentioned, stress and anxiety could be the significant reason your dog feels the urge to lick its paws. To fix this, you may redirect your dog by engaging them, playing with them or hiding treats for them to search in the house. Keeping your dog engaged and distracted will prevent them from excessively licking its paw, which may add to its underlying problem.

2. Deter licking

Another way to help your dog is to deter licking by making the experience hard for them. This may involve applying a bitter-tasting, harmless product on the paws to discourage licking.

3. Use CBD dog oils

This is another effective yet natural way of ensuring relief in your dog, reducing your dog's urge to lick its paws. Whether you have heard about CBD oil for dogs before or this is your first time, below is a comprehensive explanation of what CBD dog oils are and how these oils are useful remedies for dog-licking paws.

What is CBD Dog Oil?

CBD is extracted from the hemp or the cannabis plant and has many healing effects for dogs. As a naturally occurring cannabinoid, CBD helps your dog reach regulatory system balance by supporting their mind and body.

CBD oils for dogs are specifically made to attain different objectives, such as improving calmness in dogs, improving your dog's mobility, and relieving your dog from pain and discomfort. To offer the utmost care to your dog, even in old age, consider CBD oils for dogs and improve the quality of your dog's life.

While most companies offer these products, Honest Paws ensures you get all types of CBD oils under one roof. You do not require browsing for hours looking for the Calm CBD oil or the Mobility CBD oil as they are all easily visible on the website.

Feel free to visit the Honest Paw website for more information on the price and delivery options. In the meantime, let us focus on unearthing whether CBD dog oil can help a dog lick a paw.

Is CBD Dog Oil A Useful Remedy For Dog Licking Paw?

You may wonder how a dog licking paws problem intercepts with a naturally occurring oil. Well, this part explicitly addresses that connection. To start with, CBD dog oil is indeed a useful remedy for dogs licking paws.

CBD oils for dogs impact the activities in a dog's endocannabinoid system, helping the dog manage its stress levels, attain behavioral management and stay relaxed. Below are more details on how CBD dog oils are a useful remedy for licking paws.

1. Relieve pain and inflammation

Pain and inflammation are significant causes of paw licking in dogs trying to relieve discomfort. Whether the paw irritation results from insect stings, infections, injuries, or other related reasons, pain and inflammation result in an unsettling feeling in your dog, forcing it to keep licking the wound for relief.

Cannabidiol has natural anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the levels of inflammation in case of injury. With lesser inflammation and pain, your dog may not concentrate much on licking its paw in search of relief.

2. Great for allergies

Skin allergies also majorly contribute to a dog's behavior of licking its paws. Healing the behavior in such a case requires you first to treat the infections and allergies. CBD dog oils are suitable for allergy treatment as they supplement the natural endocannabinoids in the body, strengthening the body in fighting various allergies.

At Honest paws, we have a specific CBD dog oil brand for your dog's allergy issues known as the CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs. This oil helps relieve seasonal allergies and enhances your dog's immune system to help them overcome any future allergies.

3. Relieve anxiety

Anxiety and stress could make your dog lick its paws to relieve these feelings. To help relax your dog, CBD oils for dogs have calming properties that ease anxiety and stress in dogs. Closely watch when your dog licks his paws to know whether they are licking their paw as a stress-coping mechanism.

If it is due to stress or anxiety, consider using the Honest Paws Calm CBD dog oil. This oil maintains calmness, offers cognitive support, and ensures behavioral problem management in your dog, relieving them from anxiety or stress.

4. Enhance joints

Like us, dogs also experience joint problems primarily due to age or injury. These problems could also result in increased paw-licking behaviors. With Honest Paw's CBD dog oil for mobility, your dog will enjoy a more comfortable life regardless of age. This oil stiffens your dog's joints, making them stronger and swifter.

How to administer CBD Oil to dogs

There are various methods you can use to give CBD oil to your fury friends:

1. Dilute the CBD in water

Administering CBD oils, typically used sublingually, can be difficult for dogs. However, you can substitute this method by diluting CBD oil in drinking water. Make sure that you give your dog the correct amount of CBD each day. This primarily works well if you have a super-thirsty dog.

If your pet does not drink water often enough, then this method might not work. Diluting the oil means you cannot guarantee that your dog gets the right amount of dosage needed for effectiveness.

2. Place the CBD directly into the Mouth

This is considered one of the easiest and best ways of giving your dog CBD. Direct application is ideal because your pet gets the exact amount of the prescribed dosage. It should be noted, however, that most CBD oil products come pre-dosed.

This can be based on the number of drops you need to administer to your dog, the severity level of their condition, weight, or any other factor. To ensure that they completely swallow everything, ensure they get a treat afterward.

3. Blend it with food

If there is one thing all dogs have in common, they love food and could eat it all day if we let them. These four-legged creatures will quickly clear their bowls when you feed them their favorite meals. If you want to provide your dog with CBD, you can put CBD oil into their favorite meals. This helps ensure that they will consume all the CBD oil.

This method usually works best if you can find a brand of CBD oil that is made specifically for pets. Pet products often contain higher amounts of CBD than human products do, so they work better for dogs who suffer from anxiety or seizures. You should avoid giving your pet oils labeled "not for animals." These oils could potentially cause serious health problems for your pet.

Administer the CBD as a Treat

You can certainly give your dog CBD oil as a reward for good behavior. Because treats are typically rewards for good behavior, this is an excellent way to get your dog to associate CBD with something positive, and it also helps to strengthen the relationship between you and your dog! Most dog treats are made of cookies and biscuits, so giving your dog CBD oil would be similar to rewarding him with a cookie. 

Their dry nature makes them easy to be absorbed into the skin. You can apply the drops directly onto the pet's tongue or rub them gently around the gums. Let it sit for about five minutes before rinsing off. For dogs with some medical conditions, CBD oil may not be safe. Talk to your veterinarian about how much CBD oil to give your dog (See our CBD Dog Calm).

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common causes of dog-licking paws?

The most common causes of dog-licking paws are skin irritation due to infections, stress, anxiety, or joint injury. When stressed, your dog may lick their paws as an anxiety-coping mechanism.

When injured, they may lick their paws as a way of finding relief or reducing the pain, which only increases the pain and does not reduce it. When a dog's joints are weak, they may affect its mobility and feel stronger; the dog might think the problem is with its paws, resulting in paw-licking behavior.

How is CBD oil a dog-licking paw remedy?

CBD oil is a natural product obtained from the hemp or cannabis plant. This product helps your dog relax, increases joint stiffness, and fights allergies, which are significant causes of irritation resulting in a dog licking its paws.

To get the best CBD oils for all these purposes, consider visiting the Honest Paws website for more information. The best thing about this website is that you will not spend much time locating suitable oils as they are well displayed and labeled depending on their contribution to your dog.

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