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From stray dog to foodie

We want to introduce you to Popeye, a real success story and the cutest secret hidden among thousands of posts on Instagram.

This cute little dog was abandoned in the streets of Los Angeles and had to fend for himself for several months. He was eating anything he could get his paws on to stay alive until he crossed Ivy Diep’s path.

His now mom found him as a stray, super skinny, heavily matted, and dirty.

At the time, Ivy had a few dogs at home and didn’t think she was going to be able to adopt him. But she fell in love with the pup, and when no one else wanted him, he made her home his definitive residence.

It wasn’t long before he made himself at home at her place with her other dogs. And of course, Ivy's husband fell in love with the new canine friend too.

The gorgeous dog became very popular amongst Ivy’s friends, who all said he was cute enough to have his own Instagram account. He started going on dates with Ivy and her friends to restaurants and proved to be very well-behaved. It turned out he doesn’t lunge at food like other dogs.

He is exceptionally photogenic too!


It was this idea that led to Popeye’s success. He now has more than 350,000 Instagram followers who love seeing photos of him dressed up in front of huge, delicious-looking plates of food.

Popeye is so famous that he now gets invited to restaurants who are making the most of his publicity.

His life took an incredible turn for the better as he went from an unwanted, starving stray to famous, loved and spoiled pup of a happy family.

One thing is sure – he will never be starving again.


Source: BoredPanda

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