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Dogs AREN'T Presents!

The Holidays are coming up and with them, starts the search for the perfect gift for your loved ones.

We get that, we all want to make people around us really happy, but please...

Do not give a pet as a gift!

Why not!?

Hear us out...

Here at Honest Paws we are pet lovers and get excited every time a homeless pup finds his forever home, but...

While dogs and cats are amazing beings, they come with a lot of responsibilities and it is best to not give someone something so mayor without talking about it first.

Why? We got plenty of reasons.

Here we give you the most important ones:

1- If you give a puppy to your kids, in a box with an amazing red bow, they will love it. We know. But it will be harder for them to understand that this is a living being that they need to care for. 

In this case, is better for you to make them part of the adoption process. Talk to them about the shores they'll have to take over when the dog or cat gets to your home. 

Remember that this the perfect way to help your kiddos learn responsibility. 

2- Surprising your sister or your mom with the cutest labrador puppy that you could find, might sound like the greatest day ever, but what if they wanted a smaller and low maintenance pup?  

This isn't something that they can exchange or put aside if they don't like it. 

At least we wish that some people didn't do that, in reality, this happens a lot.

We want pets to find FOREVER homes, not Christmas Homes. 

3- The person receiving the pup might love dogs, might actually want one with all his heart, but maybe he isn't economically prepared to take care of another living creature. 

4- Shelters are filled with homeless animals that used to have a 'family' and for one reason or another, they didn’t fit into someone’s life anymore.

No matter how much they would like to, a lot of people who receive animals as gifts find that they are unable to make the lifelong commitment to care for their new canine or feline companions.

Sadly, many people end up turning animals they received as gifts over to a Humane Society facility or shelter that is likely to be filled to capacity.

In some cases, people even abandon animals on the road or in the backyard when they move away, simply because they find the responsibility too overwhelming. 

The bottom line:

🐾Do not give animals as a gift. If you already promised this to someone, ask your local shelter if they can give you a Gift Certificate and make the person part of the whole process. This way they will understand what they are signing in for.   

🐾If you want to help pets find forever homes and hope to see less homeless dogs, educate your friends and family on adoption and how neutering future pets might help a lot in the long run. 

Let's celebrate Christmas with our families and help them make good decisions.  💕

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