Can You Put CBD Oil in Wet Cat Food

Can You Put CBD Oil in Wet Cat Food?

CBD oil for cats has recently gained attention among cat owners due to its unlimited benefits to their cats' bodies. However, unlike dogs, cats can be finicky, a character that may require you to become a little more creative in giving them CBD oil. They are hesitant about what they consume and may fail to gobble up treats or supplements as easily as dogs do.

One common way to administer CBD oil to your cat is by mixing it with food. But, the question here may be, can one mix CBD oil with wet cat food? The answer is yes. Like dry cat foods, you may also use wet cat food to administer CBD oils to cats. This article explains what wet cat food is, answers whether you can put CBD oil in wet cat food, and offers other additional ways to administer CBD to your cat.

Wet Cat Food

If you are new to cat parenting, you may wonder what wet cat foods are and the major differences between wet and dry cat foods. Wet cat foods, also known as canned foods, consist of more water than dry foods. Although every cat parent has their favorite type of food, wet cat foods are better since they add more water into the cat’s body and are closer to raw foods than dry cat foods.

Differences Between Wet and Dry Cat Foods

Although both dry and wet cat foods help feed your cat, the two types vary in physical appearance and nutritional value. You may consider these differences when choosing your cat's food to ensure you meet its nutritional and health requirements. Below are the common differences between wet and dry cat foods.

1. Nutrition

Dry cat foods contain more fillers than the natural cat’s diet. They are more likely to have more carbohydrates than proteins, increasing your cat's risk of diabetes and obesity. On the other hand, wet foods contain fewer fillers and are mostly made of meat or fish, which are closer to a cat’s natural diet.

2. Hydration

These two types of foods have different water concentration levels. There is only a 10% water concentration in dry foods compared to wet foods that offer around 70% water to your cat’s body. As with humans, cats also require sufficient hydration for proper metabolism functioning, explaining why most veterinarians recommend wet cat foods over dry cat foods.

3. Convenience

When it comes to convenience, dry foods are better than wet foods. Dry foods may remain unspoiled for a long time, and you may leave them in a bowl for your cat to eat whenever they want.

On the other hand, wet foods are messier and may have unpleasant odors due to their meat or fish constituents, and it may be hard for you to leave them open for long before they spoil.

4. Health Issues

Cats that are used to taking only dry foods are at a higher risk of diabetes and obesity due to high carbohydrate concentration. In contrast, those used to taking wet foods may suffer from dental issues such as gingivitis.

Most veterinarians recommend that you balance the two types of foods to avoid developing such problems, mostly resulting from the consistent use of only one type of food.

Can You Put CBD Oil in Wet Cat Food?

Yes. You can put CBD oil in wet cat food. Although CBD oil does not have a strong smell or taste, cats may still consider it a non-familiar product and resist taking it. Putting CBD oil in cat foods is one of the most common ways of administering this oil to your cat without much hassle.

Since most wet foods are made from meat and fish products, cats feed on them without much resistance. With this, it becomes easy for you to administer the supplement without them noticing.

Another reason wet foods are best for CBD administration is that they have moisture and dissolve the CBD oils completely, avoiding any visual signs of the supplement, which may cause some cats to resist the food. Cats are strict about what they eat and seeing a non-familiar product on top of their dry foods may discourage them from feeding.

Although some cats like the taste of oil and may lick it directly from the bowl without hesitation, others resist taking any foods with CBD oil. CBD oil supplements fail to dissolve in dry foods and may appear on top of the food, explaining why most cat owners prefer wet foods since CBD oil supplements dissolve in these foods better, resulting in an easy intake.

How to Administer CBD to Cats

In addition to mixing CBD oil with your cat’s favorite meal, there are other ways of administering CBD oil to your cat. These include;

1. Put the oil on their paw

Cats naturally lick their paws more than dogs as part of their hygiene routine. For cats that may not like CBD oil when administered alone or with cat food, you may put CBD oil on their paws to ensure that it will eventually get its way to the cat's mouth.

2. Let them lick the dropper

This method is most effective in curious cats. Curious cats are interested in unearthing new ways of doing things and this includes trying to understand what a dropper is and what it may contain.

When using this method, hold the CBD oil dropper up and allow your cat to lick the end as you gently squeeze the dropper. Ensure you properly clean the dropper before placing it inside the CBD oil to avoid contaminating it.

3. Giving CBD oil in a bowl

CBD oil, like most other supplements, is known to be more effective if administered on its own. As discussed earlier, some cats may not resist CBD oil. If your cat is that kind, you may give them CBD oil by putting it in a bowl and letting them lick it directly.

Consider adding a few drops of CBD oil, depending on your cat's dosage, slightly before giving your cat food.

The Best CBD oil Dosage for your Cat

Having understood how effective mixing CBD oil with wet foods is, you may wonder which CBD oil dosage would perfectly fit your cat’s requirements. Unlike dogs, cats are more sensitive to CBD oils and therefore require lesser amounts of CBD than dogs.

However, note that there is no one-size-fits-all dosage for your cat and the amount of CBD oil you administer may depend on factors like size and the type of product you are using.

The common dosage range used by most cat owners requires that they administer a 1-5MG average dose of CBD oil per 10lbs of body weight. This means that dosage increases with your cat’s weight. Most packages also have well-written instructions on administering CBD oil to your cat, so ensure you read the package carefully before use.

Consider checking your cat’s behavior after CBD administration and adjust your dosage appropriately to help your cat benefit from all the heavenly goodness of cat CBD oil.

If your cat spends an hour without experiencing changes, consider increasing the dosage slightly. Take note of the dosage that works for your cat to make the next time CBD oil administration better.

How to Choose Quality CBD Oil for Cats

Giving the best to your cat, as a pet parent, is one of the best ways you may show concern and love toward your cat. However, identifying the best CBD oil to purchase from the market may be challenging, especially if this is your first time shopping for your cat’s CBD oil.

You may also have bought a non-satisfactory CBD oil for your pet previously and did not love the results. Whichever the reason, worry no more. Honest Paws is here to save the day.

At Honest Paws, you enjoy quality CBD oil and also get the chance to witness the whole goodness of 100% original CBD oil for your cat. Honest Paws also allows you to choose the best CBD oil for your cat, depending on your cat’s requirements.

The Honest Paw Well CBD oil may help your cat relax, boost your cat's immune system, offer seasonal allergy relief, support your cat's cognitive capacity, strengthen their bones and combat stress. With such a product, you may solve many conditions in your cat at once, saving you from veterinarian expenses and other related treatment expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Blend My Cat's Food with CBD Oil to Administer to them?

Yes. You may mix CBD oil with your cat’s food for easier administration. Cats are more selective of what they consume than dogs and may resist taking CBD oils on their own. To avoid disappointments, consider mixing your cat's CBD oil with their favorite foods to ensure a smooth administration.

This method helps reduce spillages and makes it easier for you and your cat. Put the recommended dosage depending on your cat's weight in a bowl, add your cat's food, either dry or wet foods, and mix thoroughly.

2. Which are the ways to administer CBD oil to cats?

Administering CBD oil to your cat may require you to be creative, given its selective nature. Mixing your CBD oil for cats with cat food is one way of administering CBD oil to your cat. The other way you may achieve this goal is by using a dropper to put drops into your cat's mouth.

You may let your cat lick the dropper as you press it or you may directly empty the dropper's contents into your cat's mouth. The other method is smearing CBD oil on your cat's paws. Cats regularly lick their paws as a hygiene routine, so you may be sure that the oil will eventually get into your cat's mouth.

Since you are now aware of how to administer your cat's CBD oil, you may take the next step and purchase CBD oil for cat health benefits. Feel free to visit the Honest Paws website for more information on the price and delivery arrangements.

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