Can A Dog Overdose On CBD Oil

Can A Dog Overdose On CBD Oil: Everything You Need To Know

No, dogs can't overdose on CBD hemp oil. CBD is a crucial topic that is currently gaining high popularity among dog owners.

 Dog owners are relying on CBD products for different benefits. It would feel bad if your dog overdosed on CBD oil for lack of crucial information. Most CBD Oil packages have clear instructions on how to give your dog to avoid overdose.

However, If you mistakenly overdose your dog with CBD oil, relax and read on. This article helps answer whether a dog can overdose on CBD oil, guides you on what to do if you overdose it on your dog, and offers information on everything you need to know about CBD oil overdose on dogs.

What is CBD Oil for Dogs?

CBD or Cannabidioloils contain terpenes such as beta-pinene, alpha-pinene and limonene, which have great medicinal value for your dog. Currently, most dog owners are embracing CBD oil for its many benefits. For instance, CBD can help reduce anxiety in dogs and soothe nausea and inflammation in case of injuries.

Is it advisable to overdose your dog on CBD oil?

As a dog owner, you may question whether your dog can overdose on CBD oil. The answer is an absolute yes! This may happen if you give your dog more than the required amount, mainly stated in the product's package.

The good news is CBD Oil overdose cannot kill your dog. Like humans, dogs only take the required amount and turn the rest into waste. However, as with any other overdose, CBD oil overdose in dogs may have side effects.

Signs of Overdose of CBD Oil In Your Dog

CBD is not harmful to dogs if taken in high amounts. However, it is not recommended to overdose your dogs on CBD. The following signs show CBD oil overdose in dogs.

1. Dry mouth

Dry mouth may be one of the first signs of CBD oil overdose, followed by increased thirst in your dog. Too much CBD oil may decrease saliva production, resulting in this dryness. You may give your dog some water to help it cope with the dryness.

2. Itching

While itching can be a sign of dog allergies toward CBD oil, it can also be a sign of CBD oil overdose. An overdosed dog may try to scratch or rub itself against a rough surface for relief. In such a case, try to make them as comfortable as possible.

3. Vomiting

Vomiting is a significant sign of CBD oil overdose in dogs. Cannabidiol is bitter and may irritate dogs when taken in huge amounts, resulting in vomiting. To determine whether your dog is vomiting from a CBD oil overdose, watch it closely and see how it interacts with other foods.

4. Diarrhea

Diarrhoea can also be a significant sign of CBD oil overdose in your dog, especially if it has a sensitive stomach. If you suspect your dog has a sensitive stomach, avoid exceeding the daily indicated CBD oil limit.

5. Drowsiness and Sleepiness

It may feel bad to watch your dog sleep at the wrong hours. If you had recently administered CBD oil products, it might signify a CBD oil overdose.

How to Counter CBD Oil Overdose in Dogs

Since CBD oil does not adversely affect dogs, it is easy to reverse the effect as you only need to give your dog some water and let the effect extinguish itself. Nevertheless, if your dog's overdose signs persist, contact your veterinarian for guidance. You may also treat your dog's overdose of CBD oil using the following ways.

1. Hydrating your dog

When you give your dog more CBD oil than the required amount, it is likely to feel dryness in its mouth due to less saliva production. To overcome this, give your dog plenty of water to reverse this effect.

2. Letting your dog sleep it off

As a dog parent, it would be emotional for you to look at your dog struggling with discomfort. Letting your dog sleep and rest will help it recover quicker from the effects of too much CBD in its body.

3. Reducing the dosage

To avoid CBD oil overdose in the future, you may ensure that you give the stipulated amount on the packet. After all, 'prevention is better than cure.'

4. Introduce foods that are easy to digest

If your dog has stomach upset following a CBD oil overdose, introducing soft food that is easy to metabolize will help reduce the struggle. You may also put it on a diet for two to three days and watch it closely. If the effects persist, you may contact the veterinary for more guidance.

What Is The Recommended CBD Oil Amount For My Dog?

Having considered the harsh effects of a CBD oil overdose, you need to take proper care when dosing your dog with CBD oil. Depending on different factors, CBD oil dosage can vary from one dog to the other due to their unique natures. Since there is no standard dosage, you may keep trying what works best for your dog. The amount given mostly depends on age, size and weight.

  1. Age: You may start with lower doses for your puppies and increase the amount as they age. The younger the dog, the lower the CBD oil they may need for their bodies.
  2. Size: Like most other nutrients, the size of your dog determines how much of the nutrients it receives. For small dogs between 30lb-60lb, give 250MG; for medium dogs, between 30lb-75lb, give 500MG; for larger dogs between 60lbs and above, give 1000MG.
  3. Weight: To know the right amount of CBD oil dosage, you will need to know how much your dog weighs.

Where to Find CBD Oil for Your Dog

A dog owner, like a parent, wants to give their dogs the best. If you share in that desire, Honest Paws is here to save the day. Here your dog will enjoy a variety of CBD oils depending on their age and requirements. Some of the best-known Honest Paws CBD oil products include;

  • Honest Paws CBD Oils for Wellness: As your dog ages, its immune becomes weaker, leading to more allergies, infections and anxiety. These specific CBD oils are made from Organic Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil 4.2mg, making it perfect for your aging dog.
  • Honest Paws CBD Oils for Calmness: Are your neighbors complaining about your dog's loud and untimely barking? If yes, it might indicate that your dog is suffering from anxiety. To help it maintain calmness, CBD Oils for Calmness is the best option for your dog.
  • Honest Paws CBD Oils for Mobility: Your dog might exhibit mobility difficulties with age or injury. In such a case, consider purchasing these oils as they help relieve joint pain and stiffness, giving your dog another chance at life.


When to Visit the Vet If Your Dog Has Too Much CBD?

It is best to call the doctor and consult if you have any questions or think your dog may be overly tired after receiving a dose of CBD oil. You should discuss dose modification with your veterinarian if your dog is prone to the aforementioned adverse effects and the increasing lethargy is beginning to interfere with its normal activities. It takes time, testing, and persistence to find the ideal CBD dose for your dog.

When CBD Overdose in a Dog is an Emergency

Dog CBD overdoses are regarded as an emergency if THC, which is included in human CBD products and marijuana, is consumed.

In spite of the scant research and the "few than 60 publications in PubMed on marijuana in dogs," according to a 2016 study, "Marijuana for pets?," the harmful consequences are well-established. According to the study, dogs are more sensitive to THC than humans are because they have "a bigger number of cannabinoid receptors in the brain."

So, if your dog consumed CBD oil or treats that included THC, call the Pet Poison Helpline or go to the closest emergency room.



Frequently Asked Questions

Will CBD oil make my dog high?

If you are wondering whether your dog might get high because CBD oil comes from cannabis, worry no more. Your dog is perfectly safe and cannot get high from CBD oil. Most CBD products have less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a substance known to cause psychoactive effects in humans.

Why give CBD oil to your dog?

CBD oil for dogs is vital as it helps boost their immune, reduce joint inflammation, reduce anxiety, treat arthritis, and treat epileptic seizures.

Can CBD oil treat my dog from anxiety?

Like humans, dogs suffer from anxiety, and CBD oils help reduce anxiety in dogs. You may consider your dog's weight, size, and age to determine the CBD oil dosage.

CBD oil increases serotonin levels, resulting in the dog's mood changes. Some signs that your dog may be suffering from anxiety include; decreased appetite, barking in excess, shivering, itching, and excessive urination.

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