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Pet Ownership Stats - How Far Will Americans Go For Their Pets?
What would you give up for your pet? Read on to learn how far Americans will go to ensure their pet’s happiness and other fun pet ownership stats!
33% of Americans Wouldn't Purchase a Pet Product Not Made in the USA
In a new survey, 33% of Americans say they wouldn't purchase a pet product not made in the USA. Here's why 'Made in the USA' matters for pet products.
How Quickly Pet Influencers Can Pay Off Your Mortgage
Have you ever heard of Jiffpom? This pet influencer could pay off your mortgage with 7 posts on Instagram. Find out just how rich Instagram pets are today!
95 Benefits of Having a Dog + Dog and Human Relationship Facts
Owning a dog is good for the soul, as well as our mental and physical well-being. Consider the following 95 benefits of having a dog.
Puppy Scams in the U.S. Have Increased by Over 280% During COVID-19: Here are the Top 15 Worst States to Buy a Puppy Online
Looking for puppies for sale? Here are 15 of the worst states to buy a puppy online due to scams and fraudulent ads.
68% of Americans Say the Loss of A Pet Was Harder to Deal with Than the Loss of a Family Member or Friend
Why the loss of a pet is often so hard and how to cope in order to move forward.
Do Dogs Increase Your Attractiveness and Matches on Dating Apps?
We surveyed U.S. singles on dating apps to find out if including your pup on a dating profile can increase your matches. Here’s what we learned!
The Best U.S. Cities to Be a Dog
We ranked 50 cities to find the best and worst U.S. communities for your canine-pals. Read on to discover the most dog-friendly cities the U.S. has to offer!
85% of Americans Believe Pet Care Industries Should be Regulated, But These 7 Popular Pet Services Aren’t
Exercise caution the next time you hire service providers from one of these pet segments.
56% of Pet Parents Don't Bathe Their Dogs as Frequently As They Should [Survey]
Learn the importance of regular baths, ear cleaning, and nail trims for Fido in this special report.
The Surprising Reasons Why 67% of Pet Parents Prefer to Work From Home
We surveyed 400 U.S. dog owners who work from home to discover the surprising reasons why pet parents prefer sharing an office with a four-legged friend.
How to Cool Down a Dog 10 Different Ways This Summer
Learn safe ways to cool down a dog as well as signs of heat exhaustion and indoor exercises to try when the heat is extreme. Keep Fido cool all year long!