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How to Cool Down a Dog 10 Different Ways This Summer
Learn safe ways to cool down a dog as well as signs of heat exhaustion and indoor exercises to try when the heat is extreme. Keep Fido cool all year long!
Pet Adoptions Spike During COVID-19: Hear From Some New Pet Parents
COVID-19 has an unexpected, positive side effect. Learn more here.
Birth Rates Have Reached an All-Time Low During the Pandemic—Are Pets the New Baby?
Birth rates reached an all-time low during the pandemic. We surveyed 400 Millennial women who don't plan to have children to explore the reasons why they're opting out of motherhood, and how pets may be standing in for kids.
Nearly a Quarter of Americans Say Their Zoom Fatigue is Higher Than Ever—Can Dogs Help?
We surveyed 400 Americans who have worked remotely during the pandemic to understand their experience with virtual meeting burnout, how they’re coping, and ways they’re learning to take care of their mental health and better enjoy the world of Zoom.
68% of Americans Say the Loss of A Pet Was Harder to Deal with Than the Loss of a Family Member or Friend
Why the loss of a pet is often so hard and how to cope in order to move forward.
Pet Ownership Stats - How Far Will Americans Go For Their Pets?
What would you give up for your pet? Read on to learn how far Americans will go to ensure their pet’s happiness and other fun pet ownership stats!
33% of Americans Wouldn't Purchase a Pet Product Not Made in the USA
In a new survey, 33% of Americans say they wouldn't purchase a pet product not made in the USA. Here's why 'Made in the USA' matters for pet products.
How Quickly Pet Influencers Can Pay Off Your Mortgage
Have you ever heard of Jiffpom? This pet influencer could pay off your mortgage with 7 posts on Instagram. Find out just how rich Instagram pets are today!
The Surprising Reasons Why 67% of Pet Parents Prefer to Work From Home
We surveyed 400 U.S. dog owners who work from home to discover the surprising reasons why pet parents prefer sharing an office with a four-legged friend.
11 Cat Sleeping Positions & The Meaning Behind Them
Like us, cats sleep in a variety of positions. From sleeping on their side to sleeping belly up, learn what your cat’s sleeping positions mean.
Pet Adoption Statistics by State
We analyzed the number of pet adoptions on a state by state basis, to see which states had the most 2020 pet adoptions and the most 2020 pet adoptions per 100,000 people.
85% of Americans Believe Pet Care Industries Should be Regulated, But These 7 Popular Pet Services Aren’t
Exercise caution the next time you hire service providers from one of these pet segments.