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“I truly thought my time with her was limited…”

Lilly, Honest Paws Dog who is a Husky/Pitbull mix, looking at the camera.

At five years old, Lilly, a Husky/Pitbull mix, started showing signs of slowing down. Her owner, Lindsey Frances, says that "she was always an active dog," but the once happy and playful pup had lost the spring in her step and was no longer the energetic dog she had always been. 

Lilly was uncomfortable and the occasional joint stiffness in her hips was really getting her down. Lindsey grew further concerned when she saw that Lilly no longer wanted to play. At first, she thought perhaps Lilly was simply tired or dehydrated, but she soon realized that Lilly had more serious mobility issues. That’s when she decided to take Lilly to the vet, where their world was turned upside down by a grim diagnosis. 

“I truly thought my time with her was limited,” Lindsey says. Lilly’s care plan helped a little, but “...nothing was significantly changing her quality of life.” 

What were the first signs that Lilly had hip discomfort?

“I saw Lilly slowing down and really noticed a change in her. I go out with them every time they go out, and I could see she was starting to slow down. She has a red Kong that she likes to play with, and one day, she ran after it but just fell to the ground. She had no desire to run. She would get grumpy when her sister went near her hip and would constantly limp around the house. 

“I was trying to eliminate all the reasons she would be acting differently, and then once I saw her holding up one leg, favoring one leg, I knew something was wrong with her mobility. I took her to the vet immediately to get X-Rays and MRIs.”

Unfortunately, the diagnosis wasn’t what Lindsey was expecting, and the prognosis wasn’t a good one. 

“I’ll never forget what our vet told us at our last appointment. ‘We’re just going to hope that she’s able to live the rest of her life out with more good days than bad days.’ That really got to me, because I was nowhere near ready to let her go...”

Lindsey decided to explore her options for helping Lilly and started looking into CBD as a potential holistic approach to supporting her dog’s health and wellness. 

That’s when she and her fiancé stumbled upon Honest Paws CBD products, which changed everything.

Lindsey & Lilly 2

What made you decide to look into CBD?

Lindsey’s main priority was supporting Lilly’s quality of life so that the sweet Husky/Pitbull mix could continue being happy and healthy, and at the time, Lilly’s care plan was not a long-term solution. 

Lindsey had discovered, however, that CBD could help support joint flexibility and mobility in dogs. 

“We thought that CBD would be a good alternative.” 

What specifically were you looking for in a quality CBD product?

“Our first priority was that it had to be USA-Made. That was very important to us! And what really stood out to us about Honest Paws was that their products are US grown and made from organic, full-spectrum hemp.” 

Lindsey had also read a lot about the benefits of turmeric for mobility issues and was already researching how she could incorporate turmeric into Lilly’s healthcare regime. As a result, she was especially attracted by the fact that the Relief CBD Bites from Honest Paws contained turmeric. The products being non-GMO and soy-free were also a big selling point. 

Beyond that, Lindsey loved that Honest Paws offers a wide variety of bites and soft chews for dogs of all sizes. 

“We even give them to our other dog when she’s feeling stressed or nervous, and she goes to bed within 30 minutes. Everything Honest Paws is is what we were looking for in a CBD product for dogs.”

What was Lily’s transformation like as a result of CBD? 

"She literally went from a dog who laid down in her bed, moping all day long to a dog wanting to go out 4-5 times a day, chasing her toy for 30 minutes at a time."

Lilly, a Husky/Pitbull mix and Honest Paws customer, in a tutu.

CBD has been able to help support healthy joint mobility for Lilly, allowing her to continue enjoying the activities she always loved.

“I actually have the video. We gave her two relief bites around 3:30 in the afternoon. For the two weeks prior, she was limping, crying, falling down, and couldn’t get off our two-foot stoop. 

“She looked a little energized that particular afternoon, and then it happened. “I said, ‘What Lilly? Do you want to go O-U-T?’ She went and grabbed her toy, dropped it at my feet, and barked at me (her way of letting me know she wants me to throw it). 

“My mom picked it up and threw it. ‘Go, Lily!’ we chanted. And she went back and forth 4 or 5 times in a row—something she hadn’t done in 18 months. We really hoped it wasn’t just circumstantial, but the next day, the exact same thing happened! And then it happened again the next day. A month and a half later, it’s still happening—there has not been a single bad day since."

Lilly is now a happy doggo who is living her best life. 

CBD has been life-changing for her, as it has been for countless other pets who were in the same situation. 

Lindsey Francis, an Honest Paws customer, celebrating her dog Lilly's 6th birthday.

If you think your pet may benefit from CBD products too, why not check out the full Honest Paws collection of CBD oils, bites, chews, and more?

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