Every day is a day worth celebrating our dogs.

Our furry, four-legged friends embody the highest virtues in life: unconditional love, loyalty, courage, and gratitude--just to name a few!

It's no surprise then that dogs are the most popular pets in America, with almost 50 million households owning at least one dog.

Our canine companions are a source of joy, companionship, and affection, and new studies are even demonstrating the healing benefits of having animals in our lives. CNN recently reported that owning a dog could lower the risk of early death by 24% while Mayo Clinic found that those who have a dog in the room sleep much better than those who don't.

Those wagging tails also do wonders for our mental health too. In fact, canine companionship triggers neural pathways in the brain that can reduce loneliness and depression, which may explain why those dealing with mental and emotional health conditions often find comfort in emotional support animals.

International Dog Day 2020

Our dogs do so much for us, and all they ask for in return is love in the form of belly rubs, head scratches, and cuddles on the couch.

This International Dog Day, why not shower your pup with extra affection? Take them out on a long walk, throw a ball for them in the backyard, give them extra pieces of their favorite treat, and hug them just a little bit tighter as you let them know just how much they're loved and just how much they've made a difference in your life.

Honest Paws Celebrates International Dog Day 2020

International Dog Day at Honest Paws

Here at Honest Paws, we believe pets are family.

That's why we put so much love and care into every single Honest Paws product--from all natural, organic ingredients to maintaining the highest standards in the pet supplement industry through our certification with the NASC.

It's all a part of our mission to help your four-legged friend have the best quality of life possible, and with every customer success story and review we have the privilege of reading, it only makes us all the more driven to continue producing premium quality holistic options that you can trust and depend on.

Simply put, we're crazy about animals, and we're passionate about helping pet parents everywhere support their dog, cat, or horse's health and happiness.

But it goes beyond a mere mission statement.

The fact of the matter is we're pet parents ourselves. We know how big of a difference an animal can make in a person's life, and we know there's especially nothing like the bond between a person and their dog.

Here is what just some of our Honest Paws employees have to say about the dogs who've left permanent pawprints on their hearts!

Chelsea Rivera

Chelsea & Baby Rose, Atlanta GA

Baby Rose has been in my life for 14 years and is truly my best friend. She has been with me through thick and thin, and I cannot imagine my life without her. I can't even get mad at her when she steals my food. She has me wrapped around her paw!

Briana Singer

Briana & Sadie, Irvine CA

My dog Sadie forever changed my life. I adopted her last year at 8 years old and although she is no longer with me and I only got to know her for a year, I can say she was truly the best dog and one of a kind. Through her fight with cancer and multiple other health issues, she never once let that get her down. She taught me patience, how to live in the present, and to look on the bright side. I will always be grateful for our time together, and someday, I'll have a rescue in her honor for senior pets in hopes of giving them a second chance at a happy life.

Janine Silva

Janine & Abby, Newfane VT

Abby (a.k.a. Abigail, homegirl, security, muddy dog, sweet girl, seal pup, Abby apples) is a family member. She patrols the kitchen diligently anytime she hears rustling (but ignores all rustling action that comes from the garden). She cuts into any hug that happens without her. She provides endless comfort, loyalty, and snuggles.

Luis Pacheco

Luis & Guanponzzio, Apolo, & Mac, San Juan PR

My dogs are very joyful and like to play a lot. They always know when I'm down or when I've had a bad day. When they see me like this, they come and give me a big kiss and bring me toys to play with. They are noble and have a lot of love to share. They have helped me throughout difficult periods in my life and showed me how to love unconditionally and that they truly are man's best friend.

Jennifer Cruz

Jen & Rocky, Caguas PR

Rocky was my son's best buddy. They both have a lot of energy and spunk, so they got along very well! We both miss him terribly. He lit up the room.

Crystal Tabares

Crystal & Romy, Deer Park TX

Romy was saved from a fire. She's been a nice addition to my family the past 5 years.

Lily and Noah

Lily & Noah, Orlando FL

Noah has been a part of my life for 14 years now, and I truly can't imagine my days without him. He is, in many ways, a constant source of emotional support. He's brought so much peace, joy, and warmth to my heart. He was diagnosed with cancer in September 2017 and only given a year and a half to live with surgery and chemo. Three years later, he's still happy, strong, and full of life. I've learned so much from him about not sweating the small stuff, staying positive, and living each day to the fullest as if it's your last. He's the four-legged love of my life and means the world to me.

Happy International Dog Day from Honest Paws!

There's nothing quite like the love of a dog.

Here at Honest Paws, we're sending you the warmest wishes as you celebrate International Dog Day with your pup or as you remember a furry friend who's since crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

We know life is all the more sweeter when you've known the love of a dog. Happy International Dog Day!