"After trying it with Lucy, she has had some very good experiences. She is totally herself."

Two year old Lucy, a Belgian Malinois German Shepherd mix was rescued from a shelter by her mom Vivian around eight months ago. Like many dogs, Lucy doesn’t like being left alone. It really stresses her out, which is never something you want your furchild to experience. Vivian decided to give Honest Paws CBD a go to help Lucy manage her stress levels and she was not disappointed with the results.

What in Lucy’s behavior made you realize something was wrong?

“When Lucy gets stressed because she’s alone she will bark a lot, whether she’s indoors or outdoors. She also paces, and she just gets so stressed out. I can tell that her energy level is kind of off the charts and she’s a very unhappy, very loud dog when she is feeling stressed.”

Vivian only wants the best for Lucy, so she attempted to ease Lucy’s stress levels by trying to never leave her alone. The benefit of this was that Lucy didn’t get stressed out because she was never alone. The negative was that constantly having to accommodate Lucy was impacting Vivian's life.

“It’s changed our lives a lot. I basically never leave her alone, which is good and bad. We have been taking her everywhere we go and I will adjust plans. Right now, dining outdoors is a thing, so if I’m going somewhere to eat with a friend outside, I’ll take the dog with me. I will have to make sure that it’s a place that accepts dogs. So I have changed my schedule around a lot in an attempt to keep Lucy with me as much as possible and to try to keep her calm.”

What made you decide to try Honest Paws products?

“I actually found Honest Paws on Instagram. I follow a lot of shelter and rescue pages now, and so I think I was getting ads for various CBD products, and I was actually looking for something to manage her stress levels. Because she’s still fairly young and a rescue, she’s still managing a lot of behavioral things right now."

"So I saw the ads, looked up the reviews, and the reviews were great online. There were a lot of testimonials of other dog owners that really loved Honest Paws so I just decided to give it a shot.”

Vivian let the reviews do the talking and got her hands on some Honest Paws products. Namely, the Calm Bites and the Calm Peanut Butter. 

Did you have any reservations about trying Honest Paws CBD products?

Vivian’s reservations about giving CBD to Lucy were limited, because she had tried and tested CBD herself in the past and was impressed buy the results.

“I have had personal experience with it. It gave me the ability to sleep better when I have had some sleep issues. I wouldn’t give anything to my dog that I wouldn’t trust myself, but I felt quite comfortable with the CBD solution. I figured if it works, awesome. If it doesn’t work, ok.” 

How could you tell that the Honest Paws CBD products were working?

“I think the moment happened when we had given her a treat and were on the way to the vet because she needed a vaccine. She was in the car and normally she stands up and tries to stick her head out the window, she gets really vocal and excited and sniffs the air. She really wants to explore whatever’s happening outside as we’re driving. But she actually laid down."

"She laid in the back and she just put her little head on her paws and was actually fairly relaxed as we drove to the vet. I was kind of surprised honestly. I was pretty thrilled. It was looking like she was pretty calm and I was happy with that.”

Vivian had some words of encouragement for other pet parents who are on the fence about giving their dogs CBD products.

“I would say there’s really no harm in trying something new, especially since CBD has had, for me personally, some very obvious effects in terms of helping me sleep a little better. After trying it with Lucy, she has had some very good experiences. She is totally herself. There’s no change in her personality or anything. It just helps her calm down a little.”

Lucy’s nervous disposition is a thing of the past. When a potentially stressful event is on the horizon, like a trip to the vet, all she needs to do is take a Calm Bite (or some delicious Calm Peanut Butter) and she is good to go! What a happy ending!

If you think your pet may benefit from CBD products too, why not check out the full Honest Paws collection of CBD oils, bites, chews, and more?

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