"In just three days, she started wanting to go a little further on her walks."

Valerie got her pup Hottie when Hottie was three years old.

Fast forward ten years later and Hottie is still living her best life with her FURever family.

She used to be quite the athlete, going on three-mile walks with her mom regularly and absolutely loving every moment of it. However, Hottie suddenly started losing the spring in her step, and her mom knew that something had to be done.

What in Hottie’s behavior made you realize something was wrong?

It became clear quite quickly that something was wrong. Hottie was having trouble doing the things she used to do with ease, like climbing stairs, and she was no longer showing any interest in the walks she used to love so much. She was clearly experiencing some discomfort.

“We have a two-story house, so my boys were having to pick her up and take her upstairs, and she would kind of wait at the top of the stairs for someone to come and get her. It was kind of sad. I also noticed that she didn’t want to go for walks, or when I would say ‘Let’s go, let’s get your leash,’ she showed no interest. With her age, we kind of thought, ‘Maybe this is something that just happens’. After all, she’s thirteen now and going to be fourteen in December.”

In spite of that, it was still hard for Valerie and her family to watch Hottie lose interest in her favorite activities. Valerie wanted to help Hottie however she could.

What made you look into CBD?

Like many pet parents before her, Valerie began to research and look into ways to keep Hottie active, fearing that if Hottie wasn’t exercising, she’d gain weight, which could result in a host of health issues.

Valerie’s husband started researching and stumbled upon CBD, and they decided to give it a try.

“We definitely looked for something for her mobility because she was just kind of lethargic around the house and couldn’t go up the stairs anymore without risking feeling like she might fall.”

What made you decide to try Honest Paws CBD products in particular?

After having decided that they wanted to give CBD a try, the next step was finding the right product for Hottie. Lucky for Hottie, her dad is an extreme researcher and really did his homework when it came to choosing the CBD company whose products they'd try.

“My husband is one to read blogs from other dog owners, do research himself, read reviews, and he said Honest Paws seemed like the best one for her. It’s what she needed for her mobility, and that was our main focus, and that’s why we chose Honest Paws.”

How could you tell that the Honest Paws CBD was working?

Things changed for Hottie in just three days!

It was clear that the CBD was working because the dog who was once unable to go up or down stairs by herself was now doing just that! Hottie’s mom was so excited to see her furbaby take an interest in exercise again, especially when it came to her renewed excitement over walks!

“We gave her one of the Mobility chews, and she loved it! We thought, ‘Oh this is going to be easier than giving her something you’d have to hide in a piece of cheese!’ It was perfect that she loved them. We give it to her every day at three in the afternoon. In just three days, she started wanting to go a little further on her walks. She was also walking around our backyard a bit more instead of just laying around.”

Valerie offers these words to any pet parent considering giving CBD to their pets: “Just give it a chance. They taste great for the dog, and if anything, there's no harm in giving it a try. It works great for our dog!“

It’s incredible to see how a Hottie’s quality of life improved once she started taking the Honest Paws Mobility Chews.

The last thing any pet parent wants to see is their dog having a rough time and not living life with their usual gusto and gumption.

So the fact that Hottie got the spring back in her step is a heart-warming success story that should cause smiles all around!

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