Stephen lives in Savannah, Georgia with his 12-year-old German Shepherd Hippie, who he recently adopted. Hippie became quite the celebrity in her neighborhood when a few young kids said that she looked like a wolf.

Soon after that, this new kid on the block gained the nickname “Baby Wolfie.” Sadly, Hippie was having some mobility issues, and that was really slowing the poor doggo down.

What in Hippie’s behavior made you realize something was wrong?

Baby Wolfie had a severe arch in her lower back about three to four inches above her tail, making it hard for her to move.

“When she first came home with us, she had had a lot of issues, dragging her hind legs due to the mobility issues. She maybe could walk an 8th of a mile or a quarter of a mile at a time before she would really start sagging and dragging her feet. The dragging was so bad that her rear toenails were actually worn down into the fur section, almost to the beds.”

What made you decide to try Honest Paws CBD products?

“I take CBD supplements daily because I’ve had more surgeries on my knees and ankles than probably most people should have. So I know how they work for me and that’s why I really wanted to start giving them to her.”

Stephen was already a fan of CBD products, but here’s how he found Honest Paws:

“When it comes to researching stuff, I’m kind of nerdy. I like to research and talk to people. I’d gone through it and looked at what was the best pet CBD. Your brand and a couple of other brands popped up, and I started reading through the reviews that were on there.”

It just so happened that an acquaintance from work also recommended Honest Paws to Stephen during his research process.

“I ran into her at work, and we were talking and I said I’m looking into CBD for my dog’s issues, and she said, ‘You’ve got to try Honest Paws!’"

Since Honest Paws was already on Stephen's list of top two brands, he placed an order as soon as he got home.

How could you tell that the Honest Paws CBD products were working?

“By using the Relief and the Mobility CBD, we’ve gotten Wolfie to the point after eight weeks now that she’s picking up her back legs, that she’s playing and rolling around. We just hit another milestone the other night. She ran almost full speed for about 100 or 150 yards!”

Apart from her mobility issues, Wolfie also got really stressed when she was left alone. That’s why Stephen decided to give the Honest Paws Calm a go and was very happy with the results.

“Normally, when my wife and I leave for work in the morning, we give Wolfie a Calm Bite about 30-45 minutes before we leave, and then when she goes into the room where she stays, she plays with some of her chew toys for a little bit and then she crawls onto the bed and goes to sleep.” 

Hippie, aka Baby Wolfie, went from a doggo being slowed down by mobility issues to a pup who was running around like a youngster. CBD also helped her find her chill when her parents went to work and she was left alone.

All pet parents want their furbabies to live their best and happiest lives. It’s wonderful to see how Hippie’s quality of life has changed since she started taking Honest Paws CBD!

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