"It was such an improvement that when we took him back to the vet, the vet had tears in her eyes because of how much better he was."

Shawnti and Zack have a furchild named Milo.

When Milo was younger, Zack noticed that he was getting lumps on his body. Milo seemed to be in good health apart from the lumps, but Zack was quite concerned about it, so he took Milo to the vet.

Fortunately, the lumps were benign, but they were still causing Milo a great deal of discomfort. He had several of the lumps removed, but due to medical complications, removing any new lumps became impossible

That’s a hard pill for any pet parent to swallow. They couldn’t do anything about the lumps, but luckily, there was something they could do to manage Milo’s discomfort.

What made you decide to try Honest Paws CBD products?

Milo’s unique situation made it hard to find a care plan that was safe for him, and so Shawnti and Zack were desperate to find something that could help manage Milo’s discomfort. They knew they wanted to give CBD oil a try, but they still needed to sift through all the options out there to find the perfect product.

“My number one was to find CBD specifically made for dogs," says Zack. "Honest Paws just had really good reviews, and when you went to the website, it looked like they knew what they were doing.”

Shawnti and Zack decided to start Milo off on the Wellness oil to see if it could improve his quality of life.

How could you tell that the Honest Paws CBD was working?

By the first month of consistently giving Milo the Wellness CBD oil, Shawnti and Zack started noticing a change in their pup.

“He just had more energy and more bounce in his walk and his gait, and he was running around and chasing squirrels again.”

It was great for Shawnti and Zack to see that Milo’s discomfort wasn't slowing him down anymore. On the contrary, Milo was thriving body and soul!

“We really think it gave him his life back,” they say. “With the CBD oil, not only was his health better, he was looking better, his shiny coat was coming back, and Milo was moving again. He would run out and chase the horses again and started barking again.”

Is there anything better in the life of a doggo than to have the energy and excitement to run around chasing other animals? Probably not! Milo was truly getting back to his old self, which was wonderful for his parents to see.

Apart from helping to manage Milo’s discomfort, what else did you like about Honest Paws?

“When we got our first package, it was packaged really well. You could tell that it was packaged in a way to make sure that it got to the customer safely. We also appreciate the auto-refill emails letting us know that it's on the way and in the mail. The subscription is really nice because without it, we would forget to order, and we don’t want Milo to go a day without it!"

"We love the CBD," Shawnti says. "We believe in its power."

Zack agrees. “I recommend it all the time."

No pet parent wants to stand aside and watch their dog slow down because of the discomfort they’re experiencing.

In Milo’s case, Shawnti and Zack couldn’t turn to just any care plan to help their doggo get through this rough time. Luckily, they found a good alternative in Honest Paws CBD oil. The oil helps manage Milo’s discomfort, which allows Milo to live his best life.

It’s truly amazing to see a doggo get the wag back in their tail, and become their happy, energetic, and carefree selves again!

If you think your pet may benefit from CBD products too, why not check out the full Honest Paws collection of CBD oils, bites, chews, and more?

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