“I’m just really happy because my dogs are happy.”

Michelle, from Sitka, Alaska, is the dog mom of two Great Danes. 10-year-old Mister and his 4-year-old brother Reefer Bob are big boys with big hearts, who share a love for chasing squirrels.

Knowing a thing or two about bigger dog breeds, Michelle understands the importance of maintaining healthy bones and joints for her gentle giants. When Mister and Reefer Bob started slowing down and showing signs of discomfort and stiffness, she decided to take action.

What in the behavior of the dogs made you realize they were starting to have a rough time?

“Mister, being 10 years old, is an older Dane, and with senior Danes, they tend to get stiff just like people. A while back, we found Reefer Bob would act like he was really uncomfortable too. He would have his nose down, his back humped up, his tail between his legs. That is not normal behavior.”

The bigger the dog breed, the more important it is to keep an eye on their mobility. Big dogs like Great Danes have a lot of weight to carry around, so the stronger and healthier the bones and joints, the better.

Michelle knew this already, but joint stiffness and discomfort were not the only problems that her doggos were dealing with. It turns out that the two boys also needed a little help dealing with stressful situations.

“Great Danes are not naturally stressed out dogs, but if we have a lot going on in the house like company and loud noises, they sort of get uncomfortable.”

What made you look into CBD?

“I had heard and read that CBD is really good for older guys, and I thought, ‘Why not give it a whirl and see how it works.’”

Michelle’s mind had been made up. She wanted to add CBD to Mister and Reefer Bob's care plan. All she needed was to find the perfect product for her pups.

What made you decide to try Honest Paws CBD products in particular?

Michelle lives on an island, which at times can disrupt the chain of supply and demand. The CBD products for sale on the island weren’t always available, so Michelle was forced to look elsewhere.

“In town, we have two CBD distributors, and they had CBD cookies for dogs, but they didn’t always have them in stock. I decided I wanted something that would just come directly to me, and that’s when I found Honest Paws.”

After consulting with Honest Paws customer service about the CBD products available and what they contain, Michelle decided to dive right in and sign up for Auto-Refill. Now she gets her Honest Paws CBD products delivered straight to her doorstep every month without having to ever lift a finger or worry about her dogs' CBD going out of stock.

How could you tell that the Honest Paws CBD was working?

You know things are looking up when a good squirrel chase brings all the joy and zero discomfort!

“Mister walks like a stiff old man," says Michelle, "but if there’s a squirrel, you would think he was a pup these days, because he goes flying across the yard. I don’t think he could do that if he was not taking these products. I don’t think he’d do as well.”

But those weren't the only positive changes Michelle saw in her beloved canine companion. Mister was also going up and down the stairs at home perfectly fine, another indication that the CBD was working to support his mobility.

“When our pets are hurting or uncomfortable, they can’t talk to us but you can see it in their face and in their movements, and that’s hard. So, to not see that and instead see two dogs that are happy with life, and to see them bound around and have a good time - I’m really thankful that this product is available.”

It's wonderful to see that Michelle has found products which she can rely on to help her two dogs.

She has some great new tools in her pet care toolbox. She has found the Calm Bites to help her dogs cope with external stressors and the Mobility Chews to help keep her big boys comfortable as they bound through life.

If you think your pet may benefit from CBD products too, why not check out the full Honest Paws collection of CBD oils, bites, chews, and more?

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