“This really helped Spots. I’m just excited now that she has something that allows her to be more comfortable as she heads into her old age.”

Michelle has two dogs. One of them, Spots, is soon to be 11 year old. Spots is no longer a spring chicken, and the poor girl’s age was beginning to show when her mom noticed that she was having some mobility issues.

It was clear that Spots, who began limping, was experiencing some real discomfort. Michelle was not simply going to stand by and watch this happen to her furchild, so she started the search for something to help Spots get better.

What in Spots’ behavior made you realize something was wrong?

Spots has always been a playful pup. Even as a grown up doggo she would get very excited about playtime, but this changed when her mobility issues started. She lost the spring in her step and the wag in her tail.

“You know when dogs want to play and they kind of lunge at you and do that whole bum-in-the-air feet down thing and they’re just excited and happy and their tails are wagging? She had stopped doing that. She stopped being so playful.”

What made you decide to try Honest Paws products?

“I tried a few different brands of CBD. One of them I tried, I actually got it from a marijuana dispensary, but it really didn’t do what I needed it to do.” 

Michelle was exploring the world of CBD and other supplements, trying to find the perfect combination that would help Spots feel better. There was definitely some trial and error involved, but Michelle found what she was looking for when a friend recommended Honest Paws.

“Everything else just wasn’t working on its own or at all. I got a referral from my friend who has an Italian mastiff, and she uses Honest Paws for her big boy. She really recommended that I try it for my Spots.”

How could you tell that the Honest Paws CBD products were working?

“I started using the Honest Paws products, the Mobility product in particular, and she has responded really, really well. She is no longer limping around on three legs. I can ask her to sit now whereas before I was worried about having her sit."

"She would be sitting with me, because she likes to snuggle with me on my chair and her leg would be shaking. So now that doesn’t happen. She can snuggle up and be snuggled and not have her leg shaking all over the place. It was so uncomfortable for her but now it’s just not, and I’m really thankful for the product because my Spots is doing way, way better.”

Michelle saw such an improvement in Spots’ mobility, and it made her so happy to see her doggo being more comfortable. Like many other pet parents who have shared their Honest Paws success stories, Michelle remembers that moment when she knew that the CBD was working.

“I realized that the Honest Paws products were working about two or three weeks in when I realized she was no longer hopping around on three legs. She was no longer holding up the leg as she was standing there. She was able to sit with no problems and she wasn’t shaking anymore. It was probably three weeks in when it dawned on me that ‘oh great, this is working!’ so I definitely made sure to re-order.”

Things really are looking up for Spots. Walks are now a thing again and she will surely love the great outdoors once more like she did when she was a pupper.

“We had to stop going on walks, and now I’m going to start taking her on walks again which is going to be good for both of our fitness. She has a nice yard to run around in but it will be nice for her to be able to go for walks and be a lot more playful."

Finally, Michelle wanted to add a few words of encouragement to people who aren’t sure whether or not they should give CBD to their pets.

“I know a lot of people have trepidation about using products with CBD, but these are not THC products. This is not the stuff that’s going to make your dog have some sort of trip. This is just the part that is really helpful for the animals.”

When a dog goes from limping and being too uncomfortable to sit down, to playing and going on walks with her human, you know something has changed for the better. Spots’ quality of life has improved so much and that’s all a pet parent really wants for their furbaby.

If you think your pet may benefit from CBD products too, why not check out the full Honest Paws collection of CBD oils, bites, chews, and more?

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