“I’ve noticed a lot of drastic results and changes with them while being on the CBD oil.”

Megan and her husband are the proud pet parents of three puptastic doggos. It just so happened that each dog needed a little help. One needed something to help her with her mobility, the other with her joint issues, and the next one with her nervousness. Megan turned to CBD for help each one of her furkids. Here are their stories:

Chrissy Marie

Greyhound Pitbull mix Chrissy Marie is almost 12 and is starting to experience discomfort and stiffness in her joints.

“She was lethargic, lazy, didn’t want to do anything. She just wasn’t happy. So I put her on the CBD oil and now she goes outside, she runs around, she does puppy zoomies again. She runs laps around the house like the Greyhound, full out sprinting now and again. She just has more life back in her now. I don’t feel like she’s suffering as much.”

Callie Sue

“She is just super nervous and stressed out, a highly nervous dog. I needed something to calm her nerves down so I tried CBD. She gets so nervous that she gives herself stomach issues. I put her on the Relief blend and that seemed to help. Both her and Chrissy would panic with thunderstorms coming, so I just make sure they have that and maybe give them a bit of an extra dose if I know storms are coming in. They just chill out. They sleep. They don’t notice anything anymore.”

Karma Jean

“She has a lot of stomach issues. She is six, almost seven but she doesn’t know that so she just runs 24/7 until she’s realizes ‘oh, I can’t do this anymore’. So she gets the same as Chrissy. I keep her on a mixture and go back and forth between the Wellness and Relief blends because I like the turmeric in the Relief blend for her stomach, because she’s always had stomach issues since I got her at six weeks old.”

What made you decide to try Honest Paws products?

“I think I found you guys through a Facebook ad. I was just researching and trying to find different brands and companies that I liked. You guys had a lot of good reviews and I really liked that your customer service is awesome.”

Did you have any reservations about trying Honest Paws CBD products?

“I didn’t. We rescued a 15-year-old Pitbull mix that could barely walk, it was so bad. I found a CBD company in Missouri and I used that and it worked wonders on him.”

Megan wanted to start giving the CBD oil to her husband’s dog Chrissy, who is the oldest dog of the pack and the apple of her dad’s eye. He however was incredibly skeptical about giving his dog CBD oil. However, his fears were put to rest very quickly.

“Once he saw her out there running like a puppy again he was all about it.”

How could you tell that the Honest Paws CBD products were working?

“It probably took about a full two weeks. That’s what I was trying to reiterate to my husband because he said ‘it’s not working’ but I told him you’ve got to give it time. After about two weeks I started noticing Chrissy was up and moving and she wanted to go outside more. Then after being on it for the full month that’s when I noticed she had the light back in her eyes and she was out running around and back to acting like her normal self.

That’s when I knew that was working. With Callie, she’s that dog that if you sneeze too loud she’ll be shaking and terrified. I just noticed a confidence change in her. She’ll be the first one out the door now running up to anybody. She’s not scared of anything anymore. With Karma, I put her on it just because she needed it for the mobility and joint help. She went back to playing all the time and jumping about 6 feet in the air. That’s when I knew it was working for her.”

Megan’s pack is a big one. All the furkids needed CBD for different reasons, but like Megan said, CBD oil is all encompassing and it really is a Jack of all trades. We’re so happy that there are so many happy tails wagging in that household.

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