“He got some time back. That made it a lifetime subscription for me.”

14-year-old Batman and his mom Marissa are best friends. The two have been together since Batman was only five weeks old. That’s a really long time to spend with your best friend! Things took a turn for the worse though when Batman developed a tumor that had to be surgically removed.

What in Batman’s behavior made you realize something was wrong?

Batman is an old boy, and he was having mobility issues due to a tumor that he had on his side. The poor doggo was experiencing some real discomfort and it was decided that surgery was the way to go. He had surgery to remove the lump, but he was still experiencing discomfort, and had a long road to recovery ahead of him.

“He’s always been a very good obedient dog. He’s highly spirited and loves to run and play. He’s friendly with kids, but he started having trouble going up and down the steps. So I noticed that and I thought it was just due to the tumor that he had. It was on his side so it impaired his mobility a little bit, but after the surgery and after he’d healed, he goes up and down the steps but he does hesitate and has fallen quite a few times.”

What were your initial thoughts on CBD?

“I’m actually in the beauty and wellness business myself, so I am very familiar with the impact of CBD in terms of healing and wellness, and I’ve seen it work on people. I’d never used it on Batman before but from what I know about life, what works for us can work for them.”

What made you decide to try Honest Paws products?

It was a concerned neighbor who pointed Marissa in the direction of Honest Paws.

“Batman had surgery in January, he got a lump removed, it was the size of a grapefruit. He was having difficulty getting up and down the steps so our neighbor saw he wasn’t walking around the neighborhood as much. When we came out to play, he said ‘Hey, try these treats that we give our dog. It helps her feel good, keeps her energized, and it’s as healthy for dogs as it is for people.’ So, I said ‘OK, well that should help Batman get better’ and it’s been life ever since.”

How could you tell that the Honest Paws CBD products were working?

“It has definitely helped his mobility. I’ve seen him return to his young, spry self.”

“After using the product a few times when my neighbor recommended it I noticed a difference in him immediately. He seemed happy, ready to go, ready to walk. He would go get his leash, he just had a good pep in his step and he seemed like himself. That was what I was used to seeing him like.”

Batman went from a dog who had difficulty moving around do a dog with a pep in his step. He got his bounce back and it was Honest Paws that made that happen.

“He’s running, he’s barking, he’s full of energy and I definitely noticed a huge pick-me-up. Everybody likes to tell me ‘Have you tried this for him? Have you tried that for him?’. But I think we got it! Honest Paws has been a keeper so if everything works and feels better with Honest Paws then we’re good.

Like many people who are sold on Honest Paws products, Marissa decided to sign up an auto-refill to ensure that she never runs out.

“This is the first month I’ve run out before I got my new delivery, so after I tried it I signed up for an automatic, reoccurring delivery. So every month we get our pack of Honest Paws. He loves them, he’s so happy.”

All in all, Marissa is yet another happy customer.

“This has definitely been a lifesaver. I feel like I have something that is not only making him happy, but it’s making him feel good.”

When asked what she liked most about owning a senior dog, Marissa did not need to look very hard to find answers. 

“I love having a senior dog. I’ve loved having a dog in every season. Batman’s my first and only pet. I never had a pet growing up so watching him go through life with me has been the greatest honor. As a senior he’s definitely more mellow and chilled."

"He was really rambunctious as a puppy and I’m glad that he no longer eats my things. I’m glad that I can stop him, if something hits the floor, before he gets to it because he doesn’t move as fast. He’s sweeter, more sweet than spicy.”

We are so happy to hear Batman’s success story. There is nothing more heart-warming than to hear that a doggo who was experiencing real discomfort is now back to his happy, healthy self.

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