“She’s like a different dog in the car now.” 

Lindsey’s German Short Haired Pointer, Thea, was rescued from a situation that would've brought her to a high-kill shelter.

Lindsey happened to be on a vacation in North Carolina when she found Thea on Facebook. They picked her up at the end of their vacation and made the 16-hour drive home with their new furkid.

What in Thea's behavior made you realize that something was wrong?

“She was pretty stressed out and overwhelmed, just because she was moving so much. She got spayed two days before we picked her up, and then when we picked her up, she was separated from her brother. At the time, she was only eight months old and had spent her whole life with her brother, and now she was supposed to be in a stranger’s car for 16 hours.”

After such a stressful experience in the car, Lindsey wanted to help Thea get acclimated to car rides so that she wouldn't continue to relate them to difficult events. Lindsey started bringing Thea to dog parks and on hikes to help her associate car rides with fun experiences. Unfortunately, Thea continued to feel stressed and overwhelmed in the car.

"Walking up to the car, she would start drooling. She would just start dripping and dripping and foaming from the mouth. She would pant in the car, and then right before we’d get to where we were going, she would throw up just because she was so stressed.”

Poor Thea loved the destinations at the end of her car rides but certainly not the journey. Being in a car was stressful for her and turned her into a tangle of nerves.

“She loves being other places...she just hates the in-between, the travel.”

What made you decide to look into CBD?

Lindsey had heard about other people using CBD. She knew people used it regularly for a variety of reasons and she also knew others used it for their pets.

She'd come across alternate care plans that rubbed her the wrong way and that she wasn't interested in at all, but CBD sounded like an option that was worth trying, so she decided to look further into the holistic option to see what might work best for Thea.

What was it about Honest Paws that stood out to you?

“I think it’s just because of the story and the background. I read some reviews and nobody had anything bad to say. The people that helped me on the website were so helpful and so honest. They said, ‘This is the one you want, this is what it’s going to help with, and this is how you use it.’ Everybody that works for the company is just so helpful, and they just want the best for your dog.”

"It just felt like the right fit for us."

Describe the moment you knew the CBD was working.

“The day the oil arrived, I was so excited. I said, ‘We’re going to give this to her 20 minutes to an hour before we leave.’ So we gave it to her and we were just sitting there, staring at her, wondering whether or not it was working.

"We got her in the car and she was not nearly as hesitant to get in as she had always been. She wasn’t drooling nearly as much and there was barely any foam. She kind of just got in the car and looked around and was like, ‘Okay, I’m in the car, and this is fine.’ We arrived at our destination and I looked back, and she was just sitting there. I thought, ‘Whose dog is this? That’s our dog?’

Thea's transformation as a result of CBD was a weight lifted from Lindsey's shoulders. Finally, Lindsey could take Thea places without her four-legged friend feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

“I tell everybody I come across now about the benefits of CBD. They say, ‘Oh my dog’s not good with this, my dog’s not good with that,’ and I say, ‘Oh, Honest Paws CBD oil -- get it!”

For the first time in her life, Thea can get into a car without getting too stressed or nervous. As much as she loved the joy of going on playdates, hikes or outings to the dog park, before discovering Honest Paws CBD oil, the journey to get there was a really bad experience for everyone involved. Luckily things have changed and now nothing gets in the way of fun and fabulous family outings.

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