"We are so glad we tried this product because it really gave our Mastiff back his quality of life."

Lindsay has a Mastiff called Henry. Henry, who is undoubtedly a very good boy, is around seven years old and for the last year or so, this poor doggo has been experiencing some serious discomfort in his joints.

Lindsay couldn’t stand by and watch this happen, so she decided to start the hunt for something that would ease Henry’s discomfort, and help him get the spring back in his step.

What in Henry’s behavior made you realize something was wrong?

“Around last year it got really, really bad. It got to the point where we didn’t know how much time we would have left with him. He was struggling to get up, he wasn’t playing, he wasn’t himself anymore.”

Seeing Henry struggle was heart breaking. You know things are bad when you don't know how much time you have left with your furkid.

What made you decide to try Honest Paws products?

There are a lot of care plan options out there for dogs that experience mobility issues and discomfort. Unfortunately, in Henry’s case, the options were numbered.

“The vet didn’t want to do surgery because of his age and him being a Mastiff, it was too risky, so we were really out of options. We tried so many supplements and so many different therapies to try to help him get some mobility back.”

Many dog owners try to figure out how to help their doggos get better through trial and error. The sad thing is, that in most cases it can take a very long time to eliminate care plans or therapies that are or aren’t working. Luckily Lindsay stumbled upon Honest Paws!

“Then we came across Honest Paws Mobility. We were very skeptical and very nervous at first.”

It’s completely understandable that Lindsay was skeptical and nervous initially. After exploring so many other avenues, how could they be sure that they had finally found something that would actually work and help poor Henry get back up on his feet.

How could you tell that the Honest Paws CBD products were working?

“We weren’t sure what to expect but we are so glad we tried this product because it really gave our Mastiff back his quality of life. After the first two weeks of giving him this product we saw such a big difference in him. He was back to his normal self. He was getting up easier, he was playing again, and he was just so much happier and moving around. We could tell he wasn’t uncomfortable and he wasn’t struggling as much anymore.”

The time it takes for CBD oil to take effect differs from one dog to the next. Some dog owners have said that they saw it working a day after giving their dog CBD oil, whereas other said it took as long as one month before they started seeing a difference in their dog. In Henry’s case it only took two weeks before he started feeling better. The Honest Paws Mobility oil was working, and Lindsay was not looking back!

“We are still using this product. It is still working wonders for him. We actually do the auto-renew so it auto ships every month. It has been a godsend.”

The other care plans that Henry was on weren’t working, so Lindsay took him off all of those and now relies solely on CBD oil to help keep him comfortable and healthy. Henry’s quality of life has improved so much since he started taking the Honest Paws Mobility oil. Lindsay believes so strongly in this product, and is singing its praises to anyone who will listen.

“Certainly he still has his bad days sometimes where he struggles, but without this product he would not have the quality of life that he does and I don’t know that we would still have him with us because he was experiencing such bad discomfort and was struggling so much."

"We’re so thankful for Honest Paws Mobility. We really recommend this for other Mastiff owners, or if you have a large breed dog especially. It can be difficult to find a product you can trust and a product that actually works, but I’m here to tell you that this product works and it is worth buying. We hope you’ll give it a try, and thanks to Honest Paws for really helping us save our best friend. Thank you!”

Henry’s story is a tale of woe that so many large dog breed owners are familiar with. These big boys and girls are prone to experiencing joint issues and discomfort, so it is amazing to hear that Lindsay has found the perfect product for her gentle giant.

If you think your pet may benefit from CBD products too, why not check out the full Honest Paws collection of CBD oils, bites, chews, and more?

And if you want to try the exact product that Lindsay used for Henry, you can find it here:

Honest Paws Mobility Oil