“She’s good to go, you’d never know she had the surgery.”

Kathy is a dog mom to 9 year old Mocha. In an unfortunate turn of events, Mocha had a spill and injured her leg. The vets did all they could to help her, but the discomfort remained and the poor pup was having a tough time with the recovery process. Kathy decided to look elsewhere for something that would help Mocha get better, and she finally struck gold when she found Honest Paws.

What in Mocha’s behavior made you realize something was wrong?

“She was doing great until she hurt her leg. She had to have surgery and we had her on a regime to help her build strength in her leg. After she got better, it was in the summer, we went through this for about six weeks with her, and when the weather got colder she was uncomfortable."

"I could see it. I have bad knees myself, so when the weather would be coming in pre-storm, she would maybe be starting to limp, and I was limping myself so I understood where she was coming from.”

Dogs are like people in so many ways. A lot of people say that they experience more discomfort than usual when the weather is bad. Especially when it gets colder. Cold weather was definitely not Mocha’s friend. When Mocha came back with a limp after going for a walk in the snow, Kathy decided it was time to find something to help her poor pup feel more comfortable.

“It was the snow. What happens when you have bad knees, and I can attest to this myself, is when you’re walking in the snow, it’s like walking in sand. The way that you stand and the pitch of your knees in the snow is entirely different than walking on grass. I know that because that’s how I feel and I could see it in her."

"We had a huge snowstorm and it was like 3 feet, so she was trudging through the snow and after she came back she was limping on that back leg, the one that had the injury. I was concerned but I thought ‘OK, we’re going to move to plan B before I rush her off to the vet,’ which was the Relief Chews.”

What made you decide to try Honest Paws products?

“One of the rescues I got one of my dogs from, Mocha is a rescue as well. The lady has a pet business and she sells pet food and things that are high quality. She knows what goes into food and that kind of stuff and she had your product on her website. That was how I found it."

"I knew if she had it, it was going to be good, so that was how I first got it. Then her supply was short so I ended up ordering directly from you, so I’m a recurring customer. I get it automatically twice a month.”

Kathy ultimately decided to give two different Honest Paws products a try. Because Mocha was having a tough time getting around thanks to her mobility issues, Kathy got the Mobility Soft Chews. She also decided to try the Relief Bites, and gives those to Mocha when it’s clear that Mocha is experiencing discomfort.

How could you tell that the Honest Paws CBD products were working?

“She took the relief chews and got down, had a nice little cozy nap and when she woke up she was fine.”

“It probably took about three weeks for it to start to work and that you could really notice a difference. She was starting to limp there, and she was limping on that back leg. What they wanted us to do, was they said the best way that you can keep that leg strong is by walking, you know, having her walk. So we continued walking her every day, and she was still limping there but it took about three weeks until she didn’t limp at all anymore.”  

There is no clearer sign that a dog is experiencing discomfort than to see them limp. Mocha was limping all the time and her leg didn’t appear to be recovering as well as it could have. Luckily Kathy found Honest Paws. After only three weeks Mocha’s quality of life had improved significantly, and as any responsible pet owner knows, it’s up to you to do whatever you possibly can to make sure your dog has a good quality of life. Here’s to Mocha and her new found freedom. May she have many more happy and carefree years of fun in the sun!

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